This is not a drill. I repeat, this is not a drill.

If you’ve ever thought of visiting a Thrift Store, this might be a good weekend to inquire with your local Salvation Army. All of the Salvation Army stores in my area (like a 150 mile vicinity) are trying to clear out their fall and winter clothing to make way for spring and summer clothing. Clothing items will be marked down to just $1 for today and tomorrow. One dollar!

Contact your local Salvation Army and find out if they’re planning to take part in this weekend’s sale. And hey, even if they aren’t, there’s still some incredible deals to be found. Just think about it, okay?

Point of note – this sale is Friday/Saturday (in my area) as Salvation Army Thrift Stores are not open on Sunday’s. So inquire in your area and see if they’re taking part!

Things in this photo (bought these before the sale):

  1. Tommy Hilfiger, yellow, long sleeve sweater – Cost: $10
  2. Tommy Hilfiger, dark blue, t-shirt – Cost: $2.99
  3. Adidas, black, yoga pants – Cost: $3.99
  4. Nike, black, t-shirt – The front says “Every Damn Mile” in big, bold, teal letters. (The wrinkles in this shirt came out after I sent it through the washer/dryer) Cost: $2.99
  5. Puma, black, t-shirt – Cost: $2.99

Things I had to pass up because they weren’t my size: Lululemon Yoga Pants, Calvin Klein dress pants, Columbia winter jacket, and there were at least thirty clothing items I found that were still brand new with original store tags on them!

I’m a huge advocate for Thrift Store shopping and for buying pre-owned where you can. I encourage everyone in my life to try visiting a Thrift Store to see what they can find. You never know what kind of hidden gems someone else has decided to pass up that you might fall in love with!

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