Late night thought

I’m really proud of what this blog has become. 7 months ago when I was talking to Knight saying that I should start a blog and it would be a good place for me to write, I never dreamed it would turn into this community.

Thank you to every wonderful soul who I have crossed paths with in the past seven months. I hope this community continues to grow and provide me a continued source of inspiration and motivation.

I’m still toying with the idea of collaborations. I was overwhelmed that so many people thought it was a good idea and would like to take part. If I decide to do it I will let you know so that you each can share a piece of yourselves too.

36 thoughts on “Late night thought

  1. The growth of your blog is testament to your writing skills and to you as a person. You wouldn’t have had this kind of growth without your warmth spilling out from your words and if your writing wasn’t so engaging. I’m proud of you and you’ll hit 3,000 followers very soon I reckon.

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    1. I don’t know about my writing skills. lol. I have pretty terrible punctuation and grammar when I don’t edit my posts (which I most of the time do not). Thank you for your sunshine and support, for your kind words and for always bring a smile to my face.

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    1. Awe, that’s so nice! I don’t think of myself as inspirational, but I do appreciate your constant support, your reading my blog and your sharing with me.


  2. You’ve developed this blog so well and so quickly. I am so proud of you. Collaborations is always a good idea; in fact we too shall be incorporating them in our site in near future. My best wishes to you, V

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      1. true but they are the dumbest, I call these 3:00 a.m. thoughts here is an actual 0ne of mine. “What if we all sims in the game ans when the game is fired up we go into action. We are totally controlled by the player right down to the smallest thought. This a total dump thought I hope lol


  3. You Know I was thinking you were for independent authors & writers
    to contribute dumb thoughts and writing ideas that didn’t work to a list for other authors with publishing rights. if you want to sell some of your blogs which great short readers and wonderful content and advice for a small fee or put them together in a book & publish it on word press. I’m sure you could make money to get started. Let’s say I wanted to get a upgraded site for a while but every time I have the money it goes elsewhere & I don’t have it anymore.

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    1. I don’t think you should strive to get like me. I think you should strive to build your blog into what you dream it to be! Comparing your blog to others will only leave you thinking your blog should be something else, and it should be perfect the way it is, the way you make it!


      1. You know you are the type of people I hope to reach. You have so much heart and that is truly amazing. If you could see my blog and give me any constructive criticism I’d really appreciate that.


      2. I’m following you now. Not because you’ve asked but because I can see you’re a genuinely caring and kind person based on the messages you’ve left for me today. And the world needs more kindness in it. I certainly do. Thank you for being so kind. I’ll read your some of your blog when I get home tonight !


  4. This is really inspiring and it’s sort of the right time for me to come across your post. I have been struggling to keep my posts regular and to spend time and effort working on my blog. Seeing your inspired me to write more often and to keep up the hope.


    1. Oh, well I hope you do and that you get the chance too. It’s very cathartic, writing. And it’s very rewarding seeing a blog grow. Good luck, my dear ❤


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