The truth about life is…

It’s not always easy. And, it’s not always fun. That’s just the way that it works. Some days you can feel as though you’re walking on sunshine, like fairies help get you dressed each morning and life couldn’t possibly get any better. Other days, it’s all you can do to get yourself out of bed.

While I do acknowledge that not everyone experiences the extremes to each end of the spectrum as I do, everyone has good days and bad. That’s a genuine fact of life. No one is on top forever. And, what I’ve been trying to tell myself a lot this week, no one stays down forever. This too shall pass. Bad days never last. Yatta, yatta…

All you can do is enjoy the sunny days and weather the storms as they come. Because the storms will always come.

9 thoughts on “The truth about life is…

  1. “Just be happy.”
    I’m not sure how many times I’ve heard that phrase in response to telling someone Im having a low period or life sucks. And, yeah, I get that it’s easy for some. But there are times, it seems, the storm clouds are there just for you.
    I weather them. I know they’ll be back, but I’ve found that utilizing these states helps me. Emotion fuels the creative process. And in the end, knowing I’ve made something beautiful, even if it’s a bit dark, makes me feel a little bit better.
    Keep up the good work. You’ll get there.

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    1. You’re absolutely right. In every sense. Honestly, I wish I could have you with me when I tried to explain it to people. I feel like you’d do a lot better than I.


      1. Just as we can only observe as well as our senses allow us, we can only express ourselves as well as we understand ourselves. It takes time to notice the details and enjoy or, at the very least, appreciate every sensation and situation. I’m no better than you, I just have a different form of expression. Though, I hope by recognizing you have that feeling, you’ll strive to express yourself the best that you can and, possibly, learn a little more about yourself along the way.


  2. So very true, but there is one solution, don’t expect to much from life because it’s not going to happen. Sail through the middle and don’t look for highs and lows. Now I find my good times are less, but also my bad times. This way it seems fairly good all the time.


    1. You’re right. And if you don’t expect much and you get a lot then you get to pleasantly surprised. And if you don’t expect much and get nothing, you don’t have to be disappointed.


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