The importance of ‘YOLO’

As much as it annoys me when I hear people saying ‘YOLO’ for stupid shit, there’s also a tiny little voice in the back of my brain saying ‘they’re right, so listen to them’.

You only get a limited number of days, a limited amount of time. Don’t waste those days and that time on people who aren’t worthy of being in your orbit and jobs that aren’t challenging you, or making you happy, or fulfilling your life.

I had a really good conversation with my sister-in-law last night. It was one of those conversations that went well into the wee-hours of the morning where it seems as though everything under the sun gets discussed, so to speak. It was really nice. I don’t have a lot of people like that in my life who I can just talk to. Anyways, the point of this tidbit is that we got to talking about happiness.

What makes you happy? What doesn’t? What do you do because you have to and what do you do because you want to? And if there are things in your life that you’re doing that are making you miserable but you don’t have to be doing them, why are you?

My sister-in-law has a younger sister who got married at 20. Not only did she marry at an age which we consider to be young, but she married a man 28 years older than her. He was the first man she’d ever been with and she’d dated him since she was 17. (Yeah was and still is pretty gross. It’s a whole big family-drama story for another time) Now, having been married five years, she’s 25 years old wants kids and is with a man who’s ready to retire and live out his days lawn-bowling and spending winters in Arizona. She’s miserable. And she’s too damn afraid to leave him that my sister-in-law doubts it’ll ever happen.

She’s miserable. She’s 25 and she’s too afraid to do anything to escape the misery.

The thing is, she’s 25. She’s got soooooooo much life left to live. I wish I could knock some sense into her that she’s capable of leaving him and more than strong enough to do so. Why? Because YOLO.

Life is far too short to live it being miserable. I say that in funny situations and I say that in serious situations. Being 25 and married to a man who’s 53 who you don’t want to be with anymore, that doesn’t have to be your forever.

She owes it to herself to be happy.

You owe it to yourself to be happy.

I’m sure that we all have things in our lives that we can’t escape. That’s life. But honestly, when you can cut the ties with what’s weighing you down, do it. Whether it’s a 53 year old man you’ve grown to hate, a stupid job that’s making you miserable, friends that tear you down, or whatever it is that is weighing you down, you are strong enough to move past it.

You owe it to yourself to be happy.

You only live once. It’s far too short to waste your days with someone or something that doesn’t make you happy.

For what it’s worth, it’s never too late or too early to start over. Begin again, chase the life that will make you happy/happier/happiest. Eat that piece of cake, take that trip, buy that ________(insert expensive object here), be the most fulfilled version of yourself that you can.

At the end of the day, the best thing that you can give to your future self is the memories of a happy life, and the knowledge that you lived it to the fullest.


16 thoughts on “The importance of ‘YOLO’

  1. YOLO. I came to hate that term after awhile, but the sentiment behind it is very real. Why are so many people sleepwalking-wide awake through life unhappy? We legit get one shot. I’m determined to make this ish count for something. 👊🏽💯

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  2. I used to hate that term, until I realized how true it was. As much as I despise people saying it to do dangerous and stupid things, they are right. I wish I could step it up and leave certain parts of my life that are holding me back. And as much as I want to live by the term, I think it is harder than people make it out to be. However, I can add to my life and try to make it better even if I cannot leave those “negatives”.

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    1. Sadly, you’re all to right in the fact that you can’t get rid of all of the negatives. Also, I really love the last sentence you wrote about adding to life if you cannot leave those negatives behind. That’s a really good perspective.

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  3. Yeah that’s so difficult for her indeed. She sacred that she can’t be happy again like she was before. Well, if we would think upfront before we making a decisions it would safe a lots of energy. I would understand that if she would be around 40 and sacred to leave because after that age no many women can be happy, but at 25…. there is enormously exciting life ahead. She definitely should leave. 🌈🌈🌈

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    1. Right? I’m so with you. Her whole family is so with you. I think part of it for her is fear and part of it is pride. I don’t think she wants to admit to her family just the extent of how dang miserable she is. It’s a real bummer.

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  4. I had to google to learn what is Yolo 😂
    So sad to know about your sister in law’s sister. It pains me to see people suffering because I clearly see the meaninglessness of that clearly. But they look at lives with their own consciousness. We can be there for them but we can’t live their lives.
    For me Happiness is the basis of an abundant life and it was simply a decision for me – decades back. My happiness is my business and I refuse to give the key of my happiness in anyone else’s hand.
    You stay happy my friend and pray for that lost girl.
    Most of us live as if we will never die and most of us die as if we never lived 😌
    Live in the NOW.

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    1. Now is all that we get. You’re so right. Here’s so chasing happiness and loving the life we lead. ❤

      I'm really glad that you now know what Yolo is. Next time I'll teach you what FOMO is.

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      1. Thank you Vee for being such a good teacher 😊🤗
        Looking forward to the next lesson 😊
        Stop chasing happiness. Live it… after all YOLO 😂


  5. I have no regrets owning a Kitchen Aid mixer and a Vitamix because #YOLO. Rather than having to replace a cheap-ass blender every 6 months, I rather have a Vitamix that gets the job done like a champ. I’m frugal AF but at the same time, I like my smoothies to taste like Booster Juice (or insert whatever expensive smoothie here that you can make yourself at home using cheap fruit that is not only easier on your wallet but also on your waistline).

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    1. Oh my god, I love me some smoothies. I’ve been talking about getting a Vitamix for like 2 years. I had a ninja and it was really, really good though so I just told myself I’d use my ninja until it wore out. It’s all about investing in yourself when it’s right. I totally am with you on this.


  6. This post almost made me cry because I’m torn between leaving my fiancé or not. We have a five month old baby, so it’s so very hard to bring myself to tear myself away from my potential family together 😭

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    1. My dear, I am so sorry to hear this. I can’t imagine the pain you’re struggling with right now. Whatever you do, whether you stay and work it out or leave, just know that you have the strength to survive and make it through ❤ You know what's right for you and for your baby. I'm wishing you love and support and hoping you have a loving family support system to help you get through this <3<3

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  7. Absolutely needed to read this today. Just when I was dwelling on lows, you reminded me to celebrate the highs and find the things that give meaning, fun, happiness and positivity. I love you, my friend.


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