Should I be impulsive or should I be responsible?

Do I get on a plane, or do I stay home and not spend money when I don’t have a ton of it to go around? Do I accept the money from someone for the plane ticket, if I know I can’t pay it back, even though I know they’d never ask for me to pay it back? Do I follow my heart, or listen to my head?

I have a hard time accepting money, or anything, from people. I always have. Regardless of the person, regardless of the value of what they’re trying to give. It’s something I struggle with, greatly. There are people in my life that I know are genuine when they want to give me things, yet I refuse to allow them. I just feel as though if the no gifts rule has to apply to one, that rule has to apply to all. As much as I try to make exceptions and try to accept the love and generosity someone is trying to give me, old habits are hard to change.

It seems like such a simple answer. ‘Girl, go… get on a plane… do what makes you happiest, chase what you love most. Life is short. Helping someone through cancer treatments teaches you that like a slap to the face on a cold winter’s day.’ That’s my inner-voice speaking. But, if there’s one thing life has taught me this year, life doesn’t get to be so simple. I’ve been feeling the need to be cautious with my decisions lately. I want to set myself up for the future. I want a future, a good future, an important future. I’m capable of so much and truthfully, part of me worries I am one bad decision away from ruining that potential.

The Psychiatrist that I’ve been seeing says that I’m a chronic over-thinker with compulsive tendencies. Translation: I spend a long time thinking about things and then just do it anyway. While I won’t deny, that has allowed me some pretty incredible experiences in life, I don’t want to feel as though I’m sponging off those that I love for the rest of my life.

Okay, so, in all likelihood, I’m going to continue thinking about this all night long. There’s a very real possibility that I resort to online shopping in hopes to distract myself. Does anyone else put things in your online shopping cart for ten different websites at once and never actually buy anything? Or, is that just me? That’s likely just me.

My fitbit is beeping at me to go to bed. Really quick though, before I peel off my socks and curly up in bed, I’ve got something totally unrelated to this to say. I’ve been really disappointed with the news coming to light of all (in the past few weeks) of the trash Canada has shipped overseas under the misquoted manifest of ‘recyclables’. While we’re one of the most developed nations on earth, we’re only actually recycling as little as 9% of materials that are able to be recycled. And if it’s happening here, it’s happening in more than just Canada. We need to be better. As a human race, we need to be better. We need to make the effort. The very state of our planet depends on it. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

Sweet dreams, beautiful world.

37 thoughts on “Should I be impulsive or should I be responsible?

  1. Sweet dreams to you dear Vee.
    I am sure when you get up in the morning you would have got the answer. You have touched so many subjects in this short and sweet post. Let me share my thoughts on a few :
    I am a very giving person and always had tough time receiving. But then I learned Giving and Receiving are two sides of the same coin. Give with Grace and Receive with Gratitude.

    One can be Impulsively Responsible 😇

    Canada is one of the better managed developed countries in the world and if they have this kind of stats : God save us.

    Shall be looking forward to see which flight you choose 🤗🤗


    1. Give with grace and receive with gratitude, I like that. I like that a lot. I think I’m going to remember that one. Thank you for more insightful thoughts to make me ponder life. I’m so appreciative for what you bring to my blog and my life.

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      1. Am so glad Vee that you liked the thought and it is my pleasure to connect with you. Nothing will make me happier than see you living the life of your dreams 🤗


  2. You might be able to think better after a good night’s sleep. 😴 My advise would be to follow your intuition. Money does seem to make the world go round’, and without it, we might find ourselves in places we find less than ideal. Try to see the good things in these situations too. 😓

    I’m all for recycling and have embraced the second-hand culture where I donate my things or sell them. Lately I’ve been using Kijiji to make a little extra cash. In the last two weeks I’ve made over $500 selling on Kijiji for items that were taking up space in my closet. I feel better knowing that these things went to homes where they’ll be used rather than trashed. “Use things, not people. Because the opposite is never true.” – the minimalists

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    1. Is it hard selling on Kijiji? I’m always worried about running into someone creepy. Do you invite people to your house to pick things up or do you meet them somewhere?

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      1. Sometimes I invite them over but usually I meet them in public places like malls, parking lots etc. I almost always bring someone with me when I sell my stuff. Better safe than sorry 🙂

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      2. To answer your first question: take good pictures with good lighting. Cannot stress that enough. I’ve sold things like adult coloring books, baby toys, gel pens, blenders, and electronics. Electronics seem to sell the best.

