Is this real life?

Wow. Someone, a real asshole, just wrote me a really nasty note for leaving a comment on their blog. I just read their post and wanted to say something sweet and encouraging about anxiety. I thought it was a nice thing to do? I didn’t expect to get attacked for it.

Seriously. WordPress is a public forum for people to post blogs. If you don’t want people reading, or responding to your journal then write it in a book and hide it under your pillow. Why post it to a public forum?

There’s no need to be an asshole here. Kindness only. I don’t have time for anything but kindness.

12 thoughts on “Is this real life?

  1. Wow! I have mine set so that I review comments before they are posted (I think frequent commenters automatically post). If someone truly missed the mark, I’ve either not approved the comment or I’ve tried to open a constructive conversation about the topic (and likely not name them).

    People can be really nasty. 😦


  2. There are always rotten SOB’s that hate the world and the people in it. I’ve had comment approval turned on for years now and just don’t publish the ones that are truly nasty. I agree it’s an open forum and if content is private, the blog should be private. I’ll never understand the some authors’ need to publish private details in a public forum and then get the negative reaction of “strangers” leaving comments. If I write something that is private to me, I just mark the post private so it’s not visible to anyone but me online.


  3. And you are such a sweet person. I think tjey really need some help for reacting that way. Helping hand should never be treated in that negative way. Just words too help so much. They dont know the value of kimd words i 4hink.

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