A walking contradiction.

People think of me as the nice girl, the sweet girl. Which, I am. But I have other sides to me as well. I’m weird and short-tempered and I make mistakes. I’m mature, but I’m also not. I’m human. Part of me wishes that everyone could see every side to me, that everyone knew who I truly am. But also, I don’t care. I can’t care about everyone. I used to. I will wholly and fully admit to that. I used to care so much about what everyone thought of me that I lost sight of myself in the process.

These days I care about what I think of me. I care that I am a good person. I care that I forgive myself for my mistakes. I care that my friends and family know I’ll be there for them if they ever need me. Beyond that, it’s like… if people understand then they truly understand me and if they don’t, there’s nothing I can do about it.

I stay up too late, I wake up too early. I spend more money than I should and I drink farrrrr too much coffee for my own good. I’m inherently flawed and I’m proud of that fact.

48 thoughts on “A walking contradiction.

  1. We all are beautifully flawed Vee. Someone has rightly said, that our vibe should be a product of our heart and not our environment. Be who you are and as you are. We all have our unique shades 😉 😎 🤗

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  2. This is a sweet admit of who you are and what you no longer chose to be. Good for you! When we stop caring what others think we learn who we are. And it’s true that we never really know what people think of us anyway so why bother yourself about worrying.

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  3. These days, we are all a mixture of having a superiority complex and somehow having as just as powerful an inferiority complex.

    It was likely always this way and people wouldn’t say it but “normal” has become “abnormal”.

    100% of the population do not feel “100%”.

    Not one of us are “ok”, and that’s ok.

    Look after yourself first, and the rest will follow.*

    *Cannot guarantee taking heed of my words will yield good outcomes.

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  4. Actually it touched my heart to be honest…when we stop caring about others, we get to set the priority on ourselves no matter what!! And when that comes, along with it comes peace and productivity!💙💙

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  5. That is the right attitude :). BTW, I stay up late and wake up insanely early, so that my total sleep time is not more than 5 hours ever. And I drink TOO MUCH coffee (by all standards), and I do not drink water.

    Oh, and also I consume 11 times more chocolate than average American 🙂

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  6. Hmmmm . . .

    I drink too much coffee. For my own good? Maybe. But certainly too much. It’s my equivalent of lighting up a cigarette when I’m bored. Also having problems going to sleep at night. Not sure what’s causing that. Been meaning to google sleeplessness. But just haven’t gotten around to it. Does too much coffee cause laziness? Imma have to check that out. Perhaps tomorrow.


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