Has anyone else noticed?

I’ve noticed lately that there are blogs I am certain I was following, I will go to their page and their page will tell me I am not following them.

Has anyone else had this issue?

I’ve had to follow the same person 3-4 times in some occasions.

51 thoughts on “Has anyone else noticed?

  1. It’s a known issue with constant upgrades. You follow when it’s v5.0 and it changes how the follow is represented in v5.1. As long as you get the notifications, you’re definitely still following even if it shows that you aren’t.

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      1. I wish I had a clever IT trick to fix it. I’ve ended up converting to email subs and not relying on the built in WordPress follow functions.


    1. I’m worried about the fact that there are a couple of people I’ve been following since the beginning of my blog and I’m no longer seeing their posts. I don’t know what to do about it. When I go to their blog it says “Click here to follow” though I should have already been following. They’re asking me “Why do you keep unfollowing and then following again?”

      I just don’t get it!

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    1. It’s been happening since shortly before you brought it up to me on Instagram. Yours was the third I thought I was following and I had to hit ‘Follow’ several times. It sucks!


  2. Have you cleared the cache? Maybe I’m off-base (maybe you already did that) but it could only help I guess. I sometimes click follow and it does nothing. Then I refresh the page and/or go to a different one and back and it comes up. Idk. Weird. We’re prob talking about totally dif things in the internet world.

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    1. I have cleared the cache. I recently had a security breach with my credit card and fraudulent charges made. After that happened I cleared history, passwords, cache, changed everything. It’s been happening for about 3 weeks now.

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      1. It does. As a fellow millennial, I know more about computers than your avg bear. But there’s a lot that I still am totally oblivious too. Finally looked up what a cookie is the other day. I understand what it is cuz I’m a native of the internet, but idk you know what I mean?


  3. I looked at the number of my followers and it appears to be the same. I did however have a problem getting to the reader for a number of days and that seems to have worked itself out. on another note, I went to look at your Instagram feed and wasn’t certain which one might be yours, there a could of different ones when I plugged in @ohmillennials what does your profile pic look like?

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    1. I didn’t realize the username has become more popular! My instagram account- It’s a triangular logo with marble black background that says “millennial life crisis” though it’s a little hard to read. The images are checkered white and black marble.

      Let me know your username and I will follow you!


    1. Yes! There are certain blogs I am definitely noticing (I think probably noticing them because I talk to them most) that I’m not getting notifications for anymore. It’s worrisome! I don’t want people to think I am ignoring them.

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  4. 🙂 Yes, I have the same issue. However, when I reload the page, it tells me that I am following them.

    I do not worry because they are showing up in the feed of those whom I am following (If I was not following them, their posts would be nonexistent in my feed).


  5. There are times when I’ve mysteriously unfollowed someone. Lately there have also been times when I went to someone’s website it showed me I wasn’t following, but if I viewed it in the WordPress Reader it showed I was still following them. WordPress gremlins…

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  6. I use the Brave web browser, it’s great for privacy. But unfortunately it seems to break the Follow functionality in WordPress sites (when I want to Follow someone else’s site). I have to use a setting in Brave called “Shields Down” for the functionality to work. So, I’m wondering if other ad blockers or privacy extensions are causing similar issues.

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  7. I haven’t experienced this issue but sometimes I will click on a link which no longer works. For instance, the person will comment or follow me, and minutes later I will try to check out their blog…. so why would they suddenly delete their site? Makes no sense. They probably haven’t updated the broken links, but it’s still frustrating nonetheless.

    In terms of your issue though, sometimes the website itself (if you are using a browser on the computer) will say you aren’t following when you actually are. I only trust the dashboard and what it tells me!

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    1. Yeah, I’ve definitely experienced that. Whenever I’ve talked to someone about that, they’ve been in the process of changing their URL and wordpress takes a couple of days to catch up.

      The thing about my dashboard is it’s not showing posts from people I’ve been following basically since I started on wordpress in January. And that’s worrisome to me! The people who’ve been around since I had 5 followers, who I’ve been talking to since January, I can’t see their posts. Ya know?

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      1. That is definitely troublesome, V! So they aren’t showing up on the dashboard at all… or the WP reader? Did they delete their accounts? Other bloggers have had similar problems to what you are experiencing, so it could be a WP glitch. Still, its very frustrating indeed!


  8. I’ve had that problem too. Must be a fault of the wordpress system because once I follow a blog I stay with it. I know some people follow blogs just so that that blogger will follow them..in a bid to boost their own follower numbers….and if they dont follow them they unfollow again. What’s the point?

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    1. hahah! Yeah, I’ve had more than a few people follow me and then unfollow me once I followed them back.

      Since life’s not a popularity contents, I don’t really let it get to me.

      I just don’t want people thinking that I’m unfollowing them. It takes a lot for me to hit the unfollow button. You have to show some pretty heinous and disgusting characteristics for me to hit the unfollow button!


  9. I’ve noticed that a lot I’m at the point with a free blog thus My entire blog, has disappeared,and I have to start from scratch.It took WordPress to catch the goblin. You might want to WordPress for suspicious logins. They caught mine & notified me Immediately. Hope this Helps.


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