A letter to a broken soul.

Dear Self,

You need not listen to the mustn’ts, you need not listen to the don’ts. You need not listen to the shouldn’ts, the impossibles the won’ts. You need not listen to the never haves or the stay-aways or can’ts. Don’t listen to the he, she or they said, not even if it in chants. Listen here carefully, yes listen here to me, anything can happen self, anything can be.

It’s okay to feel down sometimes, it’s okay to feel blue. Just remember when that happens those who stick to you like glue. Take your sadness, sorrow and frustrations and turn them upside down. Because nothing lasts forever, self, not even that sad frown.

Don’t forget to chase your dreams, self, I know it’s easy to neglect. Don’t you dare put your dreams on the backburner if they’re not accomplished yet. Dreams are so very important to who you are and why, so make your dreams a priority, self, I want to see you fly.

Put you above all else, and don’t second guess that thought. You’re important too, self, believing that, you ought. Prioritizing you is not selfish or self-centered. Prioritizing you is integral to happiness in this life you’ve entered.

Go after what you want, self, you deserve the world and more. Don’t ever doubt your abilities, your skills, knowledge or roar. Your voice is loud and mighty, self, no matter way they say. The things that you speak matter, self, so speak your truth today.

Be honest with yourself, self, and please don’t ever stop. Keep on going through the bullshit and give this life your best shot. Please be kind to strangers, and loved ones along the way, we’re all fighting battles and we all need some more kindness in our day. And as with all things please remember, this too shall pass much like a new year follows each December.

Thankfully, 2019 won’t last forever. So weather this storm with pride, self, and show the world why you’re better. Better than the judgments, better than the opinions, better than the stigma and the stupid minions. They don’t matter at all, what’s important here is you, so love yourself for who you are and I promise you’ll get through.

Love yourself,


40 thoughts on “A letter to a broken soul.

  1. A brilliant message and something we all need to hear from time to time. Hope it helps you find the strength you need. Remember you’ve came this far already and that’s an achievement in itself. Much love as always.


      1. That means a lot to hear that, especially today. It’s been a bit of a hard self-worth 24 hours. Not feeling much value in myself. Thanks for brightening my day up and helping me as a result ❤️


      1. I know you are doing your best. Last few posts have been more positive 😊🤗
        The thing Vee is nothing lasts .. not only 2019 … nothing whatsoever… that is why the question… Why Why 😇


      1. Of course I don’t mind. It’s really cathartic – whether you write it online or you write it in a journal, just get those thoughts out!


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