Unemployment is exhausting on the body, mind and soul.

Another day, another setback.

I first had a phone interview with a company on July 3rd. They had liked me so much that I had a Skype interview with the same company on July 10th.

Then I was told they needed a week to continue interviews with other candidates and they’d get back to me. I was told I’d hear from them regarding a decision on July 17.

On July 19th, I sent an email and said ‘Hey, haven’t heard from you guys, just wondering if there are any updates’, in a professional manner. Less than ten minutes later they wrote back and said ‘Hey, we’d like for you to have a skype interview with our CEO. He has a busy schedule though, we’ll get back to you when we know he’s available for an interview’.

On July 22 they sent me an email that said the CEO would be available to do a Skype interview with me on August 6. More than two weeks away, and more than a month after my initial phone interview.

I ain’t got nowhere to go. My job offer had been rescinded on July 11, so it’s not like I had many choices. I agreed to call them on Skype on August 6 at 11 am and asked that if a time came up prior to that point they let me know because I’d love to speak with their CEO sooner.

I waited my turn. I continued applying for jobs, arranging interviews, wasting my time filling out assessment tests that explain nothing more than a candidates deductive reasoning skills. I’ve not been sitting on my butt. I’ve genuinely been trying as I waited for August 6th.

August 6th finally arrives.

As I’m straightening my hair and putting on my makeup this morning I hear my phone beep with an email that’s come through.

9:55 am I receive an email that says “We’re so sorry to do this to you but we have to cancel. An emergency came up and we won’t be able to have the interview this morning. – M”

ALRIGHT. At this point you’re just screwing with me. You’re wasting my time and you just don’t give a fuck.

Honestly, I’m so tired of these games. If you’ve got another candidate you’ve offered the job to, that’s fine. Stop lying to me. If you actually had an emergency in which you have enough time to email me, you’d say “We’ll reschedule”. If you actually cared about me as a candidate whatsoever, you’d say “We’ll be in touch” or something of the sort. But nothing. No “We’ll call you”… noooo language whatsoever that’ll allow me to believe I’ll ever hear from this company again.

I feel like this is the unemployment version of a breakup where… instead of breaking up with you they play stupid games with you in hopes that you get fed up and walk away.

43 thoughts on “Unemployment is exhausting on the body, mind and soul.

  1. God, I’ve been there more than a few times. I find it helps to take a little break and work on something else for a while. I’ve often used those times to “plant some seeds” for some of my other endeavors to develop. Heck, my website came out of that!

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  2. Many of us have been there and to be blunt there isnt a wonderful piece of advice hanging out there in the universe that I can offer that’s going to make it seem easy, if there was I would post it ASAP. I hope your persistence pays off soon, you deserve a break. Im rooting for you.

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    1. Thank you for the vote of confidence, though. It means a lot that you seem to always be trying to pump up my mood. You’re a thoughtful soul.


  3. As someone also going through a job search (though I’m not unemployed), it’s difficult to imagine that some companies ever manage to hire anyone. The disrespectful behaviour you encounter is very draining.

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    1. Right? It’s truly exhausting.

      I have an in-person job interview tomorrow and I’m trying to stay hopeful about it but it’s hard.

      Hopefully you find a new position soon! I’m rooting for you.

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  4. When they turn their back on you, you turn your back on them. I recommend a side hustle in the meantime to take your mind off of applying for jobs (like a hiatus). I hope things turn around for you soon! 🙏🏻🌺

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    1. Thanks Lady. At this point I really just want to work because I want to feel needed.I know that probably sounds really sad but it’s true.

      Also I need to make money so that I can travel. haha


    1. Thank You!

      I’ve stopped listening to “If we don’t contact you” from potential employers. I tell them that if I am going to take the time to interview with them and fill out pre-task questionnaires and take aptitude tests and so on and so forth, then they’re required to contact me. And if they don’t think they’re required to contact me then I’m not going to proceed further with the process.

      P.S. I hope you’re doing well and regaining your strength!


      1. Wow! that’s the best job ever! Do your research how to do it, what to study , what you should know! save some money and DO IT ! I may sound a little optimistic but if you believe it you can achieve anything!

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      2. Short of having a large bank account to start with, I’m not sure how. I’ll figure it out, though. Eventually!

        Thank you for the encouragement. ❤

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    1. Thank you for reading and thank you for your suggestion. I choose not to call out people/companies on this blog. To me, it’s not the right platform. I’d rather leave them scathing reviews on google. lol


    1. Thank you! I hope that I’ve lucked out and I’m hoping I dodged a bullet. I just need to find a better way to cope with the disappointment, I guess.


    1. Jim, do you have a ‘Follow’ button that doesn’t require me submitting my email address? I’d like to follow you but I cannot find the follow button.


      1. Hi V. First, thanks for your interest in my blog. Second, there should be a blue WordPress Follow Borden’s Blog button right below the search box and above where you could subscribe by mail. Please let me know if it works for you.

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  5. Yes, yes and yes. In my case however, I am not capable of going out to get a job due to my anxiety but it has left me feeling more unmotivated and stupid to be frank. I fear that my I am not able to control my anxiety for the rest of my life, so now I’m slowly starting an online business. At least it’s been occupying my time and mind.

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    1. Knowing that we’ve talked about this before (and please feel free to ignore this if it’s too personal) but do you take anything for your anxiety? I’m just curious. And again, if it’s too personal, please don’t answer. I don’t mean to offend.


  6. I’m so sorry this happened. I think it shows you dodged a bullet to be honest, they clearly don’t consider their employees or their candidates, so what would it be like to work there?

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    1. I was hoping that it would be really ‘low-key’ and an easy way for me to make money. But from the sounds of it, it really isn’t worth my time or effort. I want to be in Calgary so bad and it seems as though Calgary doesn’t want me to be there. lol


  7. My advice is to keep reaching out to them–because honestly, that cannot hurt–until they give a definite no, and also keep applying to other jobs! Good luck. I recently graduated college and I don’t have a job either, haha. I’ve been applying, getting screwed, networking and going to meetings–but nothing has ever led to a job. But honestly, giving up is a not a choice. What I did is, I got a small retail job to keep some money coming, and on my down time, I apply to bigger jobs! We’ll get something. We have to. Don’t give up!

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      1. Thick skin is good, just don’t let it go deep…trust me ❤ I know it's hard but one day someone is gonna treat you right, professionally or personally, and you want to still be open enough to receive that kindness you've always deserved.


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