Self-care Saturday.

Selfcare is any activity that we do deliberately in order to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health. Although it’s a simple concept in theory, it’s something people very often overlook. It’s easy to get busy or find excuses to neglect your well-being. The thing is, good selfcare is key to improved mood and reduced anxiety.

So are some self-care activities that I can do to improve my mental, emotional and physical well being? Well, that has to do with your passions. What do you love? Some people love to read. Some people love to paint. Some people love to sit on the couch and watch Big Bang Theory marathons. Whatever it is you’re doing, make sure that it’s satisfying. Make sure that it’s contributing to your happiness, not anyone elses.

These may sound stupid, or they may not, but here are some suggestions for integrating self-care into your life more often than you’re doing now. (Please note, these suggestions may have been mentioned before. If you’ve read them in previous posts, just keep in mind that means they’re really great ways for practicing self-care)

  • Look into the mirror each morning and say ‘Today is going to be a good day. I can do this. I am amazing’. Perhaps if you remind yourself of this enough, it’ll start becoming true.
  • Get a good night’s sleep. I’ve talked about this before, but sleep is such an important facet to how a person sees the world. A good night’s sleep helps regenerate the body for another day. If you’re not getting a good night’s sleep, consider different options you can take to change that.
  • Reward yourself. This one is immensely important. If you do something good, treat yourself. If you accomplish something that was difficult for you, treat yourself. Think of it like how happy dogs get when they complete a trick and you give them a bone, pat them on the head and say ‘Good Doggo’. They’re in pure bliss for the moments following. Find what kind of a reward you would like and make sure you integrate that into your days.
  • Only use positive language when you’re talking to yourself/about yourself. While it’s incredibly easy to point out your faults, if you never speak those faults out loud, it doesn’t give them credibility. Showcase your positives and let those good thoughts see the light of day.
  • Do something, at least one thing, per day that makes you happy. This one is stressed to me by my Psychiatrist every time that I see her. By focusing on something that makes you happy, at least once per day, you’re forcing serotonin into your brain. Serotonin is what will boost your mood and allow you to feel better. Even if it only lasts a half hour, or a few hours, that’s still a lot better than no good mood at all.
  • Find a hobby! Hobbies are great. Especially great if they involve interactions with other people. Whether it’s basketball in the park, a pottery class, or volunteering at the old folks home, find something that you like doing. If you like doing it, it’ll give you a purpose, a place to be and make you feel grateful for the time you get to do said hobby.
  • Get a manicure. Female or male, I can’t recommend this enough. It sounds so trivial, but it’s extremely relaxing to just sit down in a comfy chair for a half hour or an hour and let someone else give you a manicure. Your mind slips away from you, the whole world stops for a few minutes and you just get to relax in the present. I know that it’s typically thought of as a female activity, but I highly recommend it for men as well. Everyone can always use clean, hydrated, manicured hands. You don’t have to get polish on your nails.
  • Get in your car and drive. If you have some extra time, and you can afford the gas, get in your car, turn the radio up and drive down streets you’ve never been down before. Learn some new parts of your city/town and look at what you like/don’t like with respect to the houses and how they’re built. Perhaps stop at a park and go for a swing, or down the slide. You never know where you might end up when you get in the vehicle.
  • Walk your dog. Or a dog. If you don’t own a dog, ask if you can walk a friend’s dog, or a neighbours dog. Or, if you’re in a big-city, sign up for WAG and get paid to walk dogs. I’m a firm believer in the value of dog therapy, and the benefit becomes two-fold when you’re getting exercise for yourself in the process.

Whatever you end up doing, ensure that you’re putting yourself fist. Don’t succumb to the negative connotation that self-care is selfish and not necessary. Perhaps if you advocate a certain amount of time each day (be it ten minutes or thirty minutes or however long you can spare), then you won’t get as stressed as often. Perhaps you’ll feel better. It’s a proven fact that when you look after yourself, you feel better about yourself. So look after yourself.

Practice self-care every day.

What are some activities you practice for self-care?

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28 thoughts on “Self-care Saturday.

  1. I agree with all your points here. Doing the things you love, putting yourself first, and hobbies are great way to enrich yourself in ways basic nutrition won’t be able to cover.

    As part of my law school self-care and self-destruction prevention measures (lol), I decided to give blogging a shot last year. Fast forward today, I don’t ever regret starting this at all. It made me the calm and inspired law student that I am today.

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  2. At one point in my life, I realised the biggest thing I had to tell myself was “Do whatever it is you need to do to feel better.” If taking care of yourself means leaving a job, or getting a job or walking out of a relationship or fixing a relationship.. whatever it is. Do it. You deserve happiness and peace. Take care of yourself.

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  3. Great post. Self-care is hugely important and time for it should be taken, guilt-free. If you need that time to yourself, take it. If there’s something you can buy or do to make your life better and make you feel better, do it! V, you’re an inspiring person and I love the way you write. 😊

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  4. Good one Vee 😊🤗
    Oh I do plenty : I never leave my bed in the morning without a smile and thanking God; I smile at myself in the mirror like you 😊 I walk and sit in balcony – watching the sunrise and the sky; I meditate mornings and evening ( I am with me about 4 hours every morning) once in a while I go for pedicure and massage….

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    1. I love it when a man isn’t too scared to get himself a pedicure.

      I don’t think I could watch the sunrise around here. This time of year the sun rises at 3 am! That’s a little too early for this girl. lol

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      1. Oh yes 3am would be too much for me too😊
        Happy Canada Day Vee. Today I went for my visa and the office was closed – Canada Day 😊


  5. Self-care is so key! One of my big ones is simply staying hydrated. I use an app on my phone and it reminds me to drink at various intervals through the day. It’s such a simple thing to stay on top of, and it makes me feel successful and cheered when I do it. Plus, I do actually find I feel better both physically and emotionally if I manage my water intake well.

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  6. This was such an important post. It’s crazy to think how often we overlook taking care of ourselves because you would think we would be our own top priority, but often times, we aren’t.

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  7. I love the idea of picking a day to feed your passions and connect with your surroundings. The only part I disagree with is to tell yourself only positive things. Sometimes the best self care I can give myself is a harsh kick in the butt. Maybe nice words on Saturday and a butt-kicking on Sunday? Ha!

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  8. Your post was everything I needed! I am very into self-care but your first point where you suggest talking in the mirror and declaring a great day ahead. I am a social Worker and I am always looking for different forms of self-care.

    One thing I do for self-care is journaling. Journaling allows me to put on paper everything on my mind and letting it go.

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    1. Oh, journaling is a great suggestion! Sometimes just being able to put your thoughts on a page so they’re not floating around your head anymore, it’s a beautiful thing.


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