June 15 in Canada – $1 Flip Flops at Old Navy

One day per year Old Navy puts their Flip Flops on sale for $1 per pair. (Men, women and children’s)

If you’re a fan of Flip Flops in summer, much like I am, June 15th is the day to buy them. Regularly between $6-8 a pair, $1 is an epic deal for flip flops that will literally work for anything! Keep in mind that you’re required to pay GST and any applicable PST on these.

Old Navy Flip Flops are a staple in my shoe collection. Once a year, my mom and I go to Old Navy and each purchase 10 pair. (There is a limit of ten pair per customer) Then, we keep a couple pair for ourselves, and spend the rest of the year adding them into gift boxes or giving them out to our friends or family or anyone who might need some flip flops in a pinch.

If you need Flip Flops – head to Old Navy on Saturday!

6 thoughts on “June 15 in Canada – $1 Flip Flops at Old Navy

    1. There Flip Flops are amazing! I hope they have the sale for you in the States as well! It’s such a wicked sale. If they do, I highly recommend going in the morning. Going later in the day a lot of th ‘regular’ sizes sell out and it’s left with like size four or size eleven. haha!

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