The Good Folks

You know those people in your life that just make you better? Goodness, I am so thankful for them.

Without even trying it’s like they just completely understand you, they appreciate you for exactly who you are and they bring out the best in you. They want to see you succeed and they do all that they can to help you get there. They’re the best kind of people in this world.

They’re also a rarity. They’re hard to find and easy to lose, so when you do find those people you hold on for dear-life, knowing the good that they spread is just the kind of good you need in your world.

I have a few of those people in my life. Those people whether I’ve known them 15 years or 1 year, it feels like I’ve known them forever. I admire them. I adore them. I dream of being like them and I hope that I can do for them even a fraction of what they do for me.

But the good folks, they don’t care about that. Because they don’t help you to ask for, or expecting anything in return. They don’t want reciprocation. They’re just that good. They pass along their goodness like a light to your life and to everyone’s lives that they touch, just because. Because that’s who they are and that’s what they bring to this world.

I got a phone call this morning and it wasn’t a request, it was just to talk. He knew that I wasn’t in a happy space and he just wanted to talk. He wanted to make it better, to make me feel better. And I can’t even stress enough how much it helