Blog of the Wolf Boy – Behind the Author

If anyone would like to read Mathew’s ‘Behind the Author’ interview of me, click here>

Blog of the Wolf Boy is one of my favourite blogs on wordpress so when he asked me to take part, I was extremely honoured. Nervous, by honoured.

Go read it! Because his whole series is a pretty unique way of broadening the wordpress community.

Click here > to read!

13 thoughts on “Blog of the Wolf Boy – Behind the Author

  1. I was pleased to visit his blog and discover YOU featured as an interview subject! What a great interview; as usual your words flow charming and articulate across the page. Thanks for posting this plug – his graphic background is uncommonly beautiful and I’ll be exploring his blog more this weekend. Good find.

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    1. Well thank you for the sweet compliment, once again. It was largely Mat that made it coherent. He deserves all the credit!

      As for Mat’s blog, I would say I’m the biggest fan of his poetry, most of all. Definitely read some of his poetry, it’s the kind of stuff that could really resonate with sooooo many people.

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    1. It’s your poetry. Like the one about anxiety from the other day – when you did an audio of it as well. Those words, they really spoke to me. Your poetry gets me every time.

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      1. That makes me feel good, because I had two bloggers talk shit about my poems just a little while ago and it soured me πŸ˜› I appreciate that.

        My secret is that I don’t really care about the format. It has to flow straight from my soul, sometimes I don’t even care if it rhymes. It just needs to pour out of me just as it is. Then I try to refine it after a bit. πŸ˜€ It’s my blog’s “special sauce” hahah…

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