International day of Happiness

According to twitter, today is #InternationalDayofHappiness. So, I obviously can’t pass up the celebration of an internet made holiday, and to celebrate, I have been reminding myself of all of the positives and good things I have in my life right now.

  • The most amazing coral-coloured dozen roses that are presently sitting in the front windowsill of this house. ❤
  • Two adoring chihuahuas who follow me everywhere I go and try to protect me from everything, including the big bad birds in the back yard, the noises of the furnace, and potential monsters under the bed. #ChihuahuaGang
  • Five straight days of incredible weather. Seriously, I haven’t seen the sun this much in six months. The beautiful and warm weather is giving me all sorts of positive vibes these days. Everyone needs some Vitamin D every now and again.
  • My ‘Millennial Life Crisis’ t-shirts. I made t-shirts out of the logo that I made for this website, my instagram and twitter and honestly, I love them so much. Every time I see them I’m like ‘Yeah, that’s mine’ and I’m filled with a weird sense of pride. It’s cheesy, I know. I made my own shirts!
  • A new job prospect. I don’t want to say too much because I am honestly trying to not get my hopes too high, but I would love to be back to work soon.
  • A gluten-free cake currently baking in the oven.

There’s more. A lot more. When I stop to think about it, I’m pretty blessed, even in spite of all of the crap going on. I guess it just goes to show, though, there’s always a bright side – you just have to choose to see it. Gratitude, always.

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