There’s a gentleman that I follow on twitter that I knew from my previous life, prior to 2019. This gentleman is extremely intelligent and an entrepreneur. He claims to be self-made, though I don’t believe that to be true. In my own opinion, you cannot be self-made if your parents hand you over the business. I’m making it a point to share this fact because I believe that everyone starts from somewhere. Some have more advantages than others starting out (and I see nothing wrong with taking advantage of that) but everyone starts from somewhere.

So this particular gentleman, he started out by having his business handed to him. He didn’t buy it. It was given to him. And he’s taken it and turned it into an even more successful business. One that has a large social media presence and that garners a lot of referrals for employees through his social media platforms.

Personally, he has several thousand followers on his own accounts and his own accounts are heavily intertwined to his business accounts.

This gentleman, when he receives emails from job hunters that have spelling or grammar mistakes in them, he likes to blur out the email address of who it’s from and post screenshots of the email to his twitter account to make fun of the person without naming them.

The thing is, because he has several thousand followers on his personal account, and his personal twitter is heavily intertwined to his business twitter, and his business twitter brings in a great deal of attention to his business, there’s every chance that prospective candidates who have been emailing him are seeing him making fun of them and their application on twitter.

We all have to start somewhere. I mentioned that in the first paragraph for a reason. He may have started farther ahead than others so he doesn’t understand these honest, naive mistakes from youngins just starting out.

I’ve personally never applied for a job with this company, only because it’s completely in an unrelated industry to any skill that I bring to the table so it’s not worth trying. That being said, I’m not really sure how I’d feel if I logged into twitter and saw the head of a company posting an email from me to twitter, making fun of my application. Likely, I’d be very upset and disheartened. The names might not be there, but I’d still know he was making fun of me, specifically.

So think how these potential candidates must feel.

I feel like, as a boss, your role should be a leader. Your role should be to empower people. And these people may not be your employee now, but they can certainly be empowered by the choices you make and the way you go about responding to them with constructive information rather than making fun of them on twitter.

Powerful people empower people.

So how about, instead of posting these emails to social media in an attempt to belittle these people (where they can likely see it and feel bad about themselves because of it) you offer some genuine helpful feedback? How about you take the time to be a real leader and tell these prospective employees how they can improve upon their first impressions? How about you take that entrepreneurial title you hold so dearly and be a good boss. A boss that cares about people whether they’re your employee, prospective employees or complete strangers.

All I am saying is… there’s two ways to go about this situation and the route this gentleman is taking, I think it’s the wrong route.

People screw up. They make spelling mistakes. They naively use the wrong words and they can do things that can be embarrassing at times. Shaming them over social media, being named or not, is not an acceptable response to those situations.

Everyone’s got to start somewhere. And these prospective employees emailing you, they’re starting right now. Be the guy that helps them. Be the guy that teaches them. Be the guy that provides positive, constructive feedback that will contribute to them being more successful in the future. You don’t have to hire them to help them. You can help them with guidance.

Don’t be the guy who makes fun of them on social media.

45 thoughts on “#HorribleBosses

  1. He is a poor example of a boss, and its likely his businesses would make even more money if he chose to change his character a little. I used to be a boss and I cant say if I was good or bad but I always tried to surround myself with smart people. Everyone makes mistakes, I never would have called someone out for grammar or spelling.

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    1. I absolutely agree with you.

      Him using social media to basically shame people for their mistakes is not leadership. It’s sucky-ship!


    1. Yeah, he clearly does have too much time on his hands!

      The thing is, he’s a brilliant man when it comes to a lot of business. But he’s also showing his true character and what an asshole he is when he does stuff like this!


  2. Bosses like that infuriates me. Think what that does to a person’s mental health. I guess he doesn’t care because he’s at the top and there are probably people willing to defend him based off the Twitter account.

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    1. I truly believe that if you’re in a place of power, you should use that power for good – not for ridiculing people on the internet.

