Things that annoy me.

The fact that you cannot get an actual human being on the phone when you call a business in this day and age. Firstly, answering machines that say “Click 1 for —” and “Click 2 for —” are not helpful. They are not more productive than an actual human being answering the phone and they are not an adequate replacement for a human being answering the phone. Secondly, waiting on hold for 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30+ minutes to speak with an actual human being is ridiculous. It’s annoying that this is considered acceptable customer service in 2019. “Then don’t phone them!” I’ve heard some say. Well, if I had the option of not phoning them, I probably wouldn’t be here waiting on hold for 30 minutes…

When someone phones you, doesn’t leave a voicemail and then immediately sends you a text message that says ‘call me’. You couldn’t leave me a voicemail? You couldn’t text me the message you want to talk about? If I didn’t answer the phone it’s because I’m clearly not able too. If you need me for something, leave me a message as to what it is.

Youtube ‘Influencers’ that don’t acknowledge they’re clearly being sponsored for their videos/posts. Regulations and law surrounding sponsorships/partnerships were put into place in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom and many other countries for a reason – that reason being these ‘Influencers’ have a great deal of sway on how the people who watch their videos spend their money. So it drives me batty when I see someone who makes youtube videos clearly pushing something they’re being paid to push and not telling their audience that. There are a lot of naive people in this world and I don’t want them being taken advantage of because this youtuber is too important to follow the law. If you’re being paid to push it, you should be transparent about that.

When companies send the same generic “Thanks but we’ve selected someone with more qualifications than you” email to everyone. If a candidate jumps through all of the hoops of applying for a position with you, respect that. This often isn’t a quick process. This is filling out every form, answering all of your stupid ‘what would you bring to an office game night’ questions, providing references, taking part in pre-interview tasks, doing phone interviews, Skype interviews, and so on and so forth. It can often take 30 minutes for one single application. It’s annoying as heck that the best a company can give in return is a generic, computer generated email to let you know they haven’t given you the time of day and don’t intend to.

Mosquitoes. Seriously, it’s summer in Canada and these suckers are everywhere. And when I say suckers, I mean suckers. A bug that sucks your blood? How twisted is that. Then you’re left with this annoying bug bite that itches for weeks to follow. Or, if you’re lucky enough that you can swat and kill it you’re left wondering what poor sucker’s blood is now smeared all over your hand. Yeah, it’s that gross.

Washing dishes by hand. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, life is far too short to wash dishes by hand. That’s quite literally what they invented dishwashers for. If it can’t be washed in the dishwasher, it’s not a dish that I want to own.

When the traffic light turns yellow and 6-7 cars continue to speed through the intersection. Seriously, when did we become a world in which the biggest inconvenience in our day is having to wait an extra three minutes for the traffic light to change in our favour again?

Dear Autocorrect, I NEVER mean ‘Ducking’. Never. Never, never ever.

This list is mainly supposed to be satirical, but also with a hint of serious nature to it. I could go on and on with these things, but I’ll keep it to this, for now. I love hearing about things that annoy people and I love finding common annoyances with people.

55 thoughts on “Things that annoy me.

  1. When the traffic light turns green and the cars in front of you don’t move. πŸ˜‘

    When pedestrians proceed to cross the street at the very last second, only to take their sweet ass time crossing the street. This is especially bad in parking lots and mall entrances.

    Washing dishes by hand is needed when the husband doesn’t understand that dishes need to be RINSED before putting them in the dishwasher. So the supposedly clean dishes come out of the dishwasher still dirty and husband proceeds to put these grimy dishes back in the cupboard, hoping wife doesn’t notice. Wife notices. Wife isn’t amused.

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  2. β€œDucking” Ah Siri. I’ve done a lot of canoeing on the Canada border and concur. Though the worst I’d ever seen was backpacking in Alaska. They’re huge. When you try to kill them, they shrug off the swat, and hurry off to tell their friends that there is a tourist in town!

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  3. Everything on this list. ESPECIALLY the damn mosquitoes and the generic rejection email from these companies.

    Although I do enjoy washing dishes sometimes πŸ˜… (when my mother doesn’t demand I do them), then I’ll just scrub away at them. But I do hate when the pots get those tough grease stains 😀

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    1. Do you want to come to my house and wash the umpteen-thousand wood dishes my mom owns? If I hear her yell at me about wood dishes one more time… lol

      I’ll pay you to scrub her wood dishes!

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  4. Two observations, first good post, you voiced what most people think but don’t say anything. Refreshing to hear the things that piss me off too. For me it’s the telephone thing. Regardless of who you call you have to go through a robot. In the end it’s all about the BENJIMANS

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    1. Agree! It’s annoying when you always have to go through a robot first. Doesn’t matter if your call will take 20 seconds or 20 minutes, you have to deal with the robot first!

