I didn’t get the job.

In response up to: Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow – I didn’t get the job.

I’m not really sure what to say on the matter. It’s obviously not the outcome that I wanted. It’s obviously not the outcome that I thought was going to happen. I got my hopes up for this. I really thought this was it, this was my opportunity for growth, for a my next career move, to work for an organization that didn’t break the law and ask me to cover it up. There were so many bonuses to working in this office and I’m kicking myself right now because I don’t get any of them.

I can’t even be mad. I’m not mad. It’s an incredible company and I know they’ve got to do what they feel is right for them. I just can’t help but feel as though they made the wrong choice. And, in their making the wrong choice, I’ve lost out.

It sucks. It really does.

All of my worst fears seem to be coming to fruition. I’m too qualified to work in retail, not qualified to work at these jobs that I’ve been working towards for a decade. Job hunting sucks. It really does. I’m squandering all of my talents and there’s nothing I can do about that.

I don’t know what to do with myself.

58 thoughts on “I didn’t get the job.

  1. I’m so sorry friend. It’s always a bummer when that happens, but I’m happy you’re taking the high road in this situation. You will find something perfect for you, and who knows? Maybe they won’t like the person they went with and will contact you soon? That’s actually happened to me before.

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    1. Thank you for the vote of confidence. I wish that situation would happen to me, I really do. It’s an incredible company that I would have loved to work for.

      That’s crazy that it’s happened to you! Usually you hear stories like that but you don’t ever see people behind it so you just think it’s something someone says and not actually true. Ya know?

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      1. No problem! You have a good head on your shoulders and you are putting your best foot forward. So few people do that these days it’s kind of horrifying.

        Yeah, it actually happened to me! I knew it was between me and one other girl and they hired her but were quickly disappointed so they called me and said, can you still start in two weeks? Heck yes I could!

        Crossing my fingers they’ll change their mind!


  2. The job hunting realy sucks…I am also on the same situation from past few months….but you will definately make it better, something great is waiting for you…and more power to you 🤗🤗

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  3. I’m sorry you didn’t get the job. I’ve been there quite a lot in the last few months. Did you ask for feedback on what they liked about you? What they didn’t like? Suggestions on improving future interviews? It never hurts to ask especially if what you get is constructive and honest.

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    1. They said they were faced with two equally qualified candidates and so they had to go with their gut. I really can’t fault them for that. They have to do what’s right for them. Ya know? It just sucks.

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  4. These things happen. It sucks, so bad. Right now you will feel like the world is against you – please believe me when I say; it’s not! In this moment it feels shitty, but this is another stepping stone on your way to bigger and better things. In 10 years time, this is the moment you look back on as the one that helped shape you. These are the times you build character. This one wasn’t meant to be, for whatever reason. Keep your shoulders back, head up. You’re going to find that perfect job!

    Stay strong. You can do this. You will do this!

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  5. Awww, sorry that happened. My DIL is going through job searches, 2 degrees and her last job was door to door selling solar panels. I hated it for her, these jobs are so beneath her education.
    On the bright side, I was passed up for a big promotion right when I started dating my H. It would have meant a move and a break up (or really just stop dating, it was at the very beginning). Worked out beautifully 🙂
    Can you get income for being a caregiver? I think here in the U.S. there’s some kind of exemption on taxes for full time caregivers.

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    1. PS – I don’t mean to make being bummed invalid either, I didn’t get picked for a job @ a Hollywood publisher & I was devastated.


      1. It didn’t come across as making being bummed invalid. Your message was actually very endearing and motivational. Thank you for your kind comments. Hoping things work out soon.

        I’m glad that things worked out for you and your Husband. I guess it goes to show – even though it seems shitty now, things will work out. ❤

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  6. So sorry to hear the news! Hope you are doing okay and don’t give up!

    I’m not sure if you are under qualified rather than it is just the society we are living in. Many students going through College and University to not find jobs in their field. A lot end up in fast food and retail waiting and hoping to get the job of their dreams or whatever. I work in retail and a young woman was working there…she literally just got a job in her field and what she went to University for, and is leaving this job in two weeks. So there’s hope! lol

