On body positivity.

I want to talk about a sticky subject for a moment, so I’ll try to keep it brief.

Body positivity is about respect. It’s not about what you believe is attractive or what you view as healthy. Body positivity is about respecting that beneath that outer layer we all show to the world, we’re all human. There are no exceptions.

Body positivity is about the belief that all bodies are a work of art. Why? Because our bodies protect us, help us and are the reason we’re all able to get around and do ANYTHING at all. Whether you’re skinny or not, tall or short, have knobby knees or dangly arms (or no arms), scars are scrapes, or any of the mecca of things that pepole can be/are insecure about, body positivity is a respect for yourself and for all humans.

It has NOTHING to do with what you view as attractive.

Body positivity is integral to happiness, both your own and others. Respecting yourself for you who are will help you to love yourself for exactly who you are. And let me tell you, you are fucking amazing. See it, believe it and know it. And pass that respect on to other’s as well. Because as much as we like to tell ourselves the opinions of other’s don’t matter, they do. So let them know they’re fucking amazing. Because body positivity can make a world of difference to one’s self-esteem.

24 thoughts on “On body positivity.

  1. Really interesting points & really positive messages.

    One thing I’ve noticed is that people are often too quick to say ‘you need to be ‘fixed” regarding insecurities, whether it be aspects of your appearance, personality or social skills issues, saying ‘you need to be fixed implying that message)’ isn’t always helpful. It just tends to make people feel worse. Telling people they need to be ‘fixed’ type narrative makes people feel ‘I need to do x, y, z to stop being so inferior vs. I’m great as I am but doing x, y, z will only make things better and maximize what I have. Which mentality makes you want to improve yourself, the former or the latter?

    If anything, being self-accepting is the very thing that gives you that desire to be the best you can. When I last got into doing calisthenics (being skinny is my little insecurity) it wasn’t because of listening to some cretin saying ‘you need to go to the gym’, ‘you need to be fixed’ (& getting on their high horse), it was changing how I saw being skinny.

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    1. You’re absolutely right, being self accepting is what gives you the desires to be the very best that you can. When you feel good about yourself, you want to treat yourself the best you can.

      Thank you for reading, and for sharing your thoughts. I appreciate your perspective.


  2. Oh yes my dear. New words – Body Positive. You are an amazing young lady Vee. Love and hugs.
    And I sincerely hope you make to India/Goa soon.


  3. Such a great topic to talk about! Something that everyone needs to hear. For the longest time I believed that body positivity was needing to think that you or someone else is good to look at. I used to look in the mirror and try to find things I like about myself and then would do the same towards other people. I would eventually start noticing beautiful things about other people and started comparing myself to them. It’s not about looking for beauty, it’s about accepting what you have, understanding you can’t change it and loving yourself anyways. Changing my mindset and accepting what I am has helped me to stop comparing myself to people and just start understanding that everyone’s born differently..

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    1. Absolutely. You’re absolutely, positively correct. When you’re appreciative of who you are, it allows you to feel more free with yourself and love yourself more.

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  4. Thank you for writing this! I absolutely loved it. For the longest time I have been confused about what it truly means because it has been defined in many ways but none that really fit me and finally I’ve found it. Body positivity is not about what we perceive as attractive, it’s about respect!

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  5. “Respecting yourself for you who are will help you to love yourself for exactly who you are. And let me tell you, you are fucking amazing. See it, believe it and know it.”

    Thank you for putting this out there. I really needed to hear it today!

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  6. I love this!! I think one of the roots of fatphobia really comes down to – “We don’t think fat people are attractive/would want to be with them romantically” so then the people who believe that see fat people like myself as not worthy, disgusting, and unhealthy all because of an assumption they’ve made just by looking at my size. I think you’ve made an amazing point. It’s not body positivity if it’s only applicable to people you find attractive. Great post!


    1. Honestly, you’ve pretty much nailed it. Body positivity is applicable to everyone and if it’s only applicable to those someone sees as attractive, they’re not practicing body positivity, they’re just acknowleding who they think is attractive.

      Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with acknowledging who you think is attractive. But, if someone is going to discount the worth of someone because they don’t find them attractive, their outlook is very skewed and they need some adjusting. Whether someone is size 00 and told they’re too skinny or size 16 and told they’re too big, I think people need to acknowledge their personal preferences are a completely separate subject from body positivity.

      Sorry for rambling!

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  7. Absolutely loving it! It’s so important that people will understand that! We are just human and we have to love the body we’re in! And it’s no one’s business if I’m size 20 or 6 because after all, it shouldn’t be something that defines us!


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