Why do roommates suck so hard?

When I finished university I made a promise to myself that I was going to always ensure I budgeted the money to live alone. I had a few ridiculous experiences in University with roommates that had turned me off roommates for a lifetime. But that’s a story for another day.

For nearly a decade, I did live alone.

When I moved out of my apartment at the end of January, I started crashing with Knight. Knight has a roommate, Derrick, that is… how would I describe him… hmmm. Knight’s roommate is a bipolar lunatic (and I don’t mean this in a way to be insensitive to someone who is bipolar, I mean it in that – when he’s nice, he’s nice, and when he’s not nice – you really don’t know what’s going to happen). When we come home each day we never know which side of his personality we’re going to meet.

Putting the big frustrations aside for a moment, let’s talk about the small frustrations with roommates.

When you live with someone – consideration is a necessity. Consideration is something that Derrick severely lacks.

We have one fridge – for three people. One fridge seems like a lot of space but three people sharing a fridge, when two of those people (Knight and myself) eat primarily fresh food only, the fridge fills up quickly. And it’s not because of Knight or I, that it does so. Derrick is one person who doesn’t even eat at home most of the time and he takes up 3/4 of that fridge. Why? How does one person eat so much? He doesn’t. There’s food in that fridge that expired three months ago.

Derrick is also a fan of taking off his clothes in various places throughout the house and leaving them in the middle of the floor. He also is a fan of making food and not finishing it and leaving it out in the living room for days on end before he actually cleans it up. Like we’re talking these things start growing mould before he cleans them up.

And one could argue – why don’t you just clean it up? Firstly, I do a considerable amount of cleaning in this house to start with – solely because dirty houses bother me. Secondly, I don’t feel as though cleaning up after him will solve anything. He’ll begin to think his ways are okay because I’ll just come along and clean them up. And I don’t want that. I’d rather pester him incessantly so that he knows it pisses me off.

Now, Derrick also is a particular fan of marijuana, and though I can’t prove it, I’m pretty sure he likes cocaine as well. When Derrick is high, there’s no dealing with him. Somehow, a man who is always complaining about the lack of money he has, always seems to have lots of pot around. He likes to mix his pot with alcohol and go off on benders on the weekends. He likes to scream and shout at the top of his lungs – including outside in an attempt to wake up all of the neighbours. Knight and I quite literally rejoice when he goes to his friend’s houses to party because it means we don’t have to deal with. I’m not opposed to someone having a good time. But, I think it’s kind of sad when you’re doing it alone at home to pass your time.

Derrick also likes to play up the ‘I’m a solo bachelor who doesn’t like to look after himself’ act. While he’s more than capable of cooking and eating properly, he frequently (somehow) weasels his way into eating the dinner that Knight and I make. Apparently we just ‘make such good food it’s hard to pass up’. That’s fine, we do make good food. But we run through it that much faster when a third person is eating it too.

I realize that I’m ranting at the moment and that these are very first world problems but man oh man do I really wish that I lived alone still.

Why does it seem like all roommates are inconsiderate assholes? Because I know I’m not the only one who deals with shit like this. And on the flip side, do they think I’m an inconsiderate asshole? Do I do things that annoy them in this way? I’d like to think that I’m pretty considerate of my situation, but maybe he thinks the same about me?

Long story short, roommates suck.

5 thoughts on “Why do roommates suck so hard?

  1. I think you and Knight need to give Derrick an ultimatum. You need to sit him down, tell him he has to get his act together, or you won’t tolerate him anymore. I don’t know if you can actually kick him out, but talking seriously to this guy might get him to listen, at least if he’s sober.


    1. Thanks for your note! Sadly, we can’t kick him out as he’s the house owner. I think we’re moving out soon though. We’ll see. It’s in the talks and I really hope it happens. 🙂

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  2. I’ve managed to live without roommates until about a decade ago. NOTHING GOOD EVER CAME FROM THEM!!! I’ve had an insane old man waiting for the aliens to pick him up. I’ve had the gay male couple that left their 3, yes 3, dogs alone all the time locked in their room to pee, poop, bark and cause destruction. When I addressed the issue, one of the guys got in my face and started screaming and posturing over me. I’ve had the guy from Taiwan that was much like Derrik minus the drugs. Just a slob! The crazy chick that started hot boxing pot in her room and having the dealer come to my house. She was so high and paranoid she was threating me with all kinds of insane things. Then I got two girls in seperate rooms. The first one was a little princess. Daddy paid all her bills because she was on probation for a DUI. I didn’t get the entire story until after she broke several laws when I told her she needed to leave in hitting me, blocking phone access, blocking me from leaving to get away from her. Ohhh what a joy! The other girl was actually bipolar off meds. She relapsed into serious alcoholism that left a path of literal destruction I still have in my home. She called the cops accusing me of trying to kill her. In comparison, the last guy was a walk in the park… yet he wasn’t. lol I’ve come to the conclusion that by and large people who rent rooms in other people’s homes or seek roommate situations with strangers tend to not have their lives together. I take credit for that myself. My life was rough and I was renting rooms to survive, so my judgement was off. *sigh* Get my point? lol Roommates DO suck! All of them!


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