Care to introduce yourselves?

Hi Hi Hi!

I’ll be honest, I’ve made a terrible time of actually getting to know people who come to my blog and read my blog and I want to change that. I want to be better! I was wondering, if you’re a reader of my blog, if you’d be willing to introduce yourself?

If you’re up for it, can you please tell me:

  1. Your name
  2. The country in which you live
  3. What you like to blog about?

I would love to start a thread of this, to have a place on my blog to share who people are and what they blog about… a place people can come to find new blogs… so to speak. I selfishly would love to read all of your responses to see the diversity among all of the bloggers who respond.

I also think that, if enough people responded, perhaps I could stick a link to the top of my page so that people could use it as a means to find new blogs they’re interested in following when they’re looking.

And me, I’m always interested in finding new blogs to follow.

So please, if you’re willing, say hello! Share your name, the country you live in and what you like to blog about most.

Thank you for reading (and for any response you decide to provide)!

*Update: If your blog is set to private please remember that people won’t be able to see it, and I won’t be able to follow it.

xox, Vee

566 thoughts on “Care to introduce yourselves?

      1. Hey V,
        Sorry, sometimes I assume the world is as interested in personality types as I am. An INFJ is the rarest personality (aren’t I special? lol) some people call INFJ’s “empaths”. It means that I’m Intuitive and Introverted. Here’s how the website describes INFJs (aka the Advocate):
        “The Advocate personality type is very rare, making up less than one percent of the population, but they nonetheless leave their mark on the world. Advocates have an inborn sense of idealism and morality, but what sets them apart is that they are not idle dreamers. These individuals are capable of taking concrete steps to realize their goals and make a lasting positive impact.”
        I took a test on you should try it out. The test is called “the Myers-Briggs”. It shows you a lot about who you are as a person and how you relate to the world. It’s really interesting.

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    1. I love reading when other bloggers are finding each other in this section! Hi Jae! Welcome to the blog, thank you for stopping by!! I’m trying to think of what I know Nebraska from. Isn’t that where Penny is from on the Big Bang Theory?

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      1. yes me too! And you nailed it – Penny is from Nebraska! She is from the western portion which is all small towns and mostly farms. I live in the far eastern corner of Nebraska where there is two biggish cities, I’m in the biggest one: Omaha!


  1. Hello V. I’m Steve and I’m near Raleigh, NC. I’ve had my art blog for almost 10 years [cicadacreative]. I happened upon your blog today and I must say that you write very well and your ideas are well-articulated. I especially relate to your recent post about the near complete absence of professionalism and respect in the wake of job interviews! I had nearly the identical situation this past summer [following a Skype interview—scheduled in a different time zone, since I happened to be on a bike trek across the state— I thought everything went extremely well; the search committee chairperson informed me that I would know something within a week; that day came and, of course, no message at all.] Yada yada…..then — almost 3 full weeks after the interview — I received this email: “We are currently finishing up our second round of interviews that needed to be rescheduled. At this time, you were not selected as a finalist. The position is still open until filled. We will notify you once the position is filled or if we need more information from you and your application.”Did that last promise happen? HELL no!

    Anyway, I can empathize with your dilemma. I wish for you great success in your continued job pursuits. If you’re willing to consider employment in the states, I could certainly share some opportunities that may be of interest. Just let me know.

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    1. Oh man, they sound like real assholes. It sucks that shit like this goes on all over the place. Companies shouldn’t be able to get away with behaviour like that. I am sorry you have to deal with it too.

      I’m not sure that I would qualify for work in the States. Just because of how difficult it is to get a visa and how Employers have to sponsor you, stating that no one in the States could do what I could do, I really don’t think that’s the case. Perhaps I’m doubting myself, but I think PR/Marketing Specialists in the states could probably beat me out.

      Thank you for the offer though, that is very kind of you to say.

      After ten years of blogging, what is your biggest lesson learned?


  2. Hi Vee!
    I’ve already commented so much on your lovely painful posts I feel like we already know each other but a proper introduction is never a bad thing.

    I really DO think that somehow we are identical twins born 20 years apart then separated. I’m a solid GenXer but other than that, as I read your intro, I was saying yep to just about everything you wrote!

    I am a recovering Strategic Communications Program Manager out of the tech sector, which is ironic because I can’t set up my tv/blu-ray/Roku system. So my tv has just sat there unplugged for the last year. How I ended up translating engineering into marketing and back again, running the organizational intranet, creating presentations for VPs/SVPs/CEO meetings with Wall St analysts, customers, partners and each other remains a mystery.

