The brutal truth.

There’s no secret to being social media famous. I’m sorry if this bursts preconceived notions or beliefs of what’s possible, but there isn’t.

Anyone who is famous on social media got there based on one or more of the following: dumb luck, an ability to follow fads/trends and… probably because they were in the right place at the right time (or they’re a Kardashian still riding the fame of their sister’s sex tape).

I know I’ve said this before but PLEASE don’t spend your money on social media workshops. Please don’t spend your money to buy followers. You work hard for your money and there’s nothing either of these two options can give you that will bring you fulfillment to your blog, twitter, Instagram or any other platform.

I believe people who sell ‘Social Media Management’ and people who sell ‘ [X amount] of Authentic Followers’ are stealing. I really do. Please don’t get scammed.

27 thoughts on “The brutal truth.

    1. I’ve seen them popping up a lot on wordpress lately as well. And they’re ALL OVER YOUTUBE.

      If you see those “Influencers” on youtube with a million plus followers and only 50-80 thousand people watching a video… perhaps that’s because they bought “BOTS” as “[X Amount] of authentic followers’. Bots only follow, they don’t watch videos.

      I don’t want that trend to take over wordpress. Ya know?

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      1. Yeah? I’d love to hear about it from the perspective of someone who’s been around a while. I’m new to the whole personal side to wordpress, I’ve only ever done it for businesses before and businesses are a whole different ball game.

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  1. On Twitter because I like politics. Got off Facebook so many years ago that I can’t recall. I am on instagram and love it. But I have no idea why someone would want thousands or millions of followers. They are fake. Even on Twitter guys act like it’s Tender. Doesn’t matter that your profile says no DMs. I can understand a business wanting many followers. But ordinary individuals, nope.

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    1. I don’t fault anyone for wanting to be social media famous. I think it’s a second nature for a lot of people to want to feel like they have a lot of friends, or a large following of people on line. I think there’s nothing wrong with that. I just don’t want people getting taken advantage of in the process of seeking that. Ya know?

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    1. I don’t fault anyone for wanting that. I think there are a lot of people in this world who would love the idea of having millions of people following them. It’s kind of like the idea of how so many people want to be famous actresses or singers. It’s not for everyone, but there are definitely a lot of people who desire it. And I think it’s good for them to have dreams and to want that. I just don’t want them to get taken advantage of in the process of trying to find that for themselves! You know what I mean?

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      1. The only reason I can think of is if someone is wanting to work for brands and want to get noticed. They figure that if they have a high enough count, that brands will take them seriously enough. Either than that, I cannot really think of another reason why someone would work so hard to get Instagram famous.

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      2. I can’t speculate why people want to be famous. I’ve never wanted it so I find it hard to think in that mentality. That being said, in 2019 brands are smart enough to realize if a person has [x] thousand followers and like two comments or two likes per post… they realize how they got those followers. If they don’t then the brand is stupid and they need to hire me! haha

        To me, I appreciate people who have managed to build a platform and use it to spread good, make change or be better for the world. There’s a yotuber that I follow who’s decently ‘famous’ at this point in time and she teaches people about how to be more sustainable with their purchases and make more ethical choices in the products they purchase whilst saving money in the process. To me, she’s a HUGE benefit to the youtube realm. To me, she brings a lot more to the table than those OODLES and OODLES of vapid ‘This is how I starve myself to shrink my waste’ people…

        I’m rambling now. I’m sorry.

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      3. Who is this Youtuber you speak of, V? I love YouTube and am always searching for ways to save money. I feel like the genuine, authentic people will stand out on their own and grow organically, which takes more time and more patience. It’s easy to buy bots but that’s just inflated ego and a cry for help I think. Much respect to people who grow their tribes organically. 👌


  2. You’re right on the money here. I think we should be grateful for what we have instead of trying to chase those followers and reinvent the wheel.

    I see posts and ads like you mentioned on here all of the time, but just ignore it.

    Besides, with time you’ll earn your followers. Why not give it time? I have no idea why everyone’s in such a rush. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

    Thanks for posting about this friend.

