Dear Universe,

If there was ever a moment, a time in which you could send me a signal, a sign, a jolt of hope or reason – now would be amazing.

I don’t need much. Just something that let’s me know everything’s going to be okay and that it won’t be like this forever.

Just a small sign, universe. I’m here and I’m trying. And I’m ready for a sign. No matter how small. I just want to know that it’s all going to end up okay.

52 thoughts on “Dear Universe,

    1. Ohhhhhhhhh. Some days I sure don’t feel like it. Those days when it’s hard to get out of bed… I feel anything but alive and myself. I’ll try, though. I really will.


  1. I don’t know if we can ever know that everything is going to be alright. What I do know is that if we keep our sights on what we can control, and we do the right things Good things will happen, if we just do the foot work, the things God puts in front of us, he will do the rest. While, not religious, I do have a a strong belief that God lives within us, and knows our hearts and if we keep our hearts clean and true, you will see the light. Just do the work and everything will be OK and we will see a light we never knew existed. Keep the faith my brother

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  2. Job hunt-wise the sign is, that you had one, which you felt good about. I’ve told you that I have several job-hunting friends at the moment. So it goes from 1) nobody replies to 2) get a phone screen and nobody calls back 3) get a phone screen and invited onsite and rejection then 5) got onsite two times and rejection, and then – job offer. I promise to you, that you are on the right track!

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  3. Believe that something good will happen and have faith that it will work out in the end. Believe in yourself and let go of any doubts and fears that you still have. I believe that everything happens for a reason but the reasons aren’t always obvious! 🌺

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      1. Law of Attraction, my friend. I know sounds hippie dippie, but it’s our thoughts that shape how we see the world around us…. I know it’s tough but try to keep a positive mind, despite these setbacks. Things can ONLY IMPROVE because you’ve hit your rock bottom…. there’s only one way but UP!☝️

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      2. It’s easier to run and use avoidance or indifference. But I suggest coming face to face with your demons and telling them to “fuck off” one by one. They’re only bad if you let them live rent free in your head. There’s some CEO enjoying a cocktail on the beach right now. Don’t let him/her determine your happiness.

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  4. It’s so so hard to see the wood from the trees when you feel like this, but trust me it always gets better. You are wonderful, deserving and 100% your own sign of good things. Sending love to you.

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  5. I’m sure I’ve told you this before, but at one time I was the Queen of Unemployment. I had 4 jobs in 3 years and got fired from most of them. It was absolutely horrible and I never thought it would end. Besides the financial strain (in the midst of planning a wedding and buying a house, mind you), I also felt like a totally useless loser with no brain cells. It sucked and I would NEVER wish that experience on anybody, but it made way for the job I have now that I am damn good at and for the most part like.
    Remember, the only constant is change. Things WILL change!

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    1. I do remember you telling me that. I just think that you’re probably a lot of stronger a person than I am.

      I’m just wishing that things would happen sooner rather than later. I know you’re right I just want things to fall into place now.


      1. I’m definitely stronger now, but back then — man. I remember days when I couldn’t get out of bed. I was on high dose antidepressants and was seeing my therapist at least once a week.
        I remember sobbing my way through job applications and having panic attacks before, after, and during interviews. I also remember bawling my eyes out over the phone to the poor unemployment lady and ending up in a heap on the basement floor. I was supposed to have been planning my wedding but instead I was fighting the unemployment system. It was honestly one of the lowest points of my life. I honestly don’t know what got me through those days, looking back.
        I know all about impatience too. My husband and I are both getting antsy in our current jobs and our house/neighborhood, but we don’t know what exactly to change or how to do it. It seems like no matter how hard we work, it’s not enough. I’m trying to keep things in perspective but patience is NOT my strong point.
        It’s a learning experience!

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  6. I trust you’ll be okay! When I was in such a spot as you, once or twice, it got better. I believe in you! And even the worst jobs or no jobs can always get better. Please believe how wonderful that you are!

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  7. Let all of us who read and comment be a sign for you, V. The very fact that you inspire so many and that people show you unconditional love and support here is also a sign.

    We’re all with you, all behind you, we are all part of you. Most importantly, we all love you. ❤️

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  8. Everything is not going to get ok. EVERYTHING IS OK !!
    But yes, I know everything is going to be OK V. I have a very direct and personal relationship with Divine Mother and She told me today morning that Vee has great life ahead for her 😊🤗

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  9. Life is weird, unpredictable and so much depends on chance things happening. Sometimes your “luck” changes seemingly by accident….by no apparent outward effort from yourself -BUT some minor thing you do without being conscious of it, some slight change to your usual routine can have far reaching consequences. Other times it takes a sudden and large change to set us off on a new path. Before I became we, (from being single to being married), I made a few small changes in my life and one big change. When my life and job seemed to be going nowhere I quit my job, took my savings, packed a backpack and went travelling for a year. One side of the world to the other. I had no idea what I was doing or where I was going, or if I’d ever go home again….but it was an adventure. It changed me as a person. Travel broadens the mind and I think makes us better and more tolerant people. It also led me to my wife. Then as a couple with a small child, again we travelled from one side of the world to the other….this time to live, not just as a journey. AND after our children had grown up and gone their own ways, we again quit our jobs, took most of our savings and went backpacking again…this time for 6 months. We met some wonderful people, changed our outlook on life and what we needed to have an enjoyable lifestyle. We had no jobs or employment prospects when we returned home. My wife now works part time, so as to enjoy more free time at home and I look after the house and grow much of our food in our garden….and spend my free time doing what I enjoy – writing. We exist on only 20% of the money that we both used to earn….Things always work out if you stay positive and have faith.

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  10. It’s okay not to be okay for a time ….. Candidly, I have many of those days…… and yet, those are the very days that make the “okay days” even much brighter, much better, much lovelier! Thanks for making this a truly “more-than-okay” day! Take care, V! 🙂


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