Personal opinions today, because I feel like sharing.

These opinions are entirely personal. I speak for no one but myself in sharing these opinions and I mean no harm with these opinions, I just have a desire to share.

Companies are moving farther and farther away from treating people (customers, employees, potential employees) like actual human beings as a means to chase the almighty dollar. The lack of respect is evident. The lack of connection is appalling. The desire to have less people doing more work as a means to turn a larger profit is not fair.

Pineapple does not belong on pizza. Never, ever, ever, ever, ever. How to ruin a perfectly good pizza.

I don’t think lip injections look good. I don’t understand their mass appeal. It’s like… wanting to walk around looking as though your lips were permanently stung by a bee. I apologize if anyone has them and loves them, I’d be happy to hear your thoughts on them as a means to understand more. But to me, every time I see them, I just… I don’t understand why.

People pay far too much attention to the business of other’s. The only person that they should be worrying about is themselves, and possibly, their family.

Teen Mom should have ended when the teen mom’s stopped being teenagers. I believe this for a plethora of reasons, including but not limited to: those kids are casualties in their parents’ lack of desire to get jobs and as result will never lead a normal life, the legal issues presently ongoing with many of these families are one’s that should not be given a spotlight and one’s that they should not be able to profit from, perhaps these women (and they are women at this point because they’re 30 or nearing 30) wouldn’t have to whine so much about their constant judgement if they didn’t put their entire lives out there for the world to see, and, I think at this point they’re doing things specifically to try and garner ratings because they’re aware they lost their relevance/prominence years ago.

Donald Trump is the worst thing to happen to the United States in my lifetime, and likely many lifetimes before. If you like him, I’m sorry. I just think he’s taken the United States backwards decades. I could go on for hours about this, but I’ll leave it there.

Conservative governments are deeply rooted in religion and wealth and lack any sort of policy or true governmental standards. It doesn’t matter what country you look at, any country under Conservative government, or any country with an upcoming election, you can see the lack of policy. You can see the desire to bully, to beat down and to demean anyone who disagrees with them.

I think the Kardashian family operates with the notion that all press is good press. They have to keep people talking about them in order to sell their products… in order to make their money. I think this is why they continue to do things that are cultural appropriation, blatantly ridiculous or can be seen as cruel or downright unfair to the people who get caught in their cross-hairs. They have large enough teams of employees behind them at this point, I find it hard to believe that not a single person can stand up and tell them cultural appropriation is a bad thing.

Feminism is not a bad word. Feminism is not against the male gender. Feminism is not strictly for females. Feminism is deeply rooted in equality, and the desire to have fair treatment for women. It’s an acknowledgement that men, for all intensive purposes, do have more power, more opportunity, more potential than women in this world, and a desire to bring an equal playing field for all.

When an American politician gets on television to say ‘There’s nothing we can do about Mass Shootings’, there should be a closed captioning beneath them that reads “There’s nothing that we want to do about mass shootings”. The United States is not the rule. If the entire rest of the world can make it work, the United States politicians are choosing not to.

Music, television and movies lack quality in 2019. Producers, directors, companies are doing all they can do to pump out as much as possible without caring about the quality of what is being made. They’re chasing money and they really don’t care what it is they’re pumping out.

***If you would like to share your thoughts on any of the above, please do! I’m open to discussion, and to hearing different perspectives, thoughts and opinions. My only ask is that you keep is respectful.

91 thoughts on “Personal opinions today, because I feel like sharing.

  1. Agreed – pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza. I tolerate it only if there is no other pizza to eat, but then I will also eat cardboard with cheese on it if you tell me it is pizza. I am not too picky when it comes to that food. However, anchovies are absolutely disgusting and taint the entire pizza even if you pick them off. That one is TOTALLY off the table for me.

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  2. I’ll keep my response short.

    Yes, companies definitely don’t have the same amount of respect as they used to. They also wildly underestimate how angry I get when I feel slighted. (Muahaha!)

    Pineapple on pizza is blasphemy, I agree with you!

