I’ve been reading this a lot lately.

“At this time, I regretfully have to share that we’ve decided to move ahead with other applicants for this role. We will certainly keep you in mind and reach out in case another opportunity comes up that may be a good fit. Hope you understand that it’s often quite difficult for us to decide who we proceed with in this process. 

Wishing you all the best in your job search! 

The thing about trying to “prove yourself” based off the information listed in a single piece of paper is that it really provides no insight as to who you are. Being turned down for all of these positions before they event want to give me a chance for an interview is frustrating to say the least.

Truth is, I could make a huge fucking difference to your office. I could.

Waiting for someone to realize that is an annoying process. How do you make yourself stand out on a piece of paper? How do you sum up your whole life, skills, personality and successes in one piece of paper? Someone please tell me because I really don’t seem to be doing well at it.


4 thoughts on “I’ve been reading this a lot lately.

  1. I so feel your frustration. I was just looking to work as a cleaner with a different company. I search for years. Only heard from two during that time, which one of them two I contacted for feedback. I was so desperate. I am now working with someone I so longed for and so glad they gave me the chance.
    My next plan is now I need more extra permanent hours, in addition to what I have already. So I continue applying and searching. I hope this one does not take too long.

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    1. I’m reading back on all of my old posts today and I’ve just noticed this comment and I wanted to say – I hope you’ve fond something more permanent with better hours that you needed. Hoping lady luck struck and you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be at this point ❤


      1. I did thank you. I found my second job in September. So no worries money-wise now. And this job seems to care about his employees as much as my evening one I am in.


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