Care to introduce yourselves?

Hi Hi Hi!

I’ll be honest, I’ve made a terrible time of actually getting to know people who come to my blog and read my blog and I want to change that. I want to be better! I was wondering, if you’re a reader of my blog, if you’d be willing to introduce yourself?

If you’re up for it, can you please tell me:

  1. Your name
  2. The country in which you live
  3. What you like to blog about?

I would love to start a thread of this, to have a place on my blog to share who people are and what they blog about… a place people can come to find new blogs… so to speak. I selfishly would love to read all of your responses to see the diversity among all of the bloggers who respond.

I also think that, if enough people responded, perhaps I could stick a link to the top of my page so that people could use it as a means to find new blogs they’re interested in following when they’re looking.

And me, I’m always interested in finding new blogs to follow.

So please, if you’re willing, say hello! Share your name, the country you live in and what you like to blog about most.

Thank you for reading (and for any response you decide to provide)!

*Update: If your blog is set to private please remember that people won’t be able to see it, and I won’t be able to follow it.

xox, Vee

699 thoughts on “Care to introduce yourselves?

  1. Hi! My name is Tania from Australia 👋🏻 I’ve studied librarianship & archiving and now I’m a newbie book reviewer… I’m also a completely newbie blogger – hopefully if I practice long enough at it I’ll get better 😂 Anyway I just want to say I really admire your blog, I always love reading your posts x


  2. Hi, I’m Fizza from Singapore. I’m author/editor for Fizzawrite magazine. I hope my readers enjoy reading my blog and share views and knowledge. Thank you and all the best to all.


  3. Heya chicka!

    Anonymous blogger, like yourself, here from the US. I blog primarily to practice prose since I am 30, retired, and have no reason to write anything. Trying to keep my brain active to delay the early onset dementia that I will probably get!

    I write mostly about my sexual exploits, my day-to-day, and pointless thoughts from my chronic existential dread.

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    1. 30 and retired? Got any big exciting plans to travel the world or write your own book or perhaps start a cult or something? I don’t know, being retired at 30 is going to leave you tons of years to do everything you ever dreamed!

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  4. Hi! I’m Tayt, like Tate. I live in Austin, Texas. It’s always hot, but it snowed last night. While concerning because climate change and all that, it was kinda really awesome to see.

    I just started my blog a couple months ago, so it’s a conglomerate of my experiences as a mentally ill person. I’m still figuring it out. It’s currently geared towards people I know in real life, but I’m hoping for growth so that my words reach at least one person I don’t know and help them feel less alone.

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    1. Hello, my dear. I hope that you’ve been enjoying your blogging journey thus far and that you’ve found the right steps to reach others and help them feel less alone ❤ That's a very kind and wonderful thing of you to consider doing.

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  5. Hi there everyone, I’m Paula from Western Pennsylvania(USA). I can be found blogging about, well… Chasing Jesus. You can find me at (wordpress). I’m new to blogging since November 2019. I didn’t think I had it in me to write, but, here I am. This is a wonderful site, I’m glad I found you. Thank you so much for sharing your journey.

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  6. Hi V, I’m Susan King and live in England. I like to blog about travel, cycling, walking and healthy living – and anything in-between. I love to chat so asking people to introduce themselves is a brilliant idea! As human beings we all crave emotional connections with people, but blogging seems to be about likes and follows rather than having meaningful conversations.

    This needs to change!

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  7. Hey! I recently started following your blog and have started blogging more regularly as a result, thanks for that!

    So I’m from Nairobi, Kenya. I mostly blog about travelling – all posts are about Asia so far and there are the odd blogs on everyday stuff that some people like reading. 🙂

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  8. Hey!!! Brieski here … hailing from central Missouri. It’s not my favorite place to be but my family is here. I enjoy all things travel (foods, culture, parties, group events, dating, etc). I really appreciate your perspective. It’s everything I want to say but am too nice to. Keep it up!

