Day nine: The world is your oyster, you are responsible for finding the pearls.

With the buzz of a text message and the dangle of his keys, a knight in shining armour showed up at my front door last night, just moments before a complete breakdown was coming.

I’m truly not sure what I ever did to deserve a love like this, a love so unwavering, a love so unconditional, a love so… protecting, but it’s moments such as last night that remind me everything is going to be alright. This many not be what I saw for my life, but I will get through this. And, as he reminded me many times last night (and this morning), I am good enough. I can do this.

I am good enough and I can do this. I’m a soft-talking, fast-walking, quick-learning, fast thinking communications specialist with expertise in audience targeted messaging, campaigns and presentation. Being overly-sentimental allows me to know more of what other people desire than the average joe and that is how I find so much success in appealing to the masses.

I work hard. I don’t ask for credit. I just want respect. I build brands. I protect brands. I reject trends and opt for a more classic approach of garnering the attention desired. Some things, such as genuine customer service and a pleasant conversation, never go out of style.

I bring a lot to the table. Someone’s going to figure that out, soon enough. And until then, I’m grateful to know that I have a knight in my corner…. even when I am being a sad sally.

Current mood: hopeful, masterful and thankful.


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