    Yes, people need to mind their own business a lot more. Talk about micro-managing.

    Donald Trump is the worst of the worst. Agreed!

    I don’t 100% agree with you on movies, tv, and music, but overall it’s oversimplified and lacks quality.

    Just another great reason why we are friends!

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    1. I have a hard time with ‘Thoughts & Prayers’ pouring out after mass shootings. Not because I don’t believe in them, because I do believe that they’re a source of comfort for both the religious followers and non-religious followers. I have a hard time with ‘Thoughts & Prayers’ because… that’s all that seems to get offered… and it’s not enough. It’s clear at this point that thoughts and prayers aren’t stopping it, so why can’t they do something that will?

      I’m rambling now. I’m sorry for rambling. Your comment just got me thinking more…

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    2. Well, @ashleyleia this reminded me about a recent conversation with a lil girl who is fighting strong with her depression. I was wondering if even I love you’s work at that time. Someday she’ll be mad and would say to me, you love me so what? If love conquers all, I wish she feels it. I wish her healing.
      And yes Vee, I am so not a pineapple on pizza person. And totally agree with all the points except Teen Mom’s haven’t seen that 😉✨ Take care.

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      1. Oh Seema, there are some people in this world who aren’t sure what love is. They’re unluckily going through life without people, without their ‘crew’ without a family, without friends. I do feel for those people and I wish they the opportunity to find people to love. ❤


      2. I agree Vee. I wish and hope people find love and embrace it. It’s a basic necessity to feel the richness of what humanity can provide for a better living. When and if loved in the right way, it is no less than a wonder.

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  3. I am (un)fortunately a pineapple on 🍕 gal. Lol I was a teenage mom & my daughter was one. She however, crafted her life out better than mine and I’m proud of her for that.

    I looooooove all your posts. They’re real, makes one think, and laugh. I look forward to all your posts.

    You’ve got a gift. 💖

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    1. I’ll forgive you for liking pineapple on pizza. lol! I know there are many people out there who love it. I think I just have an overall hatred towards pineapple so it’s hard for me to see past it.


      1. Thanks my dear lovely V! Lol. I never this of pineapple on pizza until the “original” Ninja Turtles came out. I’ve always loved pineapple, but one day while my daughter wad watching them, I heard their pizza concoctions and decided to try adding the pineapple and have been addicted since.

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  4. Very interesting thoughts. I always learn things from your posts, i.e.) the word plethora. 🙂
    While I disagree with many of you thoughts, I find it healthy to read, hear and try to understand opposing POVs. It’s ok to have different opinions and still respect one another. This, to me, is one of the things that we, as different people with different ideas, should be sensitive to and collectively work at getting better.
    Regarding feminism, there are certainly injustices that need to be addressed. But also, I believe that women hold far more power than the understand.
    Keep up the great work. I’m a big fan!

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    1. Thanks for sharing! I’m always happy to hear of opthers’ opinions, especially when they can teach me a new way to see things or understand things. I, like you, think it’s important to be able to understand differences of opinions in a respectable way so I really appreciate your comment.

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      1. I like forward to it!

        There will be no venom spewed on my blog, just so you know! This is a friendly place where people will be able to share and comment from a good place. Anyone who disrupted that would be marked as spam, blocked and reported to wordpress.

        There’s enough hatred in this world already, I don’t want it on my blog!


  5. Donald Trump is the worst president ever. He cancelled a state visit to Denmark, can´t help thinking that he mostly was pissed about being put in place by a female prime minister, well Greenland is not for the Danish state to sell.

    It is a loud no thanks from here.

    He is a crybaby, a child disguised as a grown-up.

    Companies ought to take their customers much more seriously. Because if only 1 customer is annoyed, then 10 more follow soon etc. We need to vote with our feet.

    The lack of quality in modern entertainment can be counteracted by switching to the off button, turn the thing off, do something else.

    Busybody mentality is, I´m afraid, also a result of mediocre entertainment on screens, whether that is the TV, the tablet or the cellphone.

    We are getting way too dependent on these technologies.