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  9. Hello V, thanks for your recent visit to O4FS. I am a Cornwall UK blogger of hopefully humorous verse and general nonsense, with multiple personalities and nary a grain of truth anywhere in the whole thing.

    I am an MS sufferer and stroke survivor but deliberately haven’t made my blog about them, even though it affects me every day. I find it more fun to present some fun and ridiculousness, hopefully make a few people smile, live in the now and not dwell on these things.

    Your introductions page obviously works as I’m just off to visit a couple that have caught my eye already.

    Thank you for your sharing so generously.

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  10. Hi V. Thanks for noticing my recent post. I’m in Melbourne Aus, and I usually prattle on about about boardgames and roleplaying games, though professionally I use my writing skills in analysis. Now seems a time for some more reflective writing. We are in uncharted waters, not just personally, but globally and historically. It’s an exciting time to be living through. Cheers, be safe, Boz

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  11. Hi there!

    My name is Lena and I come from Croatia. I just started my blog and I know it is going to be a loving journey. Hopefully, I won’t give up this time!

    Honestly, I’m interested in anything and everything… I know I will have to organize my thoughts so I don’t lose my track. Let’s say my blog is a somewhat of a personal journey.

    I see you talking a lot about your grammar not being right. It is okay! It doesn’t mean your words and thoughts are any less worthy! Will be reading you…

    Lots of love xx

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  12. Hullo V ,
    I came across your blog from your like on mine and to be honest, I have no idea how people keep in touch on blogs or get more blog followers or anything ! Google analytics is weird for me and I refuse to oblige ! BUt I wanted to say and introduce myself as a 50 something mum of 4 from Cape Town. Resigned lawyer, lecturer and now fulltime mum of 4 older kids. written and published two books and blogs are really the ‘fillers’ for things that don’t go into books! Stay safe and thanks for popping into my blog. I’m so sorry for your loss.xxxxx

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  13. Hey! I came across your blog while establishing some monday motivation for my own blog and insta posts and I absolutely love what you’re doing! My name’s Melanija, 25 y/o wife from southern Ontario. I recently (about a month ago) started a new blogging journey to unwind some of my own anxieties/grief being a new wife and having recently lost my father a few months back. I absolutely love this new beginning in my life that gives me space and time to really focus on myself and my own wellness journey. Thank you for all of your resources and advice 😀
    The WorryingWife

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  14. Hey! My name is Alicia and I am from the US. I am a new blogger and still kinda figuring it all out. My blog Faithful Lee is where I love to share my love for Jesus as well as my struggles with fear and anxiety. I am a wife and mother of 3 boys and am just starting to explore my passion for writing. I look forward to reading more of your posts. Thank you for all your resources!

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  15. Heya!
    My name is Keda and I’m from Belgium.
    I am a new blogger, I don’t blog too often, like once every two weeks but I’m trying to blog at least one blogpost every week. My blog is mostly about Multiculturalism, migration and diversity that I want to share about my everyday life that I observed and experienced through my internship, volunteerwork, events and my research I came across. I also include the psychological aspect Nowadays it’s a bit less about those topics since the whole pandemic crisis going on in this world. I kind of changed my style of blogging and share more my daily activities during this whole lockdown. I’m still improving my writing skills and my way of blogging.
    I’m really looking forward to reading more of your blogposts.
    Thank you for all your resources and advice! 🙂

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  16. Hi there.

    I’m Samarth. Sam for short. I’m a rookie blogger with years of failed attempts of keeping up a blog. This is my 4th blog actually. The other three I discarded but I stored away the good stuff from all the three and posted them here.

    My blog is generally a mind map of myself. It has prose, poems and much more of me than usually people get to.

    I stumbled across your blog through another blog I follow and it has been quite interesting roaming around here. Hope to read more from you.

