If you’re grateful for this life, you’re grateful for everything in this life… even the hardships.

This is something that I’ve been thinking about a lot as of late. People are so quick to state that it’s the wrong time, that they’re not ready, you’re not ready or I’m not ready. Everyone’s got an opinion about the wrong time. Something that people never seem to want to share though is, when is the right time?

With all the things I’ve been through this year, with all the things that everything has been through this year, why are we questioning the wrong timing rather than living in the now?

A friend of mine was recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Now, understandably so, all they can think/talk about is all of the mountains they never climbed, all of the marathons they never ran and all of the times they put these things off for work, or for ‘life’ not really thinking one day they wouldn’t be able anymore.

Point of this story? The right time is right now. Stop telling yourself that it’s the wrong time. Stop telling yourself that you’ll do it later. If it’s something that you want, do it. Do it now. If something is happening, whether it’s in your control or not, this is what is supposed to be happening. This is something that I’ve had to learn the hard way… because it’s been a crappy year. Even just typing that, I feel like a broken record as I know it’s something I’ve said all too many times before.

When you’re going through a hard time it can feel like everyone and everything is against you. And honestly, on my bad days, that’s what I’ve spent a lot of time this year believing. However, I watched an interview between Stephen Colbert and Anderson Cooper last night to which Stephen Colbert said something that really struck me.

I’m paraphrasing here:

“I’ve learned to the love the thing that I wish most had not happened. What punishments of god are not gifts?”

It’s a gift to exist. It’s a gift to exist. And with existence, comes suffering. There’s no escaping that.

If you’re grateful for your life, you have to be grateful for all of it.

Stephen Colbert

I’m not a religious person, but I do absolutely believe in what Colbert has said. If you’re interested in seeing the interview, you can watch it here: The Stephen Colbert Interview from Anderson Cooper 360 (I highly recommend watching it from start to finish)

If you’re grateful for your life, you have to be grateful for all of it. The good, the bad, the happy, the sad. And with that understanding comes the realization that the right time is right now. Whether it’s good or bad, happy or sad, right now is the right time for what is happening to you, for what you want and desire most, for what you think you cannot handle but absolutely can.

If you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to have the weight lifted off your shoulders, I think this is what has done it for me. Honestly, these shitty times are setting me up for something. They have to be. And that’s why I’m choosing to believe that what’s happening right now is supposed to be happening right now.

Stop putting something off because it’s not the right time. Don’t tell yourself you can’t have a baby or buy a house or go on a trip or pierce your nose or change your career path. Do it.

*This definitely sounded a lot more coherent in my head. Ah well, I’m leaving it now.

16 thoughts on “If you’re grateful for this life, you’re grateful for everything in this life… even the hardships.

  1. I think a big reason people put things off that they’re contemplating doing is because a) there’s some sort of fear and b) they can’t quite put their finger on in the moment nor can put it into words beyond ‘I’ll do it later’. I’m sure we’ve all done it. I reckon that sometimes people can have ‘threshold moments’ where the desire to do the thing that their contemplating doing outstrips and punches a hole through those fears. This probably explains why people who have been diagnosed with chronic health conditions, or had near death experiences suddenly get a zest for life that they never ever had before. There’s been so many times I’ve heard of people who live life to the full. Now, it’s easy to say ‘life is short do it’, but I think a more important question to ask, & to get people pondering is what fears are stopping them? Unfortunately a lot of people contemplate doing great things & making great changes but fall into a ‘comfort trap’; whereby their situation is mediocre but manageable. The thing is, I don’t think people should have to wait until some wake-up call or until a situation becomes unbearable.

    I also think people are afraid to talk about fears that are stopping them making changes or taking on projects for fear of being judged. This might explain why people may say ‘I’ll do it later, at the right time’.

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    1. I think that’s a really important question to ask, too, What fears are stopping you? That could explain a lot of why people don’t do the things they want to do. That brings a whole new layer to my thoughts and has got my head swirling now. Thank you for your insights this afternoon.


      1. Another thing to add, some people might be scared to say what’s stopping them (answering ‘why’) for fear of being looked down on & judged for their reason (the idea that you’d be seen as ‘weak’ if you express certain fears).

        You know that situation where people may give suggestions, leave an awkward silence & jump to conclusions (the recipient is aware of this, the anxiety makes the mind go blank). What they should do if the recipient is hesitant is simply acknowledge & say ‘something’s stopping you but you can’t put your finger on’. The reason I say this because a friend did that when I was advised to try x, y, z to improve my social life & circumstances & I found it really helpful and made major progress, it gave me the SPACE. Acknowledging ‘there’s something you can’t put your finger on’ opened up the door for further communication & helped a lot. That’s the reason I mention this.


  2. Not being a Colbert fan, I think I have this right, it all comes down to being yourself, & leave yourself open enough to be rigid, & able to change & the bumps in the road of life. I’ve been over many of the bumps and pot holes in life well at enugh to learn that change, hast to an acceptable & always a part of life. In my life, I’ve seen things I’ve seen terrifing few things that some people have and haven’t seen in life. It being acceptable to change & eliminate the fear, made gorw just little stronger.

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  3. V, I see we’re kindred spirits …. so refreshed with your positive outlook in life! Haven’t been a fan of hardships initially, but life has taught me to embrace the lessons I’ve had along the way. Thanks so much for brightening my day! 🙂


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