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    1. I’ve been meaning to send you a message and your comment has just reminded me – My parents are headed to Denmark tomorrow! I wanted to tell you because I wanted to ask you if you had an suggestions of places they should go? They’re going to meet their granddaughter and I think they want to take her to the beach, but other than that, if yo have any suggestions, I would love them!

      Wholeheartedly agree about Trump. The very prospect of “buying Greenland” was so far-fetched and ridiculous! My brother was quite happy when he heard Trump was “postponing” his trip. I think you’re right, I don’t think he likes powerful women.

      As for the off button – while you’re absolutely right with that point – the on button keeps me distracted from my anxiety. I think that’s why it says on in spite of it being, by my opinion, awful. lol


      1. Going to the beach in Denmark to me is going to the West coast of Jutland. I live in the Southern part of the country, 25 km from the oldest town in Denmark, Ribe, where there is the Wadden Sea. It is like a big national park with lots of birds gathering in autumn before heading south for the winter.

        There is also a beautiful beach at Blaavandshuk or the big panorama beach Vejers.

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  6. I definitely agree about noticing companies have less and less personal, respectful interaction/relations/etc. with anybody nowadays whether it’s a potential employee, current employee, client/customer, etc. Getting that money and not getting sued and losing that money seem to be the biggest priorities.

    I 110% agree on the Trump opinion. Don Cheeto isn’t doing us ANY favors.

    I wish something more would be done in relation to all these mass shootings for sure…a combination of lots more gun control and a focus on helping those with mental health struggles. I’ve also dabbled with the idea that while I love our country, I’m pretty sure our constitution (that some groups hide behind, unfortunately) is a little out of date…it was created during a completely different time and now applies to a society and culture they never could have envisioned back then.

    Oh…and I’m okay with pineapple on pizza ONLY if it has bacon on it. Otherwise, it’s a no-no lol.

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    1. I kind of agree with you with respect to the comment on the constitution. The world has changed SOOOO MUCH and these founding documents that the country was built on should be able to be expanded on as well. Though I don’t know where that line is… because if you can change one thing you open the flood gates to change the others in a politically charged manner. Depending on what government was in charge that could help or hinder in a biggggggg way.

      (Sorry if I sound like I am rambling. As a Canadian, my knowledge of the constitution is probably not nearly as much as yours!)


  7. V, dear girl, I just started following your blog and this is the first post I’ve read. Refreshing! Truth! Frank! All those things and more. I agree with every opinion you shared, except I’ve never seen Teen Moms but from the sound of it you’re spot on there too!

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  8. Definitely resonate with several of your points. Businesses are heartless corporations that are basically sucking the souls out of its employees. I’ll disagree with you and say that pineapple is perfectly fine on pizza: especially if you like the sweet-and-salty combination! I’m also very cautious about using the term feminism in conversation, letting alone identifying as a feminist, particularly when this current third-wave is instilling “man-hating” indoctrination into its agenda and brainwashing Gen Z minds. As for the music and movies of 2019, it’s basically a bunch of 80’s throwbacks (layered with the EDM of the 2010’s) and reboots of films from, guess again, the 80’s and 90’s. Even fashion is a throwback. Guess we’ll have to wait until the 2020’s to see what changes!

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    1. I’m learning that a lot of people like pineapple on pizza. No one ever admits to it when I’m at a party, but apparently you pineapple pizza lovers are out there.

      I hear you on the worry about identifying as a feminist. I see what happens on the news and in the media and it’s portrayed to be a very negative thing. And I absolutely hear you on the brainwashing aspect. So it’s no wonder people can be shy on the subject.

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      Where are all of you when I’m at a party and the pineapple pizza is always left on the counter untouched? lol


  9. “People pay far too much attention to the business of other’s. The only person that they should be worrying about is themselves, and possibly, their family.”

    Spot on Vee! That’s why I blurt out “MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!”

