When life hands you lemons…

Something happened this week that I was not expecting.

See, I’ve been afraid to tell anyone of my upcoming trip because I feared judgement for booking a plane ticket when I don’t have a steady stream of income. If there’s one thing I’m certain of in my life, it’s that the people around me can be extremely judgmental. And, though I know it comes from a place of love, it still comes… at times being really hard to deal with.

Moral of the story is that I didn’t want to be made to feel badly for doing something for myself.

I kept waiting for the right moment in which to break the news and continued to find excuses as to why it was never the right moment. As my date of departure draws closer, I knew the news needed to come out soon otherwise people would notice when I disappeared for multiple days.

Then, out of the blue, I was invited to an event this weekend. Knowing right then and there my time was up, I faced the music and admitted that I was headed on a trip. What I did not expect was the gracious and kind responses I received in acknowledgement of my trip.

They were kind. So kind. Telling me things like ‘Good for you! You deserve this’ and ‘I’m so happy that you’re doing something for yourself’. One of them even offered me money to help pay for the trip. To be honest, I was quite shaken by these responses. Happy, but shocked. I guess it goes to show though, as much as you think you might know someone, people can always surprise you.

That’s a huge weight off my back leading up to my trip. As much as I want to believe that the only opinion that matters is my own, the opinion of those that I love still plays a large role in my life. And I can now leave on Saturday knowing that the people in my life are supportive of my decision, my mom will be looked after, and the wanderlust in my soul can be fulfilled, at least for a few days.

When life hands you lemons, buy a plane ticket. Go somewhere that’ll make you happy, that’ll make you smile and that’ll set your soul on fire. You deserve it, damn it. Take advantage of the here and now and just go.

Smooth transition into a new topic:

On the recommendation from followers on this blog, I purchased some Apple Cider Vinegar last week in hopes that it would help with my adult acne. Though I’ve only been taking it for one week now, I have to say that I have noticed a difference in my skin. My acne has always been the large painful, red, blotchy sores around my lips/lower cheeks and chin area. Over the past week these spots have transitioned into much smaller, less swollen spots on my face. It’s not gone, no. The spots will be there for a long time, I am sure. But it’s nice to see some improvement in my skin. It makes me feel better about my appearance, even just in the small changes happening.

So, thank you. Thank you for reading, thank you for leaving a comment, thank you for being kind and thoughtful and helpful.

21 thoughts on “When life hands you lemons…

  1. Congrats!

    To respond to your suggestion, I don’t think there is any place that will make me happy. I was happy when I went out to B.C. about 15 years ago now (whoa) but I’ve since gone out there again and it wasn’t the same. I know it’ll probably be that way if I go out there now. So yea, there is no place I can go, at least by plane, that’ll make me happy. But I am trying, nearly every day.


    1. There are plenty of places in British Columbia for your to explore, dear sir. I can promise you that much, if you decided to book a trip to BC again, I would provide you with some serious adventure excursions ideas that could easily put a smile on your face. It’s all about where you go and what you do!


  2. Really happy that your soul is fulfilled with your trip and your skin is finally making progress. It’s nice to hear about you and always wishing for your well being.
    Loved this post when you talked about the lemons.✌️🏻💙


  3. If I have learned anything in my nearly 30 years here it is that people are judge mental and they will judge you on anything and everything just because they can 😅 You have to learn to let it go ( I know it’s hard…I’m a people pleaser) and not let them hold that power over you. At the end of the day you need to take care of yourself and your family will love you and support you no matter what (that’s the great thing about family). Good for you taking a trip. Life has a way of working itself out, you never know what is going to happen on this trip or who you will meet along the way, what you will learn, etc. Take it as a growing experience and enjoy it. Happy and safe travels to you! 😃

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    1. I wholeheartedly agree with you. Thank you for your kind comment. I really do hope things start working out soon. Hey, maybe this trip is a sign that they have already started to work out. Who knows?


  4. I feel you. Reading your blog is like reading my mind, haha. I too feel bad about scheduling a trip (to my best friend’s wedding) when I am barely eking by on my part time job. Also! I’m soon to be writing my own skin story on my blog. I used to have cystic acne in my early 20’s. Maybe some of my “journey to healing” might help you on yours? 🤷🏼‍♀️☺️

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  5. This is the best news, so glad you got the support you really didn’t expect to get. That’s the way people should respond when they know how you’ve been feeling. Also, with regards to the apple cider vinegar, glad that’s worked for you. It’s incredible how these things can work like that.

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    1. Sometimes, things go well and work out the way they should. Thank you for your consistent ray of sunshine you send my direction. It means a lot to me.


      1. You are so welcome. We are helping each other. Just knowing people are going through similar things and have this platform to express feelings is incredible. You inspire me.

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  6. So happy to hear that the apple cider vinegar is working! 🙌🏻 And how awesome that the people in your life surprised you! 😊 You DO deserve the trip — your family is right. Enjoy it to the fullest! 🌟

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  7. I don’t know if this is a universal term but “Same!” About a month ago I took a trip to Detroit, Michigan and told no one until about two weeks before the trip. I purchased my ticket in February with my refund grant money from school. It’s crazy how judgement weighs so heavily when in reality we are free to use our resources in any way we please. I hope you take many many more trips to explore the world!


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