Late night ramblings…

The more sad my mood, the more often I come to my blog. I’m not sure if that’s a commonplace thing, or perhaps it’s just me. But, when you find something that allows you to put your thoughts to paper (so to speak) it’s a lot better than keeping them floating around your head.

You know when someone says something that insults you, but you don’t want to let them know they’ve insulted yo because you’re worried you’ll come across as insecure, or soft, or lacking in strength? It’s like… you don’t want them to know you’re so easy to hurt or offend. And why? Perhaps if they knew they hurt or offended me, they’d think twice before they said it next time. More than likely not, though. At least that’s what I’m telling myself to try and make myself feel better.

I’m an overly sentimental person in general. I always have been. I carry this overwhelming love, compassion and desire to see people do well. People I know, people I don’t, completely strangers… those poor kids in Africa on the commercials for organizations like UNICEF, they make me cry. I wonder how I could have been born with so much and they be born with so little. I’ve always tried to use that sentiment to my advantage. After all, when you care about the world, that should make it easier for you to make an actual difference, right?

The downside to caring about everything is that it seems like people carry the ability to hurt me so much more than others. It’s hard. And I’m not saying this to try and play victim. I’m saying this because… I need to learn how to develop thicker skin.

I just want to do right by the world, whilst making myself happy in the process, whilst not being taken advantage of. It seems like a lofty goal, and I know that the making myself happy part is a tad selfish, but we all need to be a little selfish now and again.

21 thoughts on “Late night ramblings…

  1. I can so relate to this. Infact you will not believe I keep telling my friends to not waste even a single drop of milk from the Vending machine cz you know Children Of Africa. But sigh not everyone feels how you do. And they mock and do what they want at the end anyway!
    So yes be sensitive but not in the crowd where you don’t fit.
    Love your blogs. Ranting helps!


  2. It is actually very nice of you to be so sensitive to issues. But yes, we need to be a bit more thick-skinned because not everyone is like that. But also, I don’t think there is anything wrong with saying you are offended when you are. People should just take you as you are.

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  3. If you haven’t already, this would be something to bring up to your psychiatrist/therapist. I’m betting they might have some strategies for coping with high levels of empathy, so you can still care without getting overwhelmed by caring.

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  4. I’m exactly like you. I’ve learnt too, though, that being a little watchful of our needs and happiness actually makes us more bold and confident and in no way reduces the empathy we hold inside. And it’s almost as if, because we respect ourselves, others do too. ❤️

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  5. …I think that sometimes people would be horrified if they realized they were being hurtful – and we do all get it badly wrong sometimes don’t we. Telling people is a whole other ball-game though isn’t it? Trouble with developing a thick skin is that sometimes it still rips like tissue. The world needs more – not less – sensitive people. And everyone needs happy…

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  6. You are not alone. Blogging helps when we are feeling down. Empathy is strength, so be proud. I was like you but now i try to do more to help others than just feeling the feelings. Still not great at it but small steps. Nice post!

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  7. I honestly started a blog just to vent myself. I’m tired of letting all the negative junk stew in my head and making me feel hopeless and stuck. And being sensitive and caring is a great thing. Society just sucks and is full of vile people. Be happy you are one of the more loving ones. Without you the world would end up being a more horrid place than it already is.

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  8. I hope this isn’t taken in the wrong way, because it does sound cold but it’s not meant to be. All who have replied to this post has at one point, or another Hopped on a white horse & a lance & the faithful serpent Poncho on a quest, to save the whole world from the giants. In other words we can’t save the whole world, but we can save our little corner of since I’m with legs I’m at disadvantage at the moment to br honest I can’t walk & can’t get a wheel or power chair puts me out commission but I used to and today is my problem My suggestion is help a Homeless Shelter or Church feed the homeless on a weekly basis. Go visit one two pf the local nursing home one or two days . A great lady with a profound amount knowledge My Mother once said ” you will never be able to safe the whole world but you wok on your own little peice of and make a change.”

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