    Really now! ….. it is, after all, MY business. So it majorly irks me when others interfere with my life and attempt to throw their weight on me…. oh no, no, no! My thoughts jump out: “You’re messing with the wrong person!!!! “ …. then I showcase my martial arts stunts ……Haha 😂😅😂

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    1. Yes, people need to mind their own business more. I wholeheartedly agree. And I think the ‘possibly, their family’ portion only comes into play under certain circumstances. For the most part if you’re a competent, intelligent human being you should be able to look after yourself and make decisions for yourself without people having their two words or opinions in everything you do.

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    1. I feel like all ya’ll who like pineapple on your pizza have been hiding for the last 30 years of my life and just came out of the woodworks today when I said this. haha!

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  10. As a Canadian woman myself, I cry for those in the States and they could do something but don’t want to bother with “change”! What a scary word!
    But we have our own “monkey” as well. I hope the election will help but……not very hopeful.
    My daughter and I love the pineapple on our pizza! 🍍 🍕 We will get half for ourselves and pepperoni for the guys!
    Movies are repeats, music is about sex, the body, cheating, or partying, and we don’t watch TV! Shocking I know! 😱
    Love your posts and if the internet connection gets better I will read the other one in my email and respond! Take care! 😸

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    1. I don’t know about you but I’m personally very worried about our upcoming election. I’m seeing a trend occurring here in Canada and I don’t like it.

      You and your daughter can come over for the pizza party at my house because the pineapple pizza is always left there… sad looking… because no one wants to eat it. You will come and eat it, yeah?

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  11. Loved all of those! And it was actually very interesting to read opinions about different kinds of topics in a single blog. I love pineapple on the pizza with Jalapeno – sweet n spicy😍! I totally agree with the thought that the only person one should worry about is themselves. Totally with ya on guns and Trump. Super post👏

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    1. Oh, thank you JJ!

      I had no idea so many people actually liked pineapple pizza until today. I’d totally have jalapeno’s on pizza though, that would probably be really good.

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  12. Very interesting opinions! Let me share some of my thoughts about them.
    1. “Companies are moving farther and farther away from treating people (customers, employees, potential employees) like actual human beings as a means to chase the almighty dollar.” Yes, it’s happening in here too. Whether they’re small,medium or big companies, they often treat people (and sometimes environment too) like a sh*t. And yeah, it’s all about money and profit.
    2. “People pay far too much attention to the business of other’s.” I be like, don’t you have anything to do other than pay too much attention on other’s business? Seriously, they’re so annoying.
    3. “I think the Kardashian family operates with the notion that all press is good press” I’m not big fan of them. I don’t think they can be good role model for young generations. If you’re fans, I’m sorry for being disrespectful.
    4. “Feminism is not a bad word. Feminism is not against the male gender. Feminism is not strictly for females” Agree. Feminism is about equality. Not about hating on men and dominating over them. (Please, distinguish between feminism and feminazi)
    5. “Music, television and movies lack quality in 2019.” Music is about sex, money, nudity, cheating, partying. I be like, did you really make music for my ears? For movies, I’m so proud that there’s still great movies produced in my country. TV? I don’t watch it again because TV contents in my country are terrible nowadays.

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    1. I agree with all five of your points here. TV is horrendous here. But, it’s good background noise to help with my anxiety. I wish it were better, I really do.


  13. I love this so much. Definitely appreciate you putting out your personal opinions on your post.

    And yeah, I don’t like pineapple on pizza 🍕

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    1. Thank you! Non-pineapple lovers unite. I’d be happy to share my pepperoni, or sausage or cheese pizza with you. Oh, have you ever had taco pizza? Taco pizza is amazeballs.

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  14. AMEN on your thoughts about Donald Trump being the worst thing to ever happen to the USA. I disclose this thought a lot. Why I ask myself all the time. This post was awesome! Great job V.

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    1. Thank you so much ❤ I'm always glad to hear when people agree with me with respect to Donald Trump. I think the more people who are willing to credibly discuss it, the better. These types of things need to be talked about in order to make sure things change in 2020.

      Goodness, the American election is still SO FAR away.


  15. Pineapple does belong on pizza…but egg is an abomination on Pizza hehe

    Trump belongs in Trump towers…(as they are falling due to a cataclysmic earthquake) not in the big white place.

