9 struggles that come with being a girl.

While I’m very serious about each of these opinions, I’ve taken a more light-hearted/sarcastic tone with explanations. I realize they’re absolutely my own opinions and that, for the most part, they’re very much first world problems. It’s just meant to be more of a light-hearted laugh. Hopefully I’m not the only one who can relate to these things.


  1. Getting cat called. Seriously, in no way, shape or form does this ever feel good. If anything, it makes you feel cheap… and very insecure. At least it does for me.
  2. Why does everything for girls need to be pink? Honestly. It’s as though male specific products got every colour under the spectrum, but then it comes to female specific products and it’s pink. It’s always pink. As girls are we just supposed to only like the colour pink?
  3. People assuming you know nothing about sports because you’re a girl. Because why would we know anything about sports? All we’re supposed to care about is lipgloss and high heels, right?
  4. When you’re not allowed to legitimately be angry, with people passing it off as ‘You’re just PMSing’. No, you’re just being an asshole and pissing me off. Furthermore, PMS does not make me angry. I know because I’ve been experiencing it 12 times a year for nearly two decades.
  5. “When are you having kids?” This is specifically one for when you reach adulthood. Oh, and don’t forget about how much more awful it gets being asked this question when you have a boyfriend or significant other. It’s as though as soon as you reach a certain age being female, you’re of ‘breeding age’ and everyone is expecting you to have kids. What if I want to establish my career? What if I don’t want kids at all?
  6. Good hair days never last long enough and bad hair days are always too frequent. It’s true. On the days when I feel as though my hair is actually cooperating with me, I figure it’ll last for 3-5 hours… tops. And every other day of the week I rock that ‘just out of bed’ look and that’s the best it gets.
  7. Bra sizes are never the same. NEVER. Sizes differ from store to store and even from bra to bra. You can purchase two bras that are the exact same size in the same store and one will fit and one won’t. Come to think of it, this is really true about all clothing in general. Last week I bought two pair of jeans from Old Navy that were the same size – one pair fit like a glove and the other I couldn’t get over my hips.
  8. Listening and singing along to a really badass song on the radio and then it gets to the point where there are exceptionally degrading comments about girls. You thought it was such a good song and now you’re questioning your choices and why you would like something that profits of the degrading of your gender.
  9. The struggles that come with washing your hair. Because washing your hair means that you need to dry your hair and then do your hair because you have to at least try and then you’ve lost several hours of your day so you start trying to last longer between hair washings.

13 thoughts on “9 struggles that come with being a girl.

  1. I never anticipated that growing my hair long would give me a tiny window on just one element of the staggering mental load most women have to lug around. Just the constant need to keep track of hairbands is a burden men simply don’t have, let alone washing and drying the ruddy stuff.

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  2. Oof, I feel you. Especially the bit about music with degrading lyrics. I feel a similar way about films or books that are so amazing in every way… except for their representation of women and girls. I’ll be sitting and enjoying a movie that I love, and then inevitably I get to a scene that just makes my stomach turn with how the women are treated or depicted.


  3. Try being the very involved father if twin girls. I’m trying to figure out ways to help my ladies navigate all 9 landmines you have laid out so eloquently.
    I am faced daily with men and women saying to me “going to have to scare all those boys when they come by” and I reply nope, I’m teaching my daughters to make good choices, I’m teaching them self worth and respect. I’m not trying to negate what you are conveying or downplay it. I just want you to know some of us to know how to treat a woman, with respect, equality, dignity and as I would like to be treated.
    I hope you find 0eople near you that treat you correctly and continue to point out and Not Accept anything less.


  4. A-men, especially number one. It’s not cute or flattering, and saying ‘boys will be boys’ is no excuse either. Being catcalled or having people whistle or shout after me in the street is upsetting, and makes me feel unsafe and uncomfortable.


  5. Hey! Just found your blog today and am enjoying reading through your site 🙂 Looking forward to keeping up with your journey.

    I totally get your point on degrading music lyrics! I always just skip the song and thumbs down them so they aren’t replayed again! So sad that these need to be included in music these days to be popular!


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