Dear Calgary, I want a job.

Dear Calgary,

I want a job. A full-time job.

I’m a 30 year old Marketing/Communications/PR professional with a decade of industry experience working for provincial and national organizations. I have a degree in Marketing/General Business and keen insights on the changing economy, culture and societal norms in Alberta and all of Canada.

Here’s a snapshot of what I bring to the table:

  • First-hand experience creating and implementing best-class brand strategy and marketing plans from the ground up
  • Demonstrated skills in multidisciplinary relations, storytelling and presentation
  • The ability to develop and oversee complex digital media (national scale) and social media strategies (audience of 90,000+), which include:
    • Managing the planning, communication and implementation of all strategies
    • Execution and management of paid social media advertising campaigns
    • Tracking defined KPIs and analytics to support digital integration
  • In-depth experience coordinating successful email marketing campaigns to grow audience, readership and specifically meet ROI
  • Expertise in Adobe Creative Suite with specialization in graphic design
  • Website management and HTML coding expertise
  • An analytical mind
  • A likability and relatable nature that allows me to effectively understand and appeal to diverse markets and build relationships within said markets
  • An inherent ability to make my boss LOOK GOOD

I am a proactive team player, proven leader and go-to guidance provider with respect to all things public domain. Β I thrive under chaos and I have the creative ability to think outside the box in a way you’ve yet to experience.

I want a job. I want the opportunity to make you look good. I want to grow your presences within the industry and the Canadian marketplace (and international if applicable). I want a chance to show you how much more is possible with the right person at the helm of your Marketing strategies. I guarantee that you’ll be able to look back and think ‘Damn, I sure am glad that I hired her”.

I don’t want my resume overlooked. I don’t want to be written off for nonsensical reasons. I don’t want more excuses and I definitely don’t want any more of the bullshit that is commonplace in job hunting.

I am not a run-of-the-mill candidate. I am ONE-OF-A-KIND. Meet with me and you’ll understand why.



***A friend of mine recently told me that if Calgary is where I really want to be, I need to think outside of the box. Well, this is me thinking outside of the box.

If a man can stand on a street corner in Phoenix with a “Need Job” sign and get 3,000 job offers, consider this my ‘Need Job’ sign. Perhaps there’s a company out there that hasn’t yet considered the idea that they need someone like me in their office. Perhaps word of mouth could work better for me than the current route I’ve been taking. Either way, I’ve got to try.

60 thoughts on “Dear Calgary, I want a job.

  1. I looooooove your skills girl! My daughter did something like this a few years ago when she wanted the promotional spot at her job. IT FUCKING WORKED! Standing out, being positive about your skills and why you’re not anybody in the plethora of resumes/applications they see daily/monthly/yearly. I truly appreciate and admire your gusto. Don’t be ordinary, be legendary!πŸ’‹

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  2. Having worked with an outplacement firm for a bit, I can offer some feedback based on the things I learned there. This is actually not a bad strategy. But the problem with doing this from your blog is that anyone who connects can see everything you’ve posted (good and bad). You are essentially marketing yourself and anything that might be perceived negatively is not helping. LinkedIn is probably a better tool for this type of thing. Nothing wrong with a blog to enhance that but I think you’d be better off with a different blog to just focus on work related stuff. Take some of the bullet points you’ve got and expand on them. Write about your insights into the changing economy and culture that you see and how you’d take advantage of it. You could tie LinkedIn to a blog like that and it could be a pretty powerful sales tool. Save this blog for the personal stuff.

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    1. Thanks for your advice. I appreciate it.

      LinkedIn hasn’t really gotten me anywhere in the past eight months. And honestly, I don’t think I’ve written anything all that bad on my blog, so if someone is going to judge me negatively for this blog, they probably wouldn’t like me as an employee anyway.

      Also, this blog is anonymous, so it’s not like it’s tying to my name at all. If nothing comes of it, I’m at no loss. If, heaven forbid, someone knows someone who’s hiring and they can send me a link or an email to contact someone at, that’s how I’ll get my in, I figure. I’m not expecting companies to start reading wordpress blogs looking for employees.

      I will take your suggestions and actually put them towards my resume for when I submit applications to companies. I will expand on a couple of the bullet points, I do appreciate your suggestions!

      Thank you!