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  17. Hi, my name is Carolyn, I live in Australia, and I have a number of blogs, the most important on being my writer blog, which is where I found you, ‘V’, when you visited one of my blog posts about the anthology I’m currently putting together, using submissions in response to Covid-19.
    I’m considerably older than you, living with Multiple Sclerosis, and doing well with it, thanks to having a medication that works for me.

    I’m going to follow your site, it looks honest and relevant. I enjoyed your recent post about Jared Trump, what a ignorant and privileged prat, that man is …

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  18. Hello 🙂 My name is Ashley and I’m from Canada. I like writing about lifestyle, health and I’m working on writing about my travel endeavours. I have lots of catching up to do since I just started working more consistently on my blog during quarantine. I am looking for a community to talk to – being a millennial confused about life… I am finding it difficult to navigate through pressures from society. I want to live a creative, adventurous life, but I have an office job that is soul-sucking and am expected to get married and get a house etc. Now that I’m laid off it’s opening my eyes about what I truly value. I’m happy I stumbled upon your website, and I’m hoping to find more people who are going through the same thing as me!

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  19. Hey V,
    My friends call me V as well 😉 as my pet name is Violet, I am from the Philippines.
    I like to write about anything I see, feel, and experience. I write anything that interests me at the moment, something new and something old; something formal and crazy.
    Ey, thanks for dropping by, means a lot! Have a great day ahead.

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  20. Hi
    I am Karen, from South Africa, but live in Oman.
    I am new to this but passionate about writing. I intend to write social commentaries on who we are as people, highlighting the need for continuous reflection!
    I am also obsessed with changing the bs hate spewed against the Millenials when I think your generation is so much better than most of the previous ones in history!

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  21. Hey!

    I am Sadia from Pakistan.

    I blog mostly about my journey of self-awareness, books that leave an imprint on my life and generally my travelling experiences. Though I have not posted content for the latter, I plan on doing it soon.


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  22. Hi!
    I am Amanda and blog from Austria. I am a lifestyle blogger, but mostly like to write about travel. I am also doing Silver Linings, where I blog about the positive side of Covid or whatever is happening at the moment. We can’t always be positive but it’s nice to find the silver linings.

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  23. Hi Vee!
    Very good idea with making introductions. I am an American living in Germany. When I started the blog in 2014 it was called “Becoming a Franconian” (that’s the part of Germany where we live.) At that time I talked mostly about what it’s like to build a life in another country. Now that I’m a mom of two, I talk a lot about raising little bi-lingual, dual citizens in this crazy world but it’s usually relative to nature and understanding ourselves in someway. I have a lot of questions too, How do we thrive in less than perfect conditions? How do we navigate transitions? How do we grow up and contribute something meaningful to the world? Turns out when we put the questions out there we do find some answers and that part of the journey is really stunning. Looking forward to reading more of yours. -Laurie

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  24. Hey there! My name is Kelly and I’m a proud Canadian! (And yes! It’s true! We do apologize a lot!)
    I came across your blog when you so kindly liked one of my recent posts, titled ‘5 Perks of Being an Older Mama’ – thanks for the love! I have read a few of your posts and love your style and voice. If there were a clever way we could blend the millenniallifecrisis with thislovelychaos, I would love to collaborate sometime 🙂


  25. Hey!
    I’m Jus, from Singapore. I blog about my life and healing journey but right now as someone who JUST found your blog through another blogger, I want to excitedly say that I might be re-entering the workforce after 1 and a half years of being on unpaid leave / unemployment! I just had an interview TODAY and I’m really hoping I land a job that treats me better, pays me higher or the same, and most importantly, values me more than any job I’ve held since starting my professional career!


  26. Hi Vee! A fellow millenial, I’m Darell, from the UK and I blog about news, books and poetry! As well as blogging, I work in the education sector and am also a freelance journalist! Good to meet you and come across your amazing blog which I’m delighted to follow!

