Excerpts from a book I’ll never write.

I have a profound appreciation for people who are able to make me see a different perspective, understand different opinions and view life in a different light.

A way with words, that’s my weakness. Also, the key to my heart. Someone who can string some seemingly senseless words together in a manner which causes me to tear down all the walls I’ve spent so long building, that’s magic.

10 thoughts on “Excerpts from a book I’ll never write.

  1. I know how you feel, I’ve written a number of stories and poems that I never ever let anyone read and ultimately end up deleting. It’s the fear of people disliking them that drives me to not share them. I suppose then it’s hypocritical of me to tell you to write it but maybe even you could write it and not share it? Do whatever works for you, my friend. I would love to see your work though as I love the way you write.

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    1. You’re way too nice to me. Seriously, I don’t understand how I lucked out to get so much kindness from you, but it brightens my spirits whenever I see a note from you. Thank You ❤

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      1. You’re a good soul and your feelings resonate with me. I love that we have bonded through our words and thoughts. Always here for you. ❤️

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  2. Heres a valuable lesson I learned from a writing mentor: Give yourself permission to write shit.
    All first drafts are shit. All of them. The work of good art starts on the second draft. And here is the rub, you need courage to allow objective people to tell you where the shit is, because we writers are so caught up in it we lack objectivity. As you grow as a writer, your shit detector will grow with you, and your skin will get thicker without losing suppleness. So go for it! Write some total shit! Its the raw material of beautiful art.

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