      Power has clearly changed him for the negative, that’s for sure!


  3. You’re right, everyone starts somewhere but some people have literally climbed up from the gutter and still managed to reach prominence. I know a couple of examples. And it doesn’t become a successful entrepreneur to belittle people. This kind of behavior has a tendency to have nasty rebounds. Karma can be a bitch.


    1. I kindly tried to explain to him that he ought to provide helpful feedback to them via email rather than shaming them on twitter. He was like “Oh, I was going to write them helpful feedback, I just thought it was too funny to not share.”

      Yeah… grow up. It’s unprofessional and mean. I hope Karma reminds him this behaviour isn’t right.

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      1. Those people who climbed up from the gutter and reached prominence still remember very well all those who were belittling them. The more vengeful ones destroyed some of those. And Richard Branson, you know the big boss of Virgin this and that, is a dyslectic but I can assure you that he remembers very well all those who have made fun of his writing.

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      2. You’re absolutely right. These people he’s ridiculing via his twitter, I hope it comes back to bite him in the butt. I honestly do. Nothing harsh or anything, but maybe one of them will buy his business one day or something. Ya know? Just rewards.

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  4. Another potential question regarding this guy: how many potential clients has his business lost by his actions. I know I for one would never do business with someone who exhibits this kind of childish behavior.

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    1. Me neither. When I see people laughing at his tweets, it makes me not want to business with them either.

      I tried to leave constructive, polite message saying it wasn’t cool and he was like “It’s just a joke, chill out!”

      I’m like… no. No, I don’t like you.

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  5. Wow. What a terrible personality trait – to point out imperfections of others. I presume he considers himself a perfect human being making no mistakes and having no faults? Reality check. There is no such thing. Obviously, no idea on what leadership is. One of the important rules of good leaders is to highlight the positives and decrease the negatives in a person. Good leader serves others. It’s too bad. But, as the saying goes “Be humble or be humbled”. Life always has a way of humbling.

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  6. That is really immature behavior! Especially from someone in a position of leadership. I would think that kind of petty behavior would reflect badly on his business too!!
    You are right V…powerful people empower people. I love that!

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  7. Immature is a good word for it. I wasn’t too happy with him. I politely let him know that he should change his tune and possibly not do that anymore. He said “Chillax, it’s a joke!”


  8. Vee, I’m going to say the thing that you won’t: This guy is a piece of shit. It seems to me that as the sentient and sensitive creature you are (which is why we all like & follow you) – deep down you don’t really respect this fucker. But, since you knew him in a life before – you can’t really admit that point blank – despite the fact that his actions clearly gall you. We’ve discussed before that I’m a professional recruiter. Candidates do things all the time that annoy me. Namely, I get real pissed when I say on a job advertisement “Please include a cover letter” and candidates completely ignore that directive whether for a management or Admin Assistant position (both camps are guilty).
    However, despite my annoyance I would never target and call out an individual candidate on a forum like Twitter or anywhere else.
    Even though it pisses me off, i’ve been an unemployed job hunter before and I totally get the thing of, “I don’t know a damn thing about this company and I’m not going to put in more effort than I have to while i’m also applying to 20 other jobs today.”
    Let’s talk about this piece of shit who targets people on grammar and spelling. That pisses me off. Confession: when candidates submit a word document (resume or cover letter) instead of PDF, I will totally spell check it for them and save it as a PDF before sending it over to the manager. For real. I do this all the time. Why? Because if they can otherwise do the job and I see they have the required skills, I won’t penalize them for lack of skill that isn’t required for most jobs. I’m literally the opposite of this bastard you’re highlighting in this post. I value the ability to follow direction (like including a cover letter even if it’s a shitty letter) a lot more than grammar and spelling. There are a hell of a lot of people who are really good at math / accounting who couldn’t string a paragraph together to save their life. I’m aware of that, and I’m cool with that. I value these people for their skills as much as I admire writers. Usually they are more math & logic oriented. It’s a trend. This guy you’re talking about? Oh, Karma. He’ll get what is coming to him. Nobody who follows him on social media will ever know it, but he’ll come home one day, hear noises in his bedroom and bust in on his woman with another man. Just sayin’. That’s karma.

