Adventures in job hunting (the saga continues)

If there’s one thing that I absolutely hate in life, it’s being lied to. Just be honest. There’s no reason not to. If you’re trying to hide something then you probably shouldn’t be doing it.

This morning, I went to a job interview at ‘Company X’. Company X advertised a marketing position on their website, that, when I read the description, I thought I could do well at. My degree is in Marketing with a Minor in Economics. I’ve been working Public Relations for the past decade, so when it comes to skills, I’ve got the vast majority of the Marketing/Communications sector covered.

What a fucking waste of time this morning was for me.

Flash back to last week – When I applied for the position, I noticed that the job description was incredibly vague. That being said, I applied for it anyway, excited of the prospect of landing a marketing role.

The position title: “Marketing Executive”

The position description:

  • Work with local businesses to understand their business cycle and their advertising needs 
  • Work with local businesses and non-profits to design an advertising campaign to meet targets 
  • Provide on-going support to ensure optimal client service 
  • Ongoing awareness of our clients’ day to day challenges 
  • Receivables control 

Vague, right? But, I thought that in my current state I should apply and see what happened. A marketing role could be good for me right now, and if they selected me for an interview, I could ask them the questions I wanted at the interview to learn more about the job.

There’s one GIANT bullet point missing from the job description. The actual position description should be:

  • We are looking for a Sales Representative. This position is 100% sales based.

That’s right. The actual position has nothing to do with marketing. The actual position doesn’t have to do with businesses marketing or advertising needs. They have a team for that. They just want someone to sell companies – and bring in revenue.

The interviewer asks “What experience do yo have in sales?” None. I have no experience in sales. You know this. Why? Because you read my resume. You knew this when you called me last week and requested an interview. Why would I think I need sales experience… it’s listed nowhere in the job description or title.

Working with local business to determine advertising needs, to me, means that you sit down with the boss and find out what he/she wants their brand to be portrayed as. Working with local business to determine advertising needs does not mean cold calling all over town to beg people to purchase advertising. You know this, and you purposely left it off of the job description because you know if people knew the full truth about this position whilst it was posted online, no one would apply.

Furthermore, what I learned today: the position has no salary, it’s 100% sales commission paid. Therefore, if you sell something you get 10% of whatever sold. He says “To put that in perspective, if you sell $300,000 in revenue in a year, you’re going to make about $30,000.”

Are you fucking kidding me? Who is going to sell $300,000 in revenue in this industry… in this town? We’re not in Vancouver or Toronto. We’re in a town in the middle of nowhere with a limited customer base and even more limited audience.

You’re required to work 8-5 Monday to Friday, but you don’t get paid unless you make sales. That’s fine – then advertise this as a fucking sales position, not as a marketing position.

One other thing I learned was that they have teams to put together advertising needs and desires for clients. Yeah, all those bullet points up there about working with clients to determine their needs… they have a team for that. They literally just want someone to go out and do the sales.

My final question for them this morning was if they have a database to work off of for potential customers/people to start with. No. They don’t. Whomever takes on this role has to create the database of potential customers through cold calling. They quite literally have NOTHING set up for this position.

Why would I waste my time with this?

If you can’t even be honest on your job description you post online, why do you think anyone would want to work for you? You know you’re creating a ridiculous ask of any incumbent and that’s why you lied about the position in the job description you posted.

I won’t be speaking to Company X ever again.

In the words of Ariana Grande… thank u, next.

20 thoughts on “Adventures in job hunting (the saga continues)

  1. So sorry to hear you had a wasted interview. Yes, they missed of an important detail there, which would have made all the difference into applying, or not. I would have been frustrated and angry, had I been in your shoes.

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  2. They literally do this all the time. I found it A LOT while backpacking in Australia!
    They play on the fact you need a job and trick you into being there so they can surprise you with that. It’s not okay it’s almost false advertising and shouldn’t be allowed.
    I saw lots of my backpacker friends get excited to go to one of these interviews thinking it was one thing then it turning out to be another, it’s really horrible especially when you’re so strapped for cash. You think you’ve finally found something, it’s not what they said it would be and then you’re not really in a position to say no :/
    Thanks for the post, I share your frustration.

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    1. Really? This is the first time I’ve run into the blatant lie/misdirection in a job description. That sucks that it’s happening a lot. People just need to be honest. If you’re falsely advertising a position, that’s not fair to any potential employees. Furthermore, it’s not fair to take advantage of people who really do need the job and aren’t just looking for casual looking. What a pain in the ass!

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  3. I’ve been there. Last week I interviewed for a job where the person who wrote the ad left out a few details about the position. If those details had been listed on the ad, I wouldn’t have wasted my time and the time of the people who interviewed me. I just wish that those who write the ads would be honest about the job.

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  4. That sounds like an MLM company to me. I used to be involved in one and will never ever join one ever again. I’m sorry you wasted your time with Company X but at least you saw the red flags got out before getting started with them. So many companies like this one use the same traps sadly. Everyone and their moms seem to be involved with sales companies these days.


  5. I think you and I had interviews at the same company, but mine was two weeks ago. The job posting looked legit, but once I got there the “presentation” about the company looked a lot like a pyramid.

    I’m so sorry. You and I are in similar boats, and I completely feel your pain.

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    1. Jesus. I’m really sorry to hear that this is happening to more people than just me. It’s pathetic. I’m sorry for what you have dealt with.

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  6. I share your outrage. These kinds of companies prey on people who trust that there is a position in existence as described in the job posting. I’ve dealt with companies like this before unfortunately, and you did the right thing.

    Screw them, and go you for voicing your opinion. This is unacceptable.

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    1. I wish I could put them on blast. What if other’s don’t have common sense to say no to them? There should be… I wonder if there is a website to put companies on blast….


      1. I totally agree. They shouldn’t be allowed to blatantly waste peoples time like this. Maybe start with a terrible Google review, but you’re right, there should be a place where these companies can be listed.


  7. That is so sad Vee but that is the world we live in.
    1. Very few companies distinguish between Sales and Marketing
    2. Most MNCs lie blatantly
    3. Everything teaches us something. Things happen to us. Quality of our lives depends on how we respond to the external stimuli, bulk of which are not in our control.
    All the very best for Thursday and Friday. He has some great plans for you. Trust Him
    Hope your mother is fine.


  8. I have to comment on this because I literally had a similar experience!!! I applied for a “marketing role” and went to an interview which turned out to be standing on a street trying to get people to sign up for stuff- not on the job description!!! So bad I feel your pain.


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