  3. Looks good, loving the bullets and sub-bullets ;). I’d chop the length down some and also post this on Linkedin. Hey that thing about standing on a street “need a job” sign anf a stack of resumes is not a bad idea. I remember reading about that. Travel to Calgary and do that if you can. You’d probably get a bunch of offers like that dude. I remember ppl on Linkedin complained because they were jealous of his boldness and creativity. Where I applauded him and filed it back in my mind as an idea if i get laid off. It takes some balls but i think it’s a hell of a good idea.

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    1. Thanks, friend!

      The length is mainly for the blog post. I was feeling like going for the gusto. It’s not actually like this on my cover letter. My cover letter is much more succint, thanks to your help!

      A different version of this is on LinkedIn. I guess I just thought i’d think outside the box here.

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  4. Have you looked into manifestation using the Law of Attraction (LoA)? It not only works for manifesting money but also works for getting what you deeply desire. You are already qualified and you shouldn’t have to feel like you need to prove your worth to anyone. You are already what they are looking for, so no amount of convincing them or yourself will change that. You are enough. 😊🌺

    Do you use LinkedIn and update your profile regularly? I would start there if I were you. Good luck!

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    1. Thank you for the positive vibes Hilary, I really appreciate it.

      And yes, a version of this is on my LinkedIn! LinkedIn just doesn’t really seem to do anything for me though. People keep looking at my page, I pay for the Pro account so I can see who, but I don’t know, it just… doesn’t seem to help.

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      1. Nick says that LinkedIn is good once you get established in a field. My account just sits there but it hasn’t been updated in ages. I feel like LinkedIn is good for career-driven people.

        As weird as this sounds, the moment you let go and stop focusing on what you don’t have, something good will come your way. Since these circumstances are out of your control (you can’t control when you get an interview or when you get a job), try to find some inner peace in the meantime.βœŒοΈπŸŒΈπŸ§˜β€β™€οΈπŸ’•


  5. As a fellow job hunter I know exactly how you feel. I’m competent, experienced and darn good at the work I do… I just need an employer to give me a chance to show them what I can do!
    I wish us both luck on our hunt!

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    1. Good Luck to you with the job hunt. I know how annoying it can be so I am sending all of the positive vibes in the universe your direction!


  6. At least you have the advantage of being a Marketing/Communications/PR professional. I suppose this is a field where the one who’s best at promoting him/herself gets the job? This man in Phoenix definitively got it right. With his 3,000 job offers he could have opened an agency help other people to get a job!


    1. Sadly, PR/Marketing seems to be a position where you get the job if you know someone or you’re related to someone. It actually hapens A LOT. So someone being in the same city will have word of mouth in their favour whereas me, from afar don’t necessarily have that advantage and I need to think outside of the box!


      1. Hah! That’s pretty genius.

        I thought about setting up a separate wordpress and just creating it to have my resume and cover letter on it. But then, I just need to figure out how to promote that.

        I also wrote a letter to the newspaper asking them if they could post it. I don’t know if they will but I’m trying to think outside of the box!

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  7. There’s something, odd about 3,000 job offers. The homeless here, stand let’s say for rush hour. It’s peak car time so the opportunity for exposure and compensation is highest for five hours a day. That would be 600 offers an an hour. A light occurs, every third minute for two minutes. So. Even a four lane road only provides an opportunity of exposure to a dozen cars every three minutes. Or. Ten seconds a car at a sprint. So. At most, unless he’s part canine and chasing down cars he would see half that number here in Phoenix. Homeless, have a successful transaction at 3-6% and varies wildly. He had, a 300% success rate. πŸ˜‚ So. πŸ€” He walked to a corner here in Phoenix and talked to 6,000 people at only 100 stop lights in five hours? He stopped at 60 cars in two minutes before the light changed. While carrying 13 reams of paper… it’s a ridiculous story. We. Are horribly gullible here, Phoenix is the Florida of the West coast.


    1. From what I read in the articles following, the job offers came because the photos of him went viral, because of a news journalist speaking with him and asking his identity, because people were reaching out to the news journalist then asking to speak with him, offering him positions from all over the country. It wasn’t that 3,000 people stopped and offered him a job, it’s that the photo of him ‘thinking outside the box’ went viral, people saw it and those that could help, wanted to offer help.


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