A diagnosis?

I had some autoimmune blood work done last week. The lab told me it would take about one week to get results and then they would send the results back to my ENT (Ear Nose and Throat Specialist) doctor.

I’m supposed to see the ENT on April 11 to get results.

Today, my family doctor called and asked me to come in for the results. When I asked him if it could wait until April 11 when I go and see the ENT, I was told that I needed the results sooner, rather than later.

The earliest appointment that I could get from my family doctor was next week.

So now my mind is running a million miles a minute. He wouldn’t call me into his office if there was nothing, right? Or would he? What’s wrong with me? Is this going to be a diagnosis, or just leave me with more questions? Why do I have to wait until next week if it’s so freaking important for me to get these results?

Anxiety, old friend, it’s not nice to see you again.

6 thoughts on “A diagnosis?

  1. I am not going to tell you to relax because it’s easy said then done. I have also been in your shoes and been worried, as well as panic because I had to make an appointment with a doctor for my blood results one time. The receptionist wouldn’t give me the results when I called in personally for my results. She just told me the doctor would need to see me.
    I can’t remember how long I had to wait. It was a week or less.
    When I seen my doctor. I told him how I was feeling fine, but I had to come and see you because the receptionist said so. Saying I did not know what was wrong.

    Originally, when I seen the doctor, blood was taken and a swab also from back of my throat. This was to rule out glandular fever, as I wasn’t well for weeks till when I seen him, I was fine.

    The doctor looked at my notes, after looking at me confusingly from telling him I was feeling fine and did not know why he wanted to see me.
    It turned out I was anaemic. So I needed iron tablets. I was monitored for the next couple of months after that, till it came back I was fine. So hopefully, nothing serious for you.


  2. Good for you,I am glad you followed up with the specialist that is your ENT doctor and not your primary doctor.Never take “NO” for an answer when you know that something is not right.Sometimes you have a doctor that is not paying attention, don’t care or discriminatory in nature.
    Then is time to change your doctor. Someone out there is ready to listen.But be your own ADVOCATE. That advocate for yourself just like you did.Good job.

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  3. Anxiety is a bitch. Whatever the outcome…your doctors will be there to help you find a plan of care that suits you.
    Even if it’s a diagnosis, it’s always been better to know what you’re facing than not. All the best x

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