I’m trying to be nicer to myself.

Being my own worst critic, I’m finally starting to realize that being mean to myself for all of my faults probably isn’t helping me get better, it’s just sending me farther into the darkness. I have faults… but I need to learn how to learn from that, not make myself feel worse for that.

My goal for this week is to be nicer to myself. Honestly, I think we could all benefit from being a little nicer to ourselves. But I’m going to start with me.

36 thoughts on “I’m trying to be nicer to myself.

  1. I can definitely relate because for the pass couple of weeks I have been very mean to myself especially when I’m in deep depression. So every morning I look in the mirror & speak positivity into myself or write down positive affirmations to help me.

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    1. Awe, don’t be mean to yourself! I don’t want you to relate to this. I want you to know how incredible you are. Good job on the speaking positively in the mirror. I need to start doing that.

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      1. We need to love ourselves and accept ourselves. Then start to love others. Nobody is obliged to love us V. Do read my post again : Love is a One Way Street.
        Once we love others we will get it back but may not from the same persons.
        Even we aren’t obliged to love anyone. We love because we love to love 💕 😊


      1. See ? This is love. You remember my book. Caring is loving. And I read just 2-3 posts and yours is one. And that is love.
        There is no obligation in this. It just is!
        The book is progressing well V. Thank you so much for remembering and do pray for me.

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  2. Loved reading this! You do you, V! When you can’t be nice to yourself, that’s what me and your other followers are here for. Much love. 🙂

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    1. And that’s why I call you Sunshine. You’re a little piece of sunshine that consistently ensures the dark cloud circling above my head doesn’t take over my day!

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    1. I hope so. I’ve noticed lately that my niece and nephew are seeing me being mean to myself and they’re picking up on it. And I don’t want them picking up on it. So I better get my shit together.

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  3. I find a lot of people are mean and cruel to themselves in a way they would never, ever treat someone else, and would be utterly appalled if they witnessed. But you deserve the same kindness you’d give anyone else!

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  4. I’m a recovering perfectionist–so I’m right there with ya! Seeing that tendency in my son, who is very hard on himself (though he’s only 7) makes me want to be a better example. Something my husband has been amazing about telling me since we’ve been together (and it’s finally sinking in–all 10 years of it) is that “Mistakes aren’t bad–they’re opportunities to learn!”

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