Adventures in Job Hunting (another rant)

This morning I’ve been on the phone with a job recruiter for a position within my industry. This is what is required for me to move onto the step of being potentially considered for an interview:

  1. Complete 35 minute personality assessment test.
  2. Provide 6 references (that’s right, 6) – including 2 former managers and at least two colleagues and cannot include personal friends
  3. In two-page written essay format, provide them answers to why I want this position and why I think I would be a good fit for their organization.

Obviously I have to jump through these hoops. Because, being unemployed, you don’t really get to decide which hoops will lead to something and which hoops are a waste of time. (Spoiler alert: for me, they all seem to be a waste of time) Nevertheless, setting aside the fact that this entire list pisses me off, I have a few questions of my own.

  • When did a generic online personality assessment test become more valuable to a hiring manager than a genuine character reading through face to face interaction?
  • Since you’re asking me job interview questions in a personality assessment test, if I make it to the interview process, what will you actually ask me in a job interview?
  • Isn’t six references a little bit overkill? It’s not like I’m applying for the Canadian Spy agency, here. Have you had that poor luck with people in this past that you require speaking to six references to ensure that I am who I say I am?
  • Why do you get the right to require references of me before you’re even willing to show an interest in interviewing me? Maybe I’m alone in this, but, the way that I see it, you should only be provided references once you’ve met and interviewed me and you’re looking to verify that my character matches that of which just sat in front of you and answered your questions proficiently.
  • Beyond teaching you that I check my spelling and grammar, what is my writing an essay going to teach you? Your company isn’t that special, nor is this job. If you’re hoping for me to beg or grovel in this essay, it’s not going to happen.
  • Do you believe that your company is special? Do you believe you’re doing something that every other company in the industry is lacking in right now? Because if so, how about you share that with me? It might make me feel like I’m selling my soul a little less when I write this, because so far as I can see, it looks like every other position on every other website listed.

I’m beginning to think maybe the best job out there for me these days is just to work at 7-11 as a cashier. Honestly, I doubt 7-11 would make me write an essay for a job.


27 thoughts on “Adventures in Job Hunting (another rant)

      1. I’m really starting to feel that way, too. I started reading this book called “Side Hustle” and I’m thinking sooner, rather than later, my side hustle will be my main gig. At least I wish it could be!

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    1. So true!!! Companies keep telling me I don’t have enough experience so then I end up having to take any job that I can get so that I can pay the bills and then they say that I have the WRONG experience…and it’s like a vicious cycle 😬

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      1. It’s a vicious cycle, that’s for darn sure. And that’s how companies seem to capitalize, always.


  1. Absolutely correct. You are not alone, V. This is why working for others don’t interest me. They take you as if they are doing you a favour and then expect you to forget about all your personal rights.

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  2. I think you should interview a company as much as they interview you. After all, they are getting the one resource no other company will have – you! The traditional methods of interviewing are quickly falling by the wayside – it sounds like this company has not caught up with the industry yet. Do you really want to work for a place that isn’t up to scratch in the way they hire people? Yes, you are unemployed, but that means you are free. Free to choose who and what you want to be and who you want to sell your time to. Spend more time researching your likes and strengths and then spend some time matching those to a company that shares your passion. Then, and only then, you start jumping through hoops because it is something you really want. Persist in your passions and it will happen for you.

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    1. Thanks for the motivation! I agree with a lot of what you say. It’s my negative nancy brain that gets the better of m at times. You’re right though. I know you are.

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  3. Oh my goodness, six references? I’ve worked since I left school and would even struggle to find three let alone six! (due to people leaving etc. so not being able to contact them). I am half tempted to ask you what company this is but I would probably do it at my own peril as you’d have to kill me after telling me XD

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    1. It’s not even that really special of a company. They’re pretty sub-par as far as the industry goes. I reckon they just have a habit of hiring idiots? Maybe. Who knows. Regardless, it’s a little bit overkill… just a little. lol

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  4. Six?!? I’ve been job hunting in the past few months and my mum keeps saying she would NEVER manage to get a job these days. I was offered a basic housekeeping job, something I’ve done loads of in the past, before being offered something better – but in the mean time, I started my “training courses” for this sodding housekeeping job, and it was TWELVE HOURS OF ONLINE TRAINING. TWELVE HOURS. For a job that’s essentially making effing beds. Needless to say, I think they were disappointed when I told them I was going elsewhere, because they’re really struggling to get staff – well no bloody wonder!!

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    1. That’s soo aggrivating to read. It’s like… is society that incompetent these days that we’re all being pegged in these pinholes?


  5. I completely get it. My current employer is restructuring. I will be unemployed as of next week. I feel like I have to jump through hoops to apply for jobs and the companies don’t have the common courtesy to at least get back to me. I recommend that you check out human workplace. The website is Liz Ryan gives the best advice about job hunting.

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  6. Wow. I’m feeling this post on a soul level. I can’t tell you the number of hoops I have jumped through in the last few months (including tests, multiple projects in my field, job shadowing, and personality compatibility) all to be passed over time and time again. And on Tuesday I was rejected for a position because they said they found someone that was a better “longterm fit”. I guess they thought I would leave the position quickly?? So I stay…at my local hourly retail job…while I hold a degree… and have published a thesis in my field… and graduated top of my class. Now I’m think of changing careers all together and working for myself…

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  7. So true … I have done Master’s in biochemistry with good grades but then it’s not enough tho ☹ they want other achievements too. then reference is the key for them …. it’s so frustrating.


    1. I feel your pain.

      I don’t even understand the point of references. It’s a biased opinion of someone. If they weren’t biased, I wouldn’t provide them to an employer.

      Maybe we can form a job hunting is stupid support group.


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