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  27. Hi V! OMG, your name struck a chord with me. I’m a huge fan of the K-pop band BTS and band mate called “V” is my absolute favorite! I’m from India, 30 years old. I always loved reading books and writing helped clear my mind chatter. I started blogging about 4 years back, was highly inconsistent with it, last week I decided to give my 100% to something I absolutely enjoy doing and challenged myself to write a post everyday for the next 100 days. Today is day 4 and I’m doing quiet fine.

    I loved your blog and wish you all the best for your future.

    Check out my blog:


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  28. Hi V!

    You can call me Greeny. I’m from Indonesia and my blog is actually about random things that crossed my mind. But lately, I like to write some poems and prose.

    Nice to know you! 💛


  29. Hi V
    Lovely to meet you. I’m from Australia. I love to write about life as a 57 year old and all that entails. Home, travel, mental health, self care, body and soul. And yes, I too love coffee. Couldn’t imagine life without it. ☕😊💐 Looking forward to following along.

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  30. Hello Vee! Fellow millennial, here. My name is Sa. I live in the U.S. I take pictures of a ton of flowers and blog about a variety of things ranging anywhere from flash fiction, poetry, philosophy, food, travel, books. It’s primarily my thoughts presented in an informal setting.

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  31. Hi V! 23 year old here, am not a technically a millennial, but have life crisis nevertheless. My name is mel, and I live in Australia, currently studying to be a veterinarian. I love reading but because I’m so busy with uni I hardly have time to indulge myself with a good book, so I started my blog to keep myself accountable. Mostly just me rambling on books I have read. I would love to start a blog about life as a veterinary student or veterinarian but I just don’t have enough motivation…

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  32. Hi, Vee!

    I’m 57, so I’m *definitely* not a millennial. You already follow me, so you probably know that my name is Alex and that I’m from the state of Florida in the United States. I blog about movies, books, music, my personal life (or what passes for one), politics, the COVID-19 pandemic, and Star Wars figures.



  33. Hey, Miranda here from England, UK. Your blog caught my attention because it was sincere, easy to read and was a good goal for the kind of blog I wanted to do. I liked the sense of community, too.

    So I’m excited to stay up to date and I’ll probably be able to learn some things from you. Mostly I’m excited to learn more about other people.


    1. Oh and I saw you had a post about resolutions. I wrote one recently, too, feel free to check it out (it’s my first and only post LOL). Take care.


  34. Hey there, Gen Xer from the USA here. I enjoy blogging about life and poetry. Sometimes it gets dark and sad, others, is some happy longings. Trying to find my feet and become upbeat again!!


  35. Hey Vee, I just came across your blog, and I love your writing style. I feel like I am reading a letters from a dear friend!
    My name is Maggie. I’m 22 years old and from the U.S. I am spending this year as an English Teaching Assistant in Spain’s Canary Islands. I write about my life here, the people I meet, and of course the food. Living abroad during a global pandemic is not something I would’ve thought possible, but I have been extremely blessed to be placed on an island with a very low number of COVID cases compared to the rest of Spain/the world. In fact, could not imagine a better place to be right now 🙂


  36. Hi, I’m Maggie. I’m 22 years old and from Pennsylvania, USA. I am currently living in the Canary Islands, Spain and working as an English Teaching Assistant. I blog about my time in the Canary Islands; the people I meet, the things I see, and of course…the food. I found myself in a very unique and fortunate position this year despite COVID. The Canary Islands have maintained a very low number of cases in comparison to the rest of Spain/ the US. I could not imagine a better place to spend this strange year.


  37. Hi, I’m Rose. I’m turning 23 years old this coming May and I’m from Philippines. This year I’m focusing on blogging and embracing myself for self-growth and love. What I loved about a certain blog is showing the authentic feeling of myself and even the person being part of my writings. Sometimes, when you were hurt and in despair, you’ll see the beauty of reading and writing. Time will tell of your healing but through writings we will be able to release the unsaid emotions and be able to clear our thoughts and see forgiveness and acceptance.


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