Flights are booked.

I know, I know, I know. Save your money. Be responsible. Do the right thing. Don’t be frivolous. I hear it, I hear you and I understand. I don’t care though.

I’m going.

I haven’t told anyone. I don’t think that I will until a day or two before the trip. Honestly, it’s my business and not theirs.

I’m a firm believer that if human beings were meant to stay in one place, we’d have roots instead of feet.

53 thoughts on “Flights are booked.

    1. Thank you so much! Travel should be something people do throughout their lives! Those who put it off seem to continue finding reasons to put it off and I don’t want to be one of those people!

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      1. Thank you for letting me know, Stacy. I don’t think they’re silly, I just get nominated for a lot of them (and that’s not me trying to brag, I swear). Because I’m nominated for so many, I don’t want people to think I’m picking and choosing which ones to respond to and which ones to not, so I’ve never really done a single one of them.

        I will think about it though, as I have gone through and read your post now!

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  1. Fly with Swoop. It’s a cheaper version of WestJet. We saved $200 per person on our last trip. You won’t get snacks or drinks, or a personal TV but you’ll live without the frills. ✈️

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      1. What is Floop. ahaha I’m half awake.

        I do wish Fly Swoop went more places. I don’t need Frills, I just need something to get me from point a to point b.

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      2. I just assumed it was a typo and you meant Swoop πŸ˜‚ we had to go out of the way for Swoop (think Hamilton and Edmonton instead of Toronto and Calgary) but his company pays for gas so we took the longer route to save $$$ on plane tickets.

        It’s not the best ride your life if you’re unfortunate like I was with an obnoxious kid kicking my back seat the entire time and 5 screaming babies on the plane (must have been karma since that’s usually Becca screaming).


  2. I love this! You’re doing the right thing in doing something for yourself, V! I hope you have the most amazing time, regardless of destination. Is it long until you go?

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      1. There’s more here than haggis! Haha! Thought you Canadians were supposed to be inoffensive. You know I’m kidding here though. ❀️


  3. Dear V;
    , I’m happy for you & wish you well. Please don’t make your mind about traveling & tearing up your roots, just yet. to share some experiences about mental health & travel from my life experience as sort of a response, If I may. I’d don’t how to share on your blog, but one way or the other your blog will be used.Again let’s make this a joint project, good or bad thinks for your consideration i will be waiting for your reply

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    1. Ok let me try to reexplain this. First on traveling & tearing up roots, from experience I’ve found that no matter how far you travel as Dorthy’s quote from the Wizard of Oz “There’s no place like Home” fits visit & enjoy share your travels and experiences. I traveled for 10 years with Circus all over the East Coast & the Midwest. & I loved it, but after a while I wanted to go home so I returned the small town where I was from. I left again in 1990 & moved to Colorado to attend College, and wound staying for 10 years, before moving to Virginia. My wife & I lived another 10 years in Virginia before moving back to our hometown in Upstate New York. Now the other item, was I wanted to use some of your blogs to try to write from my side of mental health as a person with Mental Illness. I made the mistake of admitting I had mental Illness at the age of eight and received the title the weird kid & tin foil hat . i was originally thinking & still am thinking with your permission using excerpts from your mental health blogs to incorporate into my blog on mental health. One final note, make your travels are fun and leave cares & worries of home at the front door, on the other side if where you lock it. Turn the key, hop in the cab & have wonderful time.


  4. I’m going on a trip as well, and I’m being very selective with who I’m sharing my plans with. If it makes you happy and isn’t hurting anyone else, it’s no one else’s business!

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    1. You’re absolutely correct!!!

      t’s a very singular sense of happiness. It’s your adventure and your desires so it’s your business. At least that’s how I treat it with mine!

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