Care to introduce yourselves?

Hi Hi Hi!

I’ll be honest, I’ve made a terrible time of actually getting to know people who come to my blog and read my blog and I want to change that. I want to be better! I was wondering, if you’re a reader of my blog, if you’d be willing to introduce yourself?

If you’re up for it, can you please tell me:

  1. Your name
  2. The country in which you live
  3. What you like to blog about?

I would love to start a thread of this, to have a place on my blog to share who people are and what they blog about… a place people can come to find new blogs… so to speak. I selfishly would love to read all of your responses to see the diversity among all of the bloggers who respond.

I also think that, if enough people responded, perhaps I could stick a link to the top of my page so that people could use it as a means to find new blogs they’re interested in following when they’re looking.

And me, I’m always interested in finding new blogs to follow.

So please, if you’re willing, say hello! Share your name, the country you live in and what you like to blog about most.

Thank you for reading (and for any response you decide to provide)!

*Update: If your blog is set to private please remember that people won’t be able to see it, and I won’t be able to follow it.

xox, Vee

699 thoughts on “Care to introduce yourselves?

  1. Hey there!

    I’m Jen from the Bosssybabe blog! I’m a wife and mom of one emotional, silly, and rambunctious little girl who is turning 3 in just 3 days! 🙂 My blog is a mixed bag of all things parenting, toddler escapades, relationships, and all the hilarious moments in between!

    Have enjoyed reading your content! 🙂

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  2. I just happened across this post/thread lol….My name is Maria Teresa and I live in the U.S. in Southern Florida and I love to blog about emotions hence the name of my blog and brand, Emotional Musings 🤗❤🙌


  3. This is such a great idea to find new blogs to enjoy! 🙂
    Hi! I’m Lauren. I live in the U.S. in North Texas and my blog changes with whatever is going on in my life or my current passions: a lot about my new life as a mom, some about my travels, a little about my emotions, faith, marriage, etc, and the occasional review. Happy to have stumbled upon your space!

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  4. Hi! My name is Talitha Tulloch and I am from the North of England. I like to write about my travels to different countries, some bits of history and geography. I also like to write about recipes that I love and find interesting.

    I always find your views very relatable, and I enjoy reading your posts. Keep going!


  5. Nice to meet you! I’m Thomas Slatin, and I live in Vermont, United States. I blog about Writing and Photography, and on very rare occasion, WordPress Design. A random thing about me? I had a 20-year career as an Emergency Medical Technician and Firefighter; I retired at 38, shortly after being promoted to Lieutenant.


  6. Hello! My name is Ashley and I live in “Sunny California” of the United States, though, trust me, not all of it is sunny. I like to blog about self-love, self-awareness, personal experiences, inspiration, motivation, etc. I’m all over the place. Love your blog, xoxo.


  7. Hi, My name is Martin, a Christian youth from Eastern Africa. My life unfolds like an interesting novel by the grace of God and I just can’t keep quiet about it.
    I love your work anyway.


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