True crime hitting too close to home.

The remote part of Canada which I live has been making a lot of international news lately for some very horrible crimes. When things like this happen in this area of the country, it really hits too close to home. While murders might be prevalent in large, metropolitan areas, the population of Northern BC is so small, it’s really true what they say when they say everyone knows everyone. The fact that someone could do something like this, it’s a hard pill to swallow.

Chynna Deese and Lucas Fowler (Credits: NSW Police) – Photo from CBC Article

To those of you who’ve heard of the terrifying murders of Australian Lucas Fowler and American Chynna Deese, a millennial couple travelling the world, who were murdered on a remote stretch of highway en route to Alaska, the story continues to unfold.

A third body, that of an unidentified man believed to be in his 50s or 60s was found some 500 miles down the highway just steps away from a burned out truck and the two teenagers who owned the truck were/are missing. The public initially believed the two teenagers to also be the victims of foul play. Today, however, the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) have announced that the two teenagers are the primary suspects in all three murders.

The teenagers are believed to be on the run and were last seen driving a 2011 Toyota Rav4 in Northern Saskatchewan. Kam McLeod and Bryar Schmegelsky are to be considered dangerous and people are being asked to call 911 immediately if you see either of the two suspects, and do not approach.

Kam McLeod, left, and Bryer Schmegelsky, right (B.C. RCMP/Al Schmegelsky) – Photos from CBC Article

I’m hoping these two are found quickly and I’m hoping there’s more to the story. I’m still having a hard time believing two 18 year old’s are responsible for three murders. That being said, if they are, I hope they’re caught before they have the opportunity to hurt anyone else.

Lucas and Chynna’s family deserve some peace after this truly horrible crime. So does the unidentified third man found dead next to the burned out truck. If you’re in Canada… or even if you’re not… keep your eyes on the lookout for these two.

For Lucas, Chynna and the unidentified third victim, I sincerely hope that police are able to find some closure for you soon.

All photos and information in this post from CBC News. Link here:

21 thoughts on “True crime hitting too close to home.

    1. It’s so sad. Police say they’ve finally identified the third victim but they’re not releasing that information to the public until after his family is notified. I can’t help but think what horrible things happened to him if it took them a full week to be able to identify him. 😦

      What drives two 18 year old kids who just graduated high school to do such a thing? I’m just so baffled by the whole situation.


      1. The only way I can explain such things to myself is they were either psychopaths or possessed by demons. Try not to think about it. The good thing is that it is so rare where you live.


      2. Yeah. Hopefully these two get caught soon. This is the kind of story they make shows like Criminal Minds about.


    1. Absolutely. The teens are on the run now. They’re a few provinces away. They burnt a car out in Manitoba, which means they’ve likely stolen another one now and are… well who knows where they’re headed!

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    1. It’s “Wrapped” now. It’s not solved and likely won’t be for years. The two teenaged boys who were on the run were found dead of apparent suicide.

      They were the prime suspects in the murder of Lucas and Chynna and they the RCMP had charges pending on them for the murder of Leonard Dyck (the victim who initally couldn’t be identified because his body was unidentifiable as it was.).

      Now that the two suspects are dead, it won’t really provide any closure for the families, but at least the RCMP have confidently said they believe these two were responsible for all three murders, so people don’t think there’s still killers on the loose.

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      1. They just killed themselves in the middle of the Canadian wildnerness, leaving the country stunned and three families (and I’m speculating here) wishing that they could at least have more answers than they got.

        It’s a horribly sad story all around. Two kids (I call them kids because they were 18), fresh out of high school, seemingly go on a killing spree of people and we have no way of ever knowing why. Just horribly sad.

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      2. Absolutely, and from what I’ve read there’s no rhyme or reason or motive as of yet that has come out. For the families of the victims I can’t imagine just being dealt blow after blow and then just no reason in the end. Although I know it happens a lot it’s just still very awful.


  1. It’s always so different hearing the perspective of someone I lives in the affected place and not just the media’s coverage of it. This story was absolutely shocking and something (as an Australian) I know we followed very closely, but still didn’t really know that much or hear the extent of it.


  2. Must’ve been terrifying to have something like this happen in your remote part of the country. Sorry to have reminded you of it 🤦‍♂️. Such things just make you want to be even kinder to everybody that you meet. That’s the best response.


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