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    1. You’re right. I don’t like him. I don’t like him at all. I don’t like what he’s doing, I don’t like his approach to hiring and I don’t find it professional. That being said, all I can do is really just try to nicely tell him to correct his behaviour.

      His response of “Lighten up, it’s a joke” was a bit of a piss off today, I won’t lie. But, a few people did agree with me on twitter when I told him it wasn’t appropriate.

      Hopefully one day, someone can call him out on it that sees their own email posted up there. I feel like, until that happens, he’ll probably continue his behaviour.

      On another note, that’s incredibly cool of you to spell check for candidates. I totally agree with your hiring outlook in that if you have the skill to do accounting, making a spelling mistake on your cover letter shouldn’t keep you from that job. You’re a pretty badass person. You’ll have to tell me all about it when we wind up in the same bar in the same city, casually, for chit chats. (Cough, Seattle, cough)

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      1. It would be amazing to meet you in Seattle! Yes, screw that guy. Ugh, I’m just disgusted. I could elaborate but it’s just a basic feeling of disgust and in a way there’s nothing to elaborate on, you know!

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  9. You got him pegged: he’s a boss, not a leader.
    Think about how much time it takes to redact a resume and then post it on social media. Is it more or less time than it takes to reply via email – heck, save a template for just such cases – that first impressions are important and the spelling and grammar errors on your resume disqualified you as a candidate for this position?
    But, y’know…he’s the wealthy privileged guy, he probably knows better than I about alienating potential customers and future employees.

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    1. That’s why I feel like he just really doesn’t understand. His dad literally gave him a business when he was 21 years old. He’s never had to go through the job application process in his life. His behaviour is so unprofessional and inappropriate. He’s probably a horrible boss to deal with.

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  10. Very well-said!! This post reminds me of a quote by Toni Morrison: “If you have some power, then your job is to empower somebody else.” Sounds like this guy didn’t get the memo.


  11. I have to confess: sometimes it is VERY difficult not to comment on these things. I remember that you’ve suggested the job hunters lie about their experiences. It might work in the situations which you’ve described. But in my situation, it makes me mad when people try to pretend they have some qualifications when they don’t. Sadly, I am guilty of publically lamenting about “what they said when I’ve asked them”. I always knew it’s wrong, but thanks for adding your perspective!


  12. Wow, this is the first time I heard that there’s a boss like him! That’s terrible! I wonder, if he usually make fun of others mistakes on social media, then, what about his employees? It seems like he’s not a leader type but a boss type. And a leader is so different compared to a boss.


    1. He’s very cocky on social media. Though I’ve never actually heard him admit to any wrongdoing, I presume he’s human so he does things wrong too. He just likes to publicly shame others when they do things wrong, I guess.

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  13. It’s a sign of a coward and not at all of a leader or a good boss. Be it these mistakes or any work related issue, making fun of your employees affects the morale and self esteem of an individual. Rather than being polite he is advertising them like this. #horriblebosses


  14. Some people have a habit of mocking and taunting people whenever they get a chance. They have a habit of belittling people. Instead of helping and encouraging someone, they enjoy making fun of them. Shame on such people.

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  15. He has a lot of time in his hands if he can make fun of job applicants via Twitter. And sounds like a jackass. I love how the kind wording of this post, it’s more than he deserves.

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    1. You’re right, I reckon he does have a lot of time on his hands. He is kind of an ass. I didn’t want to make fun of him or tear him down though. Two negatives don’t make a positive, ya know? I tried. I kind of bashed him in a sense. I just didn’t want it to come across as hateful or hurtful.

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