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      1. I’m old enough to remember when regardless who you called a person answered. We actually didn’t have answering machines. I worked in a corporate setting, highly pressurized, however every call that came in a person told me “Laura is on the other line”, and Laura was told by a person to hold a minute or he’ll call you back. We did fine than. This is probably before your time. In some respects technology is great and in others it sucks

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      2. Agree! When I was a kid answering machines were just coming into place. And that was just to leave a message if someone wasn’t at their desk to answer. These stupid robo machines that ask you to push one for blah are not helpful. I wish we could go back to actual people answering!

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    1. There is a law in Canada that says you’re supposed to be able to get an actual human when you dial zero. Unfortunately, all companies don’t currently follow that law. (my bank being one of them) I tend to report those companies as I find them though. Let the long arm of the law teach them the Dial Zero rule, right?

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  5. You’ve definitely hit the nail on the head! My autocorrect always puts the word, “daddy” when I type, “Hope your day was a good one.” The first time it was pointed out to me was with my 31 y/o daughter. I’ve been divorced from her father for 20+years and we barely talk. So, my daughter sent back a stream of πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ emojis.

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    1. Oh, that would be incredibly annoying to have autocorrect change it to ‘Daddy’. Your daughter was probably thinking ‘oh mom, what even?’ hahaha


  6. LMAO – Vee, I love the shit out of you, but you gotta admit the dishwasher thing is a little princess-y. For real V. One of the mild disappointments of my life right now is that we’ll never meet in person. Trust this – if we ever chanced to be stuck together in a remote cabin in Canada without a dishwasher, I would be a good friend and make *damn* sure to cover the dishes for you 100% of the time. As long as you agreed to clean the shower once every 4 months. Cuz I really hate that shit and always leave that task to my housemates. :).

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      1. Of course 😊. So here on our motorways we have three lanes as a rule. Lanes 2 and 3 are strictly speaking for overtaking only. A middle lane driver is someone who sits stubbornly in that lane for no good reason any sensible motorist can understand. They cause lot of frustration, impatience and sometimes anger, although those that act on their anger by undertaking (illegal) are also idiots as they are being just as reckless in a different way.


  7. I definitely relate to a lot of these. I was just talking to someone the other day about the phone etiquette thing. It also drives me crazy when someone leaves me a voicemail and says “Call me right back!” as if it’s urgent, but you call back and it was just for some little insignificant thing. Like…could you please re-evaluate the appropriate level of urgency in your tone of voice and perhaps give me a clue what this is about so I know how urgently I may actually need to return your call after listening to your voicemail, please?


  8. We call them Skeeters where I live in the United States. They’re so big they landing & Parking Space at the Airport. The Job Search wasn’t as bad for me, I was in a field that was wide open in the 1990s to 2005 so i had little problems , I have a stupid things people do to tick you off list. One that still gets me is I’m in a nursing home, why do I need a cell phone evidently in this Microsoft world Mr. Bill Gates & his teams do. I can’t reinstate my e-mail account with out one my summation Some day in the future, The hone telephone will be behind glass in a Museum And Gates or his survivors will have another 80 or 90 Billion & cornering the cell phone market like he did the computer system. Ah the Cell Phone apps or adds aren’t we already deleting apps we don’t want with one hand while we are waiting for an answer to our call with the other.


    1. Hey Jeffrey, I got your email. I’m responding here because I’m on my phone and I don’t have that email address connected to this phone – and I realized I forgot to write you back. Please feel to take title, subject, motivation from the post you spoke of or any post. Use it, make it yours, make it better and amazing! I would love to read it when you do!

      Writing’s all about taking advantage of the motivation when you find it. And if that title motivated you to write, then do it !

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  9. Vee, you know in India maids are treated with utmost respect. Cos here humans are the dishwashers and clothes washers. I sometimes feel they are treated with more respect than even family members. Lol! Somehow we have a PhD in household work πŸ˜‰ haha…


    1. I bet they are. I guess that goes to show just how different the world is from country to country. My dishwashing annoyance is one that people would call a ‘first world problem’ and I totally admit that.


  10. YES TO PEOPLE WHO DONT FUCKING LEAVE A MESSAGE JEEZ! Transparency is so important or else its just so shady to not reveal bias. Oh gosh, as an asian, none of us have dishwashers or dryers, but I’d love to live in a world where that’s common though HAHAHA!


    1. Awe, I’d totally share my dishwasher and dryer with you.

      Though I don’t really use my dryer. I’ve been hanging things for years. I got into the habit when I was living in an apartment and it cost $3.75 a load to use the dryer. I was like “I ain’t paying 3.75 when time and the earth can do that for me!” Ever since then I’ve always hung my clothes.


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