Dog therapy

I’ve been sick, in bed, all day. I’ve got a sinus infection, throat infection and ear infection in both ears.

These two have been keeping me company all day long. They won’t leave my side.

Dogs are such magnificent creatures. They can tell when you’re happy, when you’re sad, when you’re down and when you’re mad and they respond with their behavior accordingly. It really doesn’t matter what goes on though, they’re always just… there for you… whenever you need them, however you need them.

When I got sad earlier (feeling sorry for myself for being sick) they stuck their tiny little noses up in my face as though they were trying to tell me to stop crying. And when I fell asleep, one of them fell asleep on each side of me, right up against me as though they were protecting me.

Dogs are such magnificent animals. So full of love and loyalty. I don’t know what we ever did to deserve them but I am so thankful dogs exist in this world.


6 thoughts on “Dog therapy

  1. Dogs ARE Great EveryOne; so as SomeOne who Doesn’t Own a Dog I Only have Three Things to Say Being A Triple A:

    ♡ AutoImmune System
    ♡ Accountability and Responsibility
    ♡ Anger Management

    …if I Ever Have Dogs They ARE Family; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that Dogs ARE NOT!!! Co-Dependents…



  2. I’m more of a cat person, I admire their independence and graciousness; you have to build a relationship with them slowly, build trust etc., but I feel that I might be missing something due to the lack of relationship with dogs. They can be true friends. You have cute dogs 🙂

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