Stay away from negative people. They have a problem for every solution.

The time, 11:49 pm. The mood, content. The setting: perched at the edge of the couch, watching the sun dip behind the trees, saying goodnight to another peaceful day.

I’m reaching the end of the week that I dubbed my week of positivity. It was my goal to, for the week, all week, stay positive. And let me tell you, it wasn’t easy. It definitely wasn’t. I consider myself a realist by nature, so staring down the barrel of some particularly crappy situations and choosing to not let it get the better of you, it’s tough. But, I’m here to say that it is do-able.

As mentioned in a post earlier on this week, my mom’s healthy. Which that, that is reason enough to be eternally thankful.

Other positive things that happened this week? I’ve been babysitting my brother’s dog for the past couple of days. He’s actually done a lot for brightening my mood. I was trying to pin point why this dog was making me so happy and it was really my brother that hit the nail on the head with why Jaxon (the dog) is so nice to have around.

“Jaxon is really growing on me!” I texted him.

“Yeah, he’s a pretty great dog to have around. He listens well and he just always seems to be in a good mood.” He texted back.

That’s it. That’s it right there. This dog is always in a good mood. He’s always got a ‘dog smile’ on his face. He wags his tail like he’s excited to be everywhere and involved in anything. He loves attention but he also loves when we leave him alone. He prances around like he doesn’t weigh 100 pounds and he’s totally unaware that there’s anything bad in this world. I realize that I sound crazy as I’m talking about a dog in this way, but it’s just… so heartwarming to be around him. I truly believe that pets make us better. And this dog, he definitely has made me better this week.

One thing that has been an extremely important mood booster to me this week was all of the introductions that I got to read on my blog. Making a post asking for introductions, I wasn’t really sure what I was going to get. Honestly, I was expecting maybe five-to-ten people to respond, tops. The responses that I got were really overwhelming. It was so special to me to be able to read about so many of you, and to learn more. Thank you, thank you, thank you. This space, this wordpress world, has been such a safe space for me over the past six months. My mind is truly blown with how many wonderful people I’ve crossed paths with on wordpress. Honestly, if I could go back in time, I would tell myself to make a wordpress account a lot sooner than I did.

Another moment that was extremely important during my week was taking my niece and nephew out for slurpees. B and V (she’s V too as she’s named after me) went to get slurpees/screamers, and as we were walking to the till with their cups full of sugar, B patted me on the arm and said ‘Auntie, thank you so much!’ Naturally, I asked him why he was thanking me. His response: ‘Because you just make things so much better. You make me feel better and you make everything better. It’s so nice to have you around. And I’m not just saying that because you’re buying me ice cream’. I nearly teared up there in the store. I didn’t, because he’s 10 and would totally make fun of me for that. But I wanted to. Such a nice compliment from a ten year old kid. If he get understand that now, at 10, imagine what he’s going to be like when he grows up!

There’s definitely been some negative things happening. There’s definitely been some things that made me anxious and scared. But, overall, I would say that I made some serious headway in being able to deal with those things, cope with those things or completely see past those things.

The power of positivity is real.

I’ve decided that I’m going to start leaving notes about things that I like about myself on the end of my blog posts. Why? I’m trying to boos my own self-esteem, so I want to think of more positives. I also think that it’ll be nice, when I look back on these posts one day in the future, to be able to see that I ended each post with a positive note. So, here goes:

I really like my eyes. They’re a really nice ocean-blue colour and I get complimented on them a lot. I don’t mean that in a cocky way, I just mean that of all the things people can be complimented on, I’m frequently complimented as having beautiful eyes. They definitely are attention grabbing when you see me.

22 thoughts on “Stay away from negative people. They have a problem for every solution.

  1. So good to see a happy and positive post from you Vee. Am so happy for you. And it is so good that you could take B and V out ๐Ÿ˜Š
    Wow – Ocean blue colour eyes ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—

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  2. This was a lovely read at a time where I needed some positivity myself. Love that you have taken charge of how you’re feeling and you’re facing down the negatives with a completely positive attitude. I haven’t stopped thinking about you since hearing about the judgements at your interview. People like that don’t deserve your time or efforts. Sending much love and good vibes. โค๏ธ

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  3. I try to picture what you look like, V. Like Iโ€™m dying to know what you look like in person. I would love to put a face to your writing. (Glad I got this off my chest because itโ€™s been on my mind for a while now). I get this is an anonymous blog and that you probably canโ€™t expose yourself on here…. but still ๐Ÿ˜”

    You did so well with the positive vibes this week and I completely agree with your statement, โ€œstay away from negative people.โ€ So true! What if itโ€™s family and you canโ€™t escape them completely? How do you keep their negativity at bay?

    P.S. I have blue eyes too! The best eye color if I do say so myself ๐Ÿ’™


    1. I may reveal myself one day. I’m not too sure. I’ve contemplated it – solely to reveal that I’m human and not a cyborg . For now though, I just like that my blog is about my thoughts and not about what I look like. We can still go for coffee next time I’m in Calgary – then maybe you’ll be able to vouch that I’m not a cyborg. lol

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      1. I believe that youโ€™re a beautiful, breathing human being with feelings and that youโ€™re not a bot ๐Ÿ˜… It wouldnโ€™t surprise me if there are a bunch of blogger bots out there that are trying to take over the world, considering the amount of spam bot accounts there are.

        Iโ€™m actually a visual person who likes pictures so I was just curious…. Curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back!


    2. Ooh, and with respect to family, as someone who really doesn’t get along with her’s all that much, when it comes to anything, I would say pick your battles. Realize where your words might make a difference, and where they won’t, just shut up. Oh and limit the time you spend with them. You might not be able to cut them out completely, but you can keep yourself busy with other things .Ya know?

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