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  7. Oh oh … so many of us were hoping to see : I Got it post …. but He knows what He is doing.
    In 1998 when I decided to quit the rat race I was called for an interview with a MNC for their Country Operation head for India. The opening came to me through a friend, who was a Head Hunter. The first Interview was in Mumbai and their operations head from Australia did that. After two weeks I was called to their HQ in New Delhi and the MD spent an hour with me. After another two weeks my friend called me up to tell me that I had got it and that the MD is coming over with the appointment letter to Mumbai. My friend was more excited as it meant big commission for him. But I didn’t get that letter. My friend later found out what had happened : The company had already done my reference checks. But on the way the MD decided to call up the President of one of my previous companies himself. Earlier it was done by HR. It seems he was told that Mr. Wahi is a great manager and a good person but he is rather soft. And this ‘rather soft’ Comment was bothering the MD and he went back without giving me the letter … If I had got that job I would have still remained a rat .. albeit a very big one … but God had better plans for me; which unfolded in the ensuing years.
    I know it is not easy Vee but we need to Accept today as it is and then take Responsibility (my Ability to Respond). You don’t know it but I know that you have great life ahead.
    Why don’t you look at doing something very different? Why focus only on standard run of the mill jobs?
    I also know it is so easy to advice but not so easy when we are going through tough times.
    Maybe your mother still needs you more …One day at a time. One step at a time.
    Hope and Wait. Nothing lasts … this too shall pass …
    Love and hugs 🤗

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    1. I happen to think being soft is a good thing. Having sentiment and kindness for the human race makes one a better employee. At least in my opinion. That being said, I am taking your story for what it is – things happen the way they’re supposed to. I believe you that something better will come along – I just wish it would come right now! lol

      This too shall pass, I hope.

      Thanks for always cheering me up with your notes. ❤

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    1. I’m okay, thank you. Just a little bit bummed. But I’ll get by. Thank you for your comment and your sentiments ❤ I appreciate your kindness.

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  8. I’ve been in the workplace for a long time now. First let me say Im sorry you didnt get the job, Ive been there. I would love to offer something sage that could carry you through the moment but I cant. Obviously its a personal moment for you, I have every confidence you will recover. Just be kind to yourself as you push through.


    1. For not having sage advice, you sound pretty wise and have sage thoughts. Thank you for reading and for reaching out. I hope I get through this stage of my life soon! Something better will come, right? Thank you!


  9. This just happened to me! Well, at least you knew that they went another direction. For me it was different, I was sure I had it. I went through all the steps and interviews, then in the end I never got a call or email saying I wasn’t going to get it. When I called them, they said they had already moved on to other candidates. Oh well, we have to keep trying! Hang in there : )


    1. I really hate it when companies do that. If you make it to the last round of interviews, it’s the very least they can do to contact you and tell you that you weren’t selected. That makes me ragey when I hear of companies doing that. I’m sorry!


  10. Keep searching, and remember that this is not your lost, if you think you’re qualified enough, then it is their lost. But there’s no such thing as lost, you can try to assess how good you’ve done and think of the reason why they didn’t hire you, maybe its experience over the other candidate or its just your values and the company’s values doesn’t align. Think of it positively rather than dwelling about how good the job and benefits are. Maybe, just maybe, they are the best, but I know that there’s still a company out there willing to hire you because your fit and welcome to their company. Keep seaeching 👊


  11. Hi V. I am so sorry but I know exactly how it feels. Been there done that. And I am planning to do it again as well. It sucks to work at a place where you feel you are doing injustice to your talent. And this realization becomes more and more magnified with every passing day. But then at the same time, you don’t know when will the next opportunity come. And so you keep carrying on in the wait of “the” opportunity that would presumably give you job satisfaction. And then on some days, in between, an (I know it’s weird) idea keeps coming to your mind… “I can’t continue like this in a company that has no conception of human rights, just because I don’t have another one to bank on. I can’t let myself squander my best just for money/salary”…

    I don’t know if my thought are making any sense to you but I too am at the verge of taking a decision so I’m a little worked up myself..kindly bear with me..😞😑

    My best wishes to you 💕


    1. Your thoughts are making total sense and really resonating with me tonight. Thank you for taking the time to read and taking the time to reach out. It means a lot.

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  12. I’m too young to have a job, so I can’t relate. But I can imagine what you must be going through, I hope this event is followed by something truly amazing, that will make you feel it was worth the wait. Much wishes. And good luck,

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      1. Hope today holds some good news and good feeling for you. Had an emotionally exhausting day today. Staying positive though 😊❤️


  13. It feels terrible and the worst is the fact that it’s no one’s fault but hang in there! The desperation that is building up will soon become your strength for the job that you will get SOON!


  14. I’m so sorry your going through this. I’m job hunting as well and it does suck. One thing I’ve learned is that every job I don’t get is usually for the best it just doesn’t seem that way at first. Rejection is hard to deal with. It really messes with our minds. Don’t doubt yourself or your abilities. Everything begins and ends with the mind. “A joyful heart is good medicine, But a crushed spirit saps one’s strength.” (Proverbs 17:22)

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  15. You’re so close at landing your perfect job. The fact that you got in the final 2 means you’re close! So very close just hold out a little bit longer and you’ll see. Might sound cliche but it’s always darkest before the dawn. Your job is coming!


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