Travel Diaries: Las Vegas in photos

These photos were taking during my trip to Las Vegas in November 2018, for my 30th birthday. It was technically “winter” in Las Vegas, so a lot of attractions were closed. But, it was still pretty epic for a first time in Vegas. And, it was fun watching so many people wander around in down jackets when us Canadian’s felt like it was summer.

We ended up with super cheap flights (I think due to it being off season), so it was a cheap, but epic, 30th birthday.

I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend the New York New York Hotel and Casino to anyone looking to stay on the strip. It’s centrally located, really well priced and the hotel has a lot of amenities in it.

There’s nothing like 20 degree heat in the middle of winter. I was loving it. And honestly, having never been to Vegas before, the fact that this was all one hotel truly amazed me. I can’t even fathom which tower I was staying in. And that coaster, THE HOTEL HAS A FREAKING ROLLER COASTER.

The most divine gluten free, dairy, free, allergy free sandwich from Greenberg’s Deli. Seriously, if you have any dietary restrictions, this place is such a good spot for eating.

The M&M Store had a wall that my OCD dreams were made of. Seriously, staring at this photo gives me as much joy as staring at this wall did when I was in store.

Freemont Street. Oh, what can I say about Freemont street? It’s true what they say. It really is unlike any other place on earth. The zipine was epic. The people were interesting and the sights were inspiring. I definitely recommend taking a trip off the strip to anyone who visits Vegas. Freemnt Street is a must see.

I can’t even tell you what this was (which I feel like happened a lot while I was in Vegas) but dang was it good. All the food in Vegas was amazing.

We actually had some friends show us around town and honestly, I think that Old Vegas attracted me as much as the Strip did. It fascinated me that people live and work in Vegas and it’s the kind of place that’s normal for them. I think it’d be really cool to live there.

And the Gondola. I didn’t actually ride on the Gondola, but I was pretty fascinated by it, and this hotel. This photo was taken at 2 am. And it looks like the middle of the day because the ceiling is so realistic. The shopping in this hotel was also splendid. It filled my spendy heart!

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