    But to your point, I know I have done my job well when my execs sound understandable and stop saying things like “optimizing the innovative ecosystem from the 40,000 foot level to produce game-changing technology that will provide wrap-around services to all sectors at a cost point that minimizes customer fatigue.” 😳 You know exactly what I mean. I bet you can also write pages of that nonsense. Everyone agrees it’s great but secretly no one has a clue what it means. Because it the tech version of a Trump word salad. But with words with more syllables. When I can get them to just say “customers will have their own account manager” or “we are no longer funding the project because it doesn’t work,” it’s a banner day. My spelling and grammar are only marginally better than my punctuation. I never did learn the difference between a dash and a hyphen. Other than one is longer than the other.

    Books! I love books. I adore books. I collect books. I have a rare book collection that’s valued at close to $6000 or $0.00 because I will never sell them. I get such joy just looking at them in their bookcase. Little tinglies of happiness run all over my body when I open it up and just carefully look through this one or that one. My overall collection contains roughly 600 volumes although that’s really my best guess. I haven’t ever counted.

    Austin is home to the annual Texas Book Festival (was last weekend.) Two days of author panel discussions, book sales and signings – it was heaven! The bookseller is BookPeople, the largest independent bookstore in Texas and combined with nationally renowned food trailers, it helps local businesses too. Fundraisers help local literacy campaigns focused on everything from promoting girls in STEM to supporting young writers and bringing nationally influential writers to speak at various sessions. I’ll be posting my audio recording of Malcolm Gladwell’s discussion of his new book “Talking to Strangers.”

    My book collection is bordering on hoarding so I am cycling out old, not-so-great writing with higher quality, signed volumes.

    Yes, I live in Austin, TX. Please come visit but then go home. No more moving to Austin. We’re full. In fact, I am going to propose we evict the last 50,000 people who moved here because we are now over-crowded. New prospective residents apply to move and will be allowed in after 2x their input has outputted.

    What do I want to blog about? I’ve gotten off to a rather manic, ADHD-ridden start but what I *really* want to blog about is…books. Mostly breakout nonfiction, books that challenge the status quo and traditional ways of thinking. Like Malcolm Gladwell’s “Blink” or “Thinking Fast and Slow” by Daniel Kahneman. I haven’t read either of them yet but I want to. And then I want to talk about them. With other people who have also read them. Like an on-line book club.

    Ok, fairly certain this comment qualifies as a post not. I’m a woman of many virtues. Keeping things to myself is not on that list.

    Tag- your it!

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    1. haha! While I worked in a very different industry, I know all too well what you mean about exec talk. Sometimes it’s just straight up word-lettuce of the iceberg shredded edition.

      Also, a book collection that one cold consider hoarding is the best kind of book collection to have. Seriously, I am that woman who, if my house was on fire, I’d be running to the book shelf to grab my favourites before I ran out the door.

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  3. Hi: I am one of a bunch of old people that started a consulting company to share our experience and knowledge with young entrepreneurs. Our experience is mostly C-Suite but also involves Emergency management for a large municipality.

    I like your blog because many of our clients are in the millennial cohort and your blog provides insights into that generation.


  4. Hi, am Jenna and am from the Philippines. I love to blog about life, experiences, and just anything under the sun. check out my blog at 🙂 plus, I’m kinda loving the stuff around her.


  5. Hi,
    My names Alexia but, I go by my blog name ‘AromaMocha’. I am from the US- Golden State; California!

    I blog about my experiences at coffee shops wherever I go; chains, hidden gems, and local shops. I provide photos, customer service, location, and coffee reviews. 🙂 I love coffee and I’m sure going through life struggles we can’t live without it, at least to start the day with. I have visited a coffee farm in Kona, Hawaii that I have yet to blog about but, it was an out of this world experience since the view was stunning and we had delicious coffee.


  6. Hi Vee! My name is Julie. I just started my blog a few months ago and honestly am not sure what it’s main theme is going to be! So far, I’ve been writing a mix of personal stories and biology-related posts (trying to get an “organism of the week” thing going…it doesn’t happen every week but it happens sometimes haha). I’ve worked a lot of weird seasonal gigs since I graduated college, from commercial fishing to breweries to teaching swim lessons and have traveled a bit so I have a lot from my past that I want to write about!
    I love the theme of your blog. As a fellow millennial who’s just trying to make it in the world and land her dream job, I feel ya. 🙂


  7. Hi Vee, My name is Walaa (means loyalty). I go by the screen name Eve. I live in Cairo, Egypt. I travel a lot and I mostly write about life, what I have learned and what I’m yet to learn. I’m also writing my first e-book. Love Letters in my Head.

    Hope to see you soon on my page ❤️



    1. One of my best friend’s is living in Cairo right now!! He’s been telling me to come visit him. I know that’s not related to your introduction, but I just wanted to share.

      Also, hi. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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