    Feminism belongs in the world, just more in the third world where they have to contend with women being stoned to death or genital mutilation, and being married at the age of 10 etc. As opposed to the first world with all of it’s first world problems ‘he looked at me weirdly’, ‘he mansplained to me’…oh get over it!

    Preferencing women over men for specific jobs, based on gender only and not on qualifications or experience is insane. It makes women seem ridiculous and weak in my opinion – like they need the help. which is really cringey.

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    1. I’ve never heard of eggs on pizza but I don’t think I’d ever want to try that.

      Kudos on your Trump comment. He should go back to Trump tower.

      Feminism belongs everywhere! Particularly in the third world and in places you’ve described, it does moreso need to be implemented, yes. But I do think positive strides can be made everywhere!

      I don’t think that feminism is about preferencing women over men for specific jobs, at least I hope it’s not being construed that way. For me, feminism is about the fact that men… tend to promote men over women in a lot of senses. And men tend to mold women into the assistant and secretarial roles and pigeon hole them there, not giving them the chance to expand or show what they’re capable of. I’d like to see women be given more of a chance to showcase their talents and what they bring to the table. For instance one of the professional sports leagues in the States has a committee within their league specifically geared towards improving the following of a female fanbase. They want to get more women to be true fans of the sport and get them involved in the game. This committee of employees, specifically geared towards wanting more women to be a part of the game, does not have a single woman on the committee. Why? Because men tend to promote men. Men tend to think men can do it better… even when the ‘it’ is understanding women. It’s a weird example, I know, but it’s just the types of things that cross my mind when it comes to this sort of stuff.

      Anyways, sorry for rambling so much! I appreciated your opinions so much they got me thinking and I wanted to share back!

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      1. I enjoy your ramblings though hehe and it makes sense 🙂 I That’s totally ridiculous, an all-male committee for bringing more women into the sport. I agree. I have to say from my own experience in working in loads of places and Universities included, it’s about the institution or the workplace and the cutural beliefs people have there, the HR policies and the principles of the organisation. I think all of that dictates how well organisations accept women in senior positions or leadership positions. I was working in a University a few years back and there was more women working in the labs than there was men by 75% to 15% in a STEM research institute. Whereas now I work for a Christian charity and the scarcity of female leaders is obvious and the culture sees women as somehow inferior. This is shown by a general facial expression or a glazing over of the eyes when a woman talks – that might sound very vague and it probably is far too vague! I put it down to the internal culture of the place though, rather than the whole of society or a whole country. Patriarchal ideas in Christianity come from believing in the holy trinity and placing Mary (Magdelene or Mother Mary) in her rightful place – as either whore or saint – She’s not a dynamic change-maker there. there’s no real place for ambiguity in terms of women’s roles which is silly- all of us women are all so unbelievably complex. Anyway I am rambling on. Thanks hope you enjoyed 🙂

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    1. You should share! I bet people would really appreciate it! I think as long as you’re willing to have open and honest discussions, discussions in which you’re not specifically trying to hurl insults, people will receive it well! And, if anyone actually started hurling insults, you could just block them! You don’t need that negativity. lol

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      1. Yeah..thanks for the encouragement, I think I will give it a go. You are right, if people get too intense you can block them. Yes I think if I build an intelligent or logical argument people should see where I am coming from, even if they don’t agree. OK will give it a go and not be a scaredy cat.


  16. I love your honesty, V, and I respect you greatly because of it. I also love how you’re willing to discuss things. If more people were like that, imagine how amazing businesses and governments could be run to improve life for everyone. 🙂 Sadly, I think selfishness and narcissism is running rampant, which is causing much decay in our society as people lose the ability to feel empathy and see other perspectives in life.

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    1. Open and honest discussions in which people come to the table and talk about things in a respectable and helpful manner could really push our entire society so much farther forward.

      Sadly, when ‘the leader of the free world’ decides that hurling insults at anyone who disagrees with him is the best way to go about life, too many people feel the need to follow suit and thus we go backwards in time.

