My goal for this week.

It’s Monday and I’m setting an intention for the seven days ahead of me. My goal for this week is to be more positive.

I’ve been realizing lately that I use this blog as a means to vent. Which, I’m totally okay with. I’m a firm believer that life is messy and that sharing the negative pieces are just as important as sharing the positive. I’ve come to the realization though, that I need to share more of the positive. So, that’s my goal for this week.

I’m going to do everything that I can to be more positive. I want to think more positively and I want to look at the world in a better light.

Venting is healthy. It absolutely is. I vent a lot and I welcome other’s who vent as well, because I believe in being real. But in being real, I need to look at the world in a more positive light. It’s something I definitely struggle with, and since the good is out there, I need to make more of an effort to acknowledge it and appreciate it.

17 thoughts on “My goal for this week.

  1. Sounds like a good balance. Light and shade are a big part of art/life and you display this awareness. All the best for a wonderful week.

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    1. I made a post about another job scam that I ran into. But then I decided my goal, starting today (Monday) was going to be positivity, so I decided to move it to drafts because I swore a little too much in it and felt like I was whining. And I want to make a serious effort to see the good in this week, so I am not letting that scam take over my brain!

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      1. Sounds good Vee, but how did it land in my inbox ? No worries though 😊
        I agree light and dark are both there in creation. And I agree we are all different shades of grey. Having said that I think that the more we let the darkness die more light there will be in our lives. We give energy to negativity by dwelling on it. Whenever you catch yourself with a negative thought, drop it immediately and go to a positive one!! Slowly you will have nothing but light and love in your life ❤️🤗
        I hope you are seriously considering going on your own 😊


  2. Totally agree with you in that venting is healthy. It’s best not to let those emotions build within you with releasing some of them. That kind of stress can easily make someone an angry person. I’ve been there before.

    I totally support your positivity. I believe in you friend!

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  3. I enjoyed this, very relatable because I too need to be more positive. It’s hard at times but I tru to find at least one positive in everyday.


  4. It’s perfectly normal to vent. If you ignore these feelings, it could escalate into something bigger down the road… that’s why I encourage you to vent. It’s healthy! 😀

    At the same time, it’s good to include positivity into your life. I’m happy that you’re thinking in a more positive way these days. I’m curious to know how this week goes for you 😀


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