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      3. Hnmmmmm. I’ve got some things I’ve been thinking about getting rid of. Maybe I’ll look into Kijiji. I was just going to take them to Salvation Army, but really, if I sold them that’d be better for me. Thanks for the idea!

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      4. I don’t know anyone who would turn down hard cash 😂 I have donated a few laundry baskets of stuff, but then got to the sentimental stuff/sunken-cost items that I have a harder time parting with. For these things, I use kijiji. It gives me peace of mind knowing that these items are going to better homes.


  3. I am an overthinker so but my psychiatrist told me something and it has really helped me in making decisions or just accepting things/gifts from other people. Sometimes you have to just take things at face value. Refrain from thinking and just accept the help/gift/money. Then follow through with your decision. Try not to feel guilty about what you’ve decided to do. I try to keep this in mind every day and it’s helped me. Hope it helps you too! 😊

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    1. Thank you for your wise words ❤ I'm trying to not feeling guilty about it. Old habits die hard. I am taking your words to heart, though. I'm appreciative of them. I know what I want to do, that's for sure.


  4. I am always torn between packing a bag and flying across the world or staying and working in my job, going to the gym etc… So far being responsible has always won the mental battle, but who knows… maybe one day. I find that planning little trips throughout the year really helps. Doesn’t have to be anything big, even an overnight stay somewhere in the country.

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    1. I love planning little trips as well. Maybe one day I’ll pack up everything and just leave for a trip around the world. I’m not sure how I’d support myself financially, but I’m sure I’d figure it out eventually… or at least land somewhere warm… am I right? haha

      I hope one day you get your chance to get on that plane ❤

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  5. Speaking from experience: making the safe, cautious, “wise” decisions can land you in a life you hate just as easily as any so-called impulsive decision.

    Is the gift freely offered without expectation of reciprocation/payback? Is what you’ll spend the money on ethical? Do you know it will hurt anyone? Don’t let ‘worst case scenario’ brain ruin your present with hypothetical futures.

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    1. You’re absolutely right, worst case scenario brain of mine does not deserve to win. Thank you for your wise words and for really making me think about things. ❤ You're a wise soul.

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  6. I have been working as a finance professional for almost 30 years. I can give you all sorts of data on budgets, spending, how to save yadda yadda but you can get that anywhere. What I can give you that most fiance professionals wont which is a heads up on the most valuable commodity in the world. It’s time.

    Rich, poor, male, female doesnt matter You lose time every day and time has an end date which is different for everyone. When it comes to money, the question I ask people who ask me financial advice is “how can you purchase more time”. Basically if you are spending your time doing something you love you are wealthy, creating opportunities to exchange “money” for time to do more of what you love can make you the richest person in the world IMHO.

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    1. You seem like a pretty wise soul and this is some pretty profound advice. I can’t say that any of my financial advisors have ever given me this kind of advice. Thank you, for your honesty, for your words and for your perspective on life. I’m so thankful for reading this.


  7. Definitely not just you! Sometimes online shopping helps me to calm down and think about the issue at hand, and as long as I don’t actually buy anything I think it’s a pretty fun habit! Good luck deciding!

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    1. In the epic battle of heart versus head, you say heart, eh? Interesting. How do I stop my head from telling me “No! No! No!”


  8. I’m more likely to give than take, but I’m learning to take from others as I’m willing to give. It is really about sharing and accepting, not taking and giving

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    1. Sharing and accepting is definitely nicer sounding then giving and taking. I just don’t like the concept of taking. Perhaps I can look at it more as accepting and maybe that’ll help it be easier for me. Thank you ❤


  9. You said you overthink it then go ahead and do it. I’m half the opposite. I overthink things then never do them if it is something fun! The overthinking causes anguish and worry, leading to physical symptoms.

    That being said, I too have learned life is not set in stone, I could say I’ve lived a life of worry and nothing bad has happened, but I didn’t. Because worrying all the time is not “living” life.

    My advice, if you’re going to overthink it, make those thoughts of the last great adventure you had that turned out great. Overthinking should be reserved for memories, so you have to go make some to be able to keep overthinking!


  10. I’d get on that plane! You’re focusing on money. But really your Health is your Wealth! Some people can’t travel because they are not in good health. If you have a call to travel and you are not happy where you are go for it! When you follow your bliss life happens. 🙂 Who said we have to stay in one place? We don’t. Weigh up the pros and cons then do what excites you. Even people that get married, buy houses, get a job for life can lose it in a heartbeat. There is no such thing as stability. Life is in constant flux. So try and enjoy it by filling it with the things you like. That’s just me. But I like a good adventure! 🙂


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