      My hope for the future is that more people can have open and honest discussions without insulting. We can share differences of opinions and still have our governments function properly and well, and our societies be kind to one another. Imagine a world ❤

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  17. I love your blog and ideas! Only thing I would push back on is music, TV, and movies…I think that today, we get inundated with choice and have so many options of what to watch, what to listen to. I think, actually, we are experiencing some of the best TV in the last decade than ever before. HBO, Netflix, and Hulu are just some of the services offering outstanding TV shows (Handmaid’s Tale, Succession, Breaking Bad, Maniac, and Westworld are just a few that come to mind.) Music goes far beyond the top 100 songs globally (which some are actually quite good, in my opinion.) If you really listen to every song on the new Taylor Swift album, you might be blown away by some of the lyrical genius and great production (Cornelia Street, Daylight, and Cruel Summer immediately come to mind…). Same with artists like John Mayer or Ingrid Michaelson–we have some incredible artists in this generation if you pay attention. Even ones like Post Malone produce some really quality songs when you listen deeper into his albums, past the chart-toppers about sex and booze.

    I think as consumers, we have the responsibility of looking and listening beyond just the first page of Netflix or what’s on the ever-repeating radio to find the incredible art that is out there for TV, movies, and music. I think once you really started looking and exploring, all while keeping your mind open to new genres and sounds, you might change your opinion on this point.

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    1. While I do agree with you that there are some interesting and quality musicians out there, and that looking beyond the iTunes top 10 is necessary to find them, I just think there’s a lot of crap being produced now that never would have seen the light of day 20 years ago.

      I think you make a good point that there’s more choice now than ever before and some things have mass appeal and some things people barely hear about!

      I think my struggle is that my mind is open but I just keep getting innundated with crap that infuriates me. I think that’s why I fall into my trust old faithfuls, because I know they’re good. Which I think shows you pointed out a flaw in my opinion. I should really look into fixing that and expanding my horizons. Getting beyond the crap to see if there’s anything good out there. Usually when I hear the crap I just get frustrated and turn it off.


  18. An excellent insight into your character you are brave to expose yourself so completely all at once. You have material here for numerous posts but many very contentious ones.
    It was Oscar Wilde who said ‘ I love other people’s business it’s far more interesting than my own ‘ and the media know just how interested we all are in other people. I’d go so far as to say we are all quite nosey , it’s part of human nature . Just imagine being locked away on a desert island ; how pleased Caruso was to find Friday.We
    There are more guns in America than people and most Americans want to keep their guns.

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    1. Somehow I missed it when you first left this comment, and I am only reading it tonight three months later. I am sorry for never responding. I don’t think I’d do very well on a desert island. I think my anxiety would get the better of me.

      To your point about their being more guns in America than people, I believe it. I think people reference this on the news a lot. And I understand that most people want to keep their guns, I just think that being a Canadian we were raised with a very different mentality. It’s heartbreaking when you turn on the news and here about so many shootings. I’m just thinking of the ones I’ve heard about since I even made this post. I think the guns likely won’t disappear, but at the very leas ta change in culture should appear. Ya know?

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  19. Perhaps I can restore your faith in music these days. Yes, I agree that the radio music is awful and I stopped buying CDs and iTunes music years ago. However, if you were to look up “Instrumental covers” for these crappy songs (no lyrics!), they’re not that bad. I am currently listening to instrumental piano covers on Google home and recognize most of the songs. They sound nothing like the crappy junk playing on the radio. Some people must have the singing and lyrics, where I am totally content with instrumental music. I especially like video game music but that is a personal preference. To each their own~


  20. I love your boldness. I don’t agree with everything, but that’s ok. That’s what free speech is about. Regardless of my personal opinions on the issues you mentioned, you are an inspiration. #truth #radicalhonesty

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    1. Thank you ❤
      I know not everyone agrees with me on everything in life. And I'm always welcome to hearing other's opinions, so long as they're respectful about it. So, if you ever feel like sharing, I'm all ears/eyes.


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