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    1. If being famous on wordpress or instagram or twitter is something someone desires, they ought to take the time to get to know people and grow their circle. Honestly, I think it’s a tad crazy. I’ve contemplated deleting this blog several times because I get anxious about large amounts of people reading what I have to say. I think that if my identity was tied to this blog, I probably would have deleted it by now. I really don’t know how people handle being ‘social media famous’. Power to them.

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      1. Right? I totally agree. But people go into things for the wrong reasons (or maybe they simply lose their way after a while). I see authors doing it wrong all the time and its really sad.

        Yeah, it can definitely be nerve-racking to think how many people are following your blog sometimes, but I just like to think of followers as friends, and in that way I’m okay with it. I’ve always been a social butterfly.


  3. Hell yah! Just like any job, unless you just happen to be damm lucky… you put in the hours, work your ass off and if you have real talent.. maybe.. just maybe.. you can get famous. Me? I dont care. Kinda sounds like a hassle to me. I write because I enjoy it. If others do too.. great. If not.. meh.. I didnt write it for them.

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    1. That’s the best outlook to have about it.

      If being instafamous is something people really want, they need to work at it. Things take time!


  4. For those who do buy followers and likes…..these accounts are often bots and your engagement will still remain LOW. How do I know this? I suspect someone I personally know is buying fake followers. Her engagement (number of genuine comments and actual likes per photo) are so small compared to her 20K follower count that her engagement should be A LOT higher. She is so desperate to be famous that she even wrote a Wikipedia profile about how great she was…. twice! A true narcissist if I’ve ever seen one.

    Another way to get followers is to play that dumb follow/unfollow game or go follow a Kardashian or some other celebrity (rinse and repeat). This is not only stupid but a waste of your precious time. Personally, I will remove new followers if I feel like they are toying with me. My IG account may be private but you can choose who follows you. I have no problem lowering my follower count by kicking these kinds of people for more genuine engagement.


    1. My IG account is PUBLIC (@serene_hilz). Just because my account is public does not mean that they have the right to follow me if they aren’t being genuine enough. Sorry for the typos…. I really wish there was a way to edit WordPress comments! 😏


      1. Seeing engagement is a big way to tell if someone bought their followers/subscribers. It’s true for Instagram and it’s true for Youtube. You’ll see people with over a million subscribers on youtube and their videos are only watched 50,000 times. It’s like.. glad you sold your dignity to get that youtube plaque.

        That being said, my instagram DM inbox is FILLED with “I run a service where you can buy loyal and engaging followers”. They drive me bonkers. The going rate for 6,000 followers is 16.99 right now. It’s that simpe. I wish people would think about that when they see “FAMOUS” instagrammers. For the low low price of like 100 bucks, you can also be instagram famou. lol

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      2. I think its sad how these people continue to spam you with their services. If they knew anything about you and ACTUALLY followed you regularly, they would know that you wouldn’t buy followers in the first place. That just tells me that those DM companies are just out there to make a quick buck!

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    1. It’s a little odd to me. I find people who are “famous on youtube” so horribly disingenuous. I think it’s second nature for a lot of people to want to be popular and I have nothing against that. After all, when I was in high school, I wanted to be popular. I just kind of grew out of that.. lol. Some people don’t though. And honestly, I won’t fault anyone for what they want. I might not want to be famous, but I do want some pretty bizarre things in life. haha

      Those ‘famous youtubers’ though, there’s nothing real or genuine about them. I read a couple days ago that two famous youtubers just got married for content purposes. I’ve seen people hardcore pitch on their youtube channels how amazing a certain mascara is for several weeks and then two months later make a video stating they’ve never actually used the mascara before. I think they get so excited about large pay cheques they lose site of anything beyond the money. It’s disheartening and sad.


  5. With my recent job loss I’ve been doing a lot of looking into social media as a way to make some extra money and I’ve seen the kind of things you’re talking about. So many snake oil salepeople who say they can offer you the “secrets” to success.
    I 100% agree with you, it takes a combination of luck, being in the right place at the right time, a degree of competence and lots of hard work.
    … But I think I’m still going to dream that my cosplay tutorial videos on Youtube will go viral and I’ll be the next Pewdiepie 😛


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