When in doubt, rant it out.

I want to take a brief moment to point out the importance of ranting. See, most people in my day-to-day life tend to get annoyed when I rant. Actually, I think that’s probably true of almost everyone. People don’t like to listen to ranting. But I think it’s important that everyone take the opportunity to rant.

If something is bothering you. If something’s unfair. If something’s ridiculous, you should be able to say it. Setting aside the catharsis that comes from ranting, it’s important to note the unfairness and injustices in this world. Ranting ensures that we aren’t allowed to hide from the unfairness or injustice. When these subjects are brought to the forefront no matter how big or small, it ensures that we can’t hide from them, that we face these feelings head on.

I think that’s why I like wordpress so much. It’s provided me a place to rant where people accept and appreciate what I have to say.

I believe in ranting and I appreciate others when they’re able to share their true thoughts and their truth with me. It should also be noted that you can rant without being mean. As long as they’re constructive about it, I love listening to people rant. I think ranting is extremely helpful for one’s mental health.

Rant away, I say.

PS. I went to the doctor this afternoon and he told me I’m suffering from a migraine. Thanks to everyone for your kind comments last night that included suggestions about things to do to deal with pain. Presently trying to lay low. Hoping to be back to my normal self soon.

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32 thoughts on “When in doubt, rant it out.

  1. It’s healthy to rant, even though many people don’t want to hear it. WordPress is one of be best places to get things off your chest in order to let things go. So rant away I say. We’ll read what you have to say because we care.

    Migraines suck! My best advice would be to get a roll-on peppermint essential oil and roll and massage it into your temples. I use a strong one from DoTerra even though it’s very expensive. Saje works too if you need a quick fix but it’s weak compared to other brands.

    Because I didn’t introduce myself before and for those who don’t recognize my name, I’ll leave a brief introduction here: I’m an only child who will be 28 this weekend. I’m also a Canadian wife, student, and mom of tantrum toddler. I don’t use social media much and prefer WordPress. However, I just reinstalled Instagram on my phone for the gazillianth time (@serene_hilz) but I haven’t updated my account in ages. My husband and I move around a lot so idk where we will end up… right now idk what I’m striving for in life and feel stuck. Also, my depression is quite bad these days and my mood is just “meh.”

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  2. How timely. As it happens, I’ve been thinking of doing a Rant Post about some of my recent frustrations.
    Now I feel entitled to do so…with V’s post and its blessing on rants. ;).

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  3. I have the tendency to rant a lot, and it’s not bad. In terms of blogging, I tend to give my readers a heads-up that there’s a rant incoming – so they can duck appropriately if they wish to avoid the ranting. Hahaha…

    It is therapeutic.

    My wife has a different view on ranting, though, and does not view it in a positive light. She sees it as a petty way of seeking attention.

    It’s a form of expressing frustration.

    Better let it out, than hold it in.

    Have a nice day.

    Hi, I’m Jomz, writer, blogger, and a jack-of-all trades, among other things, from the Philippines. I write about writing, mostly, as I try to walk the path of becoming an author.

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    1. Blogs are great places to rant. It’s better to let it out then keep it locked in!

      What are your favourite things to write about? What are you going to write about as an author?

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  4. I’m a firm believer of ranting, another great thing we have in common. Not acknowledging and releasing how you feel can be toxic, even to the point of affecting you physically, so I’ll always support your awesome rants friend. 🙂 Glad it’s a migraine and not anything more serious than that. Speedy recovery!

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  5. Ranting is good for your mental health I think. A bloody good rant is a weight off your mind so go for it I say! I just had a rant today about judgemental people on my blog.

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  6. Preach!!

    Thank you for writing this. The reason I started blogging all those years ago was because I needed to rant. It’s so much easier to put things in perspective when I write about it. It’s definitely therapeutic for me and I’m sure for a lot of people.

    Your post was refreshing. 🙂


  7. Thanks, I enjoyed & agree with every part of your blog. Ranting is dust busting the brain for new thoughts & hopefully blogs. currently I’m have a problem with WordPress with my sites disappearing, I connected WordPress they’re investigating, but no answers, I already know I’ve been hacked & rebuilt the sites and even changed the site address. Does anyone have any advice? Sorry V for the little Rant & asking for help, but I’ve gone out of my mind with this back in thirty minutes.

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    1. Oh gosh, I don’t know. I don’t know what I’d do if that happened. Is there extra authentication? Do you have a private computer where you live? I know you said you’re living in a care home. If it’s a public computer that could be causing issues?

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      1. I did find some extra software and & software the diploids here 7 switched with WiFi and didn’t tell the residents so that may have been the problem thank you again I’m such an airhead lately they got my med. messed up so I’m seeing ghosts But I think they got me on to much medication or screwed up.. if it’s Paranormal Ghost Hunters we have a problem


  8. Oh hi. Yes i agree. Ranting is good. Sometimes i rant just to let it out. Sometimes im looking for advice. Sometimes im fishing for compliments and emotional support. Also, about the migraines. I feel ur pain. I get migraines too. They. R due to stress, lack of sleep, low water intake. There are 7 types of migraines. I dont kniw which one you have, but i do kniw that lying down in the dark helps. You can put on those airplane masks. Also, chammomile tea drunk daily helps prevent migraines


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