Wear your scars with pride.

“People have scars in all sorts of unexpected places, like secret road maps of their personal histories, diagrams of all their old wounds. Most of our old wounds heal, leaving nothing behind but a scar, but some of them don’t. Some wounds we carry with us everywhere and though the cut’s long gone, the pain still lingers.”

Grey’s Anatomy, Season 3 Episode 18

I’ve spent far too long in my life feeling insecure for the scars that I have. The truth is, scars tell stories of moments past, things you’ve overcome, demons you’ve demolished. Feeling proud of your scars should be more of what we’re taught. Be proud of your scars because they’re proof of what you’ve been through, that you survived and that you came out the winner.

Even if the pain still lingers, you defeated the demons. Remember that.

6 thoughts on “Wear your scars with pride.

  1. Gahhhhh grey’s anatomy analogies are my favorite!!! I swear every episode I watch-that Meredith intro speaks to whatever I’m going through at the time. Love it, and this is a particularly wonderful reminder 🙂

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