I’m not qualified to work at Wal-Mart.

That’s right. Sounds a little ridiculous, no? It’s Wal-Mart. How hard could it possibly be? What exactly are the skills required of working at Wal-Mart that I am lacking? Or am I just a really shitty person and that’s why they won’t hire me?

Throughout this job-hunting process, one of the things that I wanted to do was apply for a cashier/retail position. I wanted something that I could work in the mean-time, until I find my next career position. And, I thought if I were so lucky enough, this mean-time job – being a cashier in a store, might be able to be my ‘side-hustle’ so to speak… once I landed my 9-5 again.

I thought this plan might have been coming to fruition when I landed an interview for a role as a cashier at Wal-Mart. I thought ‘This will be perfect. I can work it full-time now (or part time, whatever hours they provide me) and then when I land my full-time job I can scale back to part time’. I thought being a part-time employee at Wal-Mart was a good thing. After all, don’t they like that? They don’t have to pay employees as much, or offer as many breaks, etc… if they’re part-time.

I’m somewhat-not-stupid in the intelligence department. I can count. I can multiply large numbers in my head and would absolutely be able to complete my job even if the power went out and the register was not working. I can scan products through the till. I have a pretty solid memory, for the most part, so remembering things like produce or bulk food codes won’t be hard for me. I tend to work well under chaos and am used to people yelling at me. My mom tells me that I have a nice smile… how could I possibly fail at this role?

Well, apparently Wal-Mart didn’t think I was the right fit for their store.

I went to the job interview – which turned into a group interview… that they did not tell any of us about ahead of time. During the hour in which the interview occurred, the only actual question the manager asked me about myself was what my name was. We proceeded to spend the next hour running through ‘what would you do if…’ scenarios with respect to the store.

I completed each of these scenarios and, after going in order of left-to-right for each candidate to present their completed findings/suggestions, myself and one other girl were quickly cut off and not provided the opportunity to present ours as the one hour of allotted time for the interview was up and they were done interviewing candidates.

The manager promptly let each of us know that he would tell us within 72 hours whether or not we were selected to work for Wal-Mart via email.

Within one hour of leaving my group interview at Wal-Mart, to which the only question I was asked about myself was what my name was, I was sent an email that read the following:

Dear Miss [Insert Last Name Here]

At Wal-Mart we receive many applications from people on a daily basis who wish to work in our store and we have to do our very best to select the most qualified candidates who will be the best additions to our team.

At this time we have found qualified, suitable candidates and will not be hiring you for the position of cashier.

Please do not get discouraged. There are still plenty of career opportunities to work with Wal-Mart, so we do recommend that you keep your account active, remember your username and password, and apply for any future positions to which you may be interested in.


The Hiring Team at Wal Mart Store [Insert Wal Mart Store Location here]

Since, at this time, they’ve found qualified and suitable candidates for the role of cashier, does that mean that I am not qualified? Or does that mean that I am not suitable? Either way, what is it about my telling you my name that makes me not qualified or not suitable for your team?

This whole process was a bit of a let-down. To not even really be given the time of day in an interview was frustrating, especially considering I sat on my computer one night and completed their 30 minute personality assessment test, to which they reassured me at several points throughout the test that there were no wrong answers. Did I actually get the answers wrong?

What was it about my interview that lead you to believe I am a bad fit for your team? I wore dress clothes – it wasn’t as though I came looking like a slob. I’m an educated woman, it wasn’t as though I couldn’t string sentences together… not that I even got the opportunity to do so anyways.

I can’t be the first person in the world who’s been through the process of changing careers. And I know that I’m definitely not the first person in the world who’s considered the option of a cashier role as a ‘side-hustle’ to make money. Maybe that just doesn’t work for them. Or maybe the manager who interviewed us is telepathic so he knew what I was thinking with respect to the scenarios we were supposed to present and that’s why he didn’t provide me the opportunity to present. Yeah, that’s it. He already knew my answers.

Here’s to being unqualified, or unsuitable, or whatever… (I’m not really sure what they were thinking) to work at Wal-Mart. I’ll drink to that.

32 thoughts on “I’m not qualified to work at Wal-Mart.

  1. I was once turned down for a job as a postman. I run, I cycle, and was for many years a paper boy (delivering newspapers). Sometimes the bar is set too high. It’s fate telling you that cashierdom is not for you. Nice post.

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    1. Thank you for sharing. While I don’t like hearing that other people are being rejected to, it is nice to not feel alone in this stupidity. You’re absolutely right, cashierdom doesn’t seem right for me.

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  2. I think you were turned down because you were over qualified Vee and the manager was scared you will take over his/her job 🤣
    You are meant for much bigger things in life young lady 😇

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    1. It’s such a catch 22. People believe you’re unqualified for career work and overqualified for retail work, so you can’t seem to get a job anywhere. You know what I mean? I’m not out to take anyone’s job! I just want to work… and contribute.

      Thanks for the pep talk, though. I appreciate it. ❤

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      1. I know what you are going through my dear because I have gone through all this.
        It is already Monday here and there is a beautiful sun shining. New week has begun and it will bring you good tidings. From tomorrow your stars are going to change 😊🤗


    1. Try to not take it to heart. (I realize that sounds stupid given the post I just made) It appears the Wal-Mart hiring policy doesn’t have too much to it whatsoever…


      1. I would say you’re correct. I got a better job anyway, but some of the hiring around here is impossible to understand. I’m looking forward to hearing how your application goes.

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  3. I got turned down for a job in McDonald’s a few years ago, admittedly I cried.. Honestly think of it as a redirection as oppose to a rejection, life is telling you there is something else for you

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    1. I wish life would redirect me RIGHT NOW. You know what I mean? I haven’t applied for McDonalds, yet. That’s stupid though, getting turned down from McDonalds. I’m sorry! Not that I’m sure it’s a big deal to you now, but still. Job hunting is so stupid. I do appreciate your share, though.

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  4. You are none of those, don’t start asking those questions of yourself. Walmart is playing a crap shot style of hiring. Whoever answers the way the group like gets a thumbs up. On the next round of interviews, other people may have given you a heads up. Paying $15 an hour going into summer means thousands of people applying. I would look at getting an interview as a positive.


    1. Thank you for your vote of confidence. I completely agree with you, onto the next for me. I’m not going to dwell too long. It was just nice to rant about it, ya know? But thank you for your kind comment. It means a lot.

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  5. I’ve been rejected from even being interviewed for retail jobs because I’m over qualified and I guess they knew I was only looking for a temporary job. Never mind I had a whole year before my job started and in order to qualify for job seekers allowance I had to spend all day applying for jobs I knew I was never going to get. It’s disheartening when you are trying to be independent, to make progress and be a contributing member of society. I ended up up volunteering and using my savings. But I’m lucky that I could do that. I hope you find something. Things have a way or working out in unexpected ways most of the time.

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    1. That’s so ridiculous to hear. I’m sorry! I hear you though, I really do. I completely understand what you went through. Thank you for sharing, and for your vote of confidence. It means a lot, and I really hope that things start working out for me soon. In the mean time, it’s nice to hear the experiences of people like yourself. It gives me hope.


  6. All I can say is wow. I think it’s becoming harder and harder to land a job even as a cashier these days. I was a cashier at Walmart a couple years ago but it was in a tiny city and they needed people. I’ve been turned down for cashier in larger cities, so I really do think it’s a demographic thing. The bigger the city, the more competition there is.

    These days we pretty much need to be overqualified to even land a basic job. I was turned down 3 times for a MCDs job in the past. It’s hard not to take it personally, being rejected that is. Its more like just a poorly written chapter in your life when these roadblocks happen. A sign you’ll find something better down the road. Don’t give up!

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    1. It really is becoming harder and harder to work in retail. You work so hard to be so educated and trained and ready for work and it doesn’t seem to be worth all that much these days.

      Thanks for the sweet comment. I’m hoping this chapter is over real soon. I need to get onto something better.

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  7. I’ve noticed two things about my local Walmarts:

    (1) They hire people that they think will go along with whatever management wants them to do. When the employee goes just a little astray in any fashion, they will be shadowed by a manager until falling back into line. Perhaps you’re not conformist enough?

    (2) They’ve also been scaling down their cashiers as part of putting in self-scan machines.


    1. Maybe I’m not conformist enough. But, I think that if that’s the case, I’d rather be that way. haha!

      Those self-scan machines drive me crazy! They have to have three people working on those just to keep up because they’re always getting things wrong or having issues! It’s crazy. I hear you though. It makes a lot of sense.


  8. Wow. But hey, at least that’s some impressive bragging rights to be “rejected at Walmart”.
    Perhaps they thought you’re too good for them, as far as I know many companies like that will only hire polite, obeying simpletons, to not threaten the manager’s position.
    Good luck with next one!


  9. Hey V! Don’t let this get you down, it could well be a case of that they feel you are “over-qualified” for the job. A phrase that I hate because if you want someone to fill a job, why wouldn’t you give it to an exceptional candidate? Anyway, you will get the right thing at the right time. It’s a bit corny to believe in fate but I 100% do. Sending all the good positive stuff your way.


  10. Wow, your story is nuts! I’ve actually never applied to Wal-Mart, but if they are so quick to write people off then I am glad you can pursue something else. Hang in there friend!


  11. That’s just ridiculous. Don’t worry though – I used to own a shop, and got a very similar letter from a supermarket here, informing me that I’m not qualified to serve their customers at a bloody till! I actually burst out laughing. So don’t take it personally!


  12. Don’t feel bad about getting a job at Walmart. Because what I’ve noticed about the employees when I go into a Walmart is: 1) the door greeter is usually an old man who looks like he’s got one foot in the grave. 2) most of the associates look old enough to be my mother (I’m over 60) 3) they like hiring retirees because they don’t need insurance, and just want something to do and don’t care what they’re paid. 4) And if there is that token young person, (under 30) they have their BLS/AED certification and are in nursing school. Attention: Medical alert, cardiac code in aisle 4.

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  13. I know exactly how you feel about this experience. The same thing happened to me in my country we have a similar business called The Warehouse – like Walmart in every way and usually, they hire a lot of young people so I figured I was a shoo-in to get this job. I had work experience in a lot of other fields and qualifications that went beyond anything I’d need to work on a counter serving customers – or so I thought. I got declined, twice from two different positions there. To this day, I still regard it as one of my weirdest work experiences.


  14. I had this experience. After my divorce, I tried desperately to find work. In my field, not in my field, EVERYWHERE!!! I couldn’t get a job as a cashier at Walmart or a local drug store because I was both under and over qualified. I couldn’t get a job in my field because I’d been out of the field just long enough to not meet a few new qualifications… and there were younger people willing to do my job for less. My computer skills weren’t up to date for a secretarial job anymore. When I got exasperated, I had people telling me I wasn’t trying hard enough. The struggle in the job market is real these days. It took more than 2 months for my husband to get a job when he moved cross country with 33 years of experience in the hospitality industry. Keep plugging along, Vee. ♥


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