Lost my mind in the Emergency Room.

So, where to begin.

I have a newfound respect for deaf people. I’ve always had respect for deaf people, but that respect has reached new heights the past few days. After developing ear infections in both ears (in addition to my sinus infection and throat infection) I have lost my ability to hear.

It’s a scary thing… not being able to hear. So, on Sunday night when Knight took me to the hospital to see a doctor, I was hoping for some help, some real help.

What day is it?

I spent 6 hours in the hospital on Sunday night before I got to see a doctor. There was so much pressure in my face I couldn’t even stand up straight. The doctor came in, I told him I couldn’t hear anything and he still kept talking to me in a regular tone. DUDE, I CAN’T FUCKING HEAR YOU. THAT’S WHY I’VE BEEN WAITING HERE FOR SIX HOURS.

I nearly lost my mind at the doctor. Honestly, six hours for him to see me for three and a half minutes, to tell me I am fine and it’ll go away in a week. Listen buddy, I’m at the hospital because when I get sick like this, it doesn’t go away. I’m one of those people who waits until I’m really damn sick and I can’t deal with life. Had he spent more than 3.5 minutes with me he probably could have realized that.

Props to Knight for listening to me whine in the hospital that whole time. He was incredibly patient with me considering all the whining I did that evening.

Well here were are, I still can’t really hear. It’s scary, and frustrating. I’ve spent most of every day since last Friday sleeping, and I don’t have many plans to do much more in the near future.

12 thoughts on “Lost my mind in the Emergency Room.

  1. My son is deaf, my mom in one ear, & I get ear infections from swimming & should NEVER use a Q-tip!! Every time I use one I get an infection. Once the infection clears up, get an ear wash & it will get all the gunk out clogging your hearing. They’re super painful, like a drill in your head from the pressure. Manage the pain, it’ll go away.

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    1. Yes! Ear infections are the worst. And having only been dealing with this for a couple of days, I have no idea what it would be like to deal with this for life. Your son and your mom are amazing!

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      1. My son does great, he has a cochlear implant (his decision) & likes the silence sometimes. My mom never listened to anyone anyways, this way she has an excuse to just talk on & on…kidding, kind of.

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    1. Your son is an amazing soul, seriously. Having only dealt with this a few days, I can’t even imagine what he must go through. I’ve got a lot of admiration for him and for all deaf people. ❤


  2. Being deaf is no fun. When I take out my hearing aids, it’s like the world went silent. I won’t swim because I can’t get the aids wet and without them, I’m terrified! I feel for you. At least yours should get better. Sometime. I should write a post about this, shouldn’t I?


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