Derrick makes bad decisions.

Derrick, the aforementioned lunatic that lives upstairs has a particularly easy time making particularly poor decisions. And we’re not talking once-in-a-while bad decisions, we’re talking all the time.

I’m not sure if his ‘Don’t be an idiot’ meter is broken or if he really just is too dumb to realize, but let’s just say, he always seems to bring the drama.

Firslty – the biggest confession of the week – Derrick wants guns. That’s right, plural. NOT SINGULAR. Derrick wants GUNS!

Why does Derrick need guns? How do I stop this? I’m a ‘to each their own’ kind of person, but I genuinely question this man’s mental stability, sooo I don’t think it’s necessarily a smart idea for him to have access to guns.

Putting that aside, Derrick was recently rejected from his baby mama for the umpteenth time and has decided his next girl to go after is an ex-girlfriend that he dated right after him and his baby mama broke up. This girl, by the way, now has a boyfriend. He doesn’t care though? Apparently in his mind, he can wear her down.

So last night, ex-girlfriend who he is trying to make new-girlfriend came over to help him babysit. Baby Mama and Derrick got in a frank discussion and Baby Mama showed up at the house, unexpectedly. I kid you not this girl ran and hid SO FUCKING FAST. And she just starts talking about how it’s awkward and how she doesn’t want Baby Mama to see her because she doesn’t want to start a fight.

Hmmm… if you have to fucking hide from Baby Mama, maybe what you guys are doing is not right? Just a thought. But that’s besides the point.

Derrick decides to start an argument with Baby Mama at the front door, in front of baby, with ex-girlfriend who he wants to be his new girlfriend hiding just ten steps away in the kitchen behind a counter top. This all went down while I was in the kitchen trying to make dinner. All I wanted to do was make a mad dash for the basement. Or go to the front door and tell him to shut the fuck up.

I know, we’re all grown ass adults here, what the fuck is happening? Why are people hiding behind counter tops?

Somehow, he made it out unscathed, Baby Mama left without seeing ex-girlfriend, and they continued on their happy night of babysitting.

So much drama. Too much drama for my liking. If he continues chasing a girl who has a boyfriend, I can’t imagine what’s going to unload when baby mama finds out.

Furthermore, if you were a dude and your girlfriend was spending the night at her ex-boyfriend’s house to babysit his kid and sleep there, would you not be pissed off about that? Knight trusts me and I’m pretty sure he’d still lose his mind if I went and spent the night at an ex-boyfriend’s house. And really, I would expect him to. I just don’t think you should do shit like that in a relationship. But what do I know?

The ongoing saga that is Derrick and why roommates suck so hard…

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