Being honest with myself.

Sometimes I feel as though I don’t belong anywhere… like I was born to all of the leap days that never happened. This particular space and time in the universe just might not be the right place for me, and that’s okay, I’m sure that happens to more than just I.

Perhaps one day I’ll find my place in this world. But for now, I think I’m just stuck being a wallflower. Unlike the movie suggests, these days, in my life, it doesn’t seem as though there are too many perks to it.

16 thoughts on “Being honest with myself.

  1. You’re being honest with yourself, and I’ll be honest with you too 🙂
    I felt exactly that way for many years; I felt lost, felt like I never should have been born. This changed for me, though. It can change for you too. We all carry a “story” and it rules our lives. This pain won’t always be with you.

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  2. You are experiencing a transition time. This, too, shall pass. I experienced major depression right before I started my teaching job — and during the first few months. It passed, and I grew to love my job. I think my diet helps me, too. I’m sending you prayers and positive thoughts.

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  3. As you can see by these posts, you are not alone or an outsider. There are many of us and, through the miracle of technology, we now can be aware of each other. We can support each other. Just got on the less serious side of my own depressive episode. Please call you doctor and be honest about how you are feeling.

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  4. I’ve often heard that during these times, there are two really good things to do that will help get out of that frame of mind – one is to write a list of gratitude and the other is to go do something for someone else.

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  5. Reblogged this on Notes and commented:
    Before being born and after dying, we’d be probably exactly at the same place you talk about here. While on earth, let’s enjoy time together with everyone else around you. Of course, not everyone can appreciate for who we really are. Hence, they can all find their way out of the door or in a dustbin nearby. While we enjoy our temporary existence on planet earth as free souls.

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  6. Totally relatable. I can’t tell you the number of times in a given day that I say with my outside voice “What planet is this? Where is mine because I’m clearly on the wrong one.” I get it. ❤️


    1. Awe ❤ My dear, you're right where you belong right now ❤ And I hope that you find some solace, either in this wordpress community, or out there in the world ❤ Because your kind spirit deserves a lot of it.


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