Day 35: Insert adequate title here.

This is a rant. It’s a rant and a bit of a ramble at the same time. These thoughts have been circulating my head a lot the past few weeks.

“You sound like a hot-line call girl,” a complete stranger said to me over the phone one day.

“Unbotton another button on that blouse and I’ll let you sit in on the management meeting,” my manager casually mentioned to me in the office one day.

“Sweetie, give daddy a kiss and I’ll give you a tip larger than you can handle,” one of the customers said to me as I was serving his table while waitressing one day.

“I know you ain’t a hooker but honey how much would it cost me to take you home for a night,” a random man in a bar yelled at me one day.

What’s the worst thing that’s ever been said to you? Was it a one-off moment that left you with distaste in your mouth and frustration in your head? Or do you have a lot of examples…. examples just like these.

The thing about inappropriate comments are that people get away with them all too often. We brush them off, sweep them under the wrong and act as though they didn’t happen… all too often.

And, on the occasions that we do stick up for ourselves, we’re treated as hostile, angry, difficult or labeled ‘a bitch’, further escalating the situation beyond what we thought it was worth in the first place.

There’s a youtuber that I like to watch, Kristina Kuzmic, who posted a video recently that made me rethink all of the gross, disgusting comments I’ve heard in my life. And in just five minutes, she adequately explained all of the reasons why behaviour like that shouldn’t be tolerated anymore, and why as women we should be empowered when we stand up for ourselves.

Since seeing it, I have encouraged all of my friends and family to watch this video. It’s an important message. Whether something is being said from behind a keyboard or in front of your face, it’s not something I want to tolerate anymore. It’s not something I want my nieces to have to tolerate when they grow up. It’s not something I want to happen.

I can’t say anything to the men in my past who’ve made me feel cheap, gross or uncomfortable, but I can in the future. I think that’s the important part her video. Stop being silent about it.

Here’s to no longer tolerating things that shouldn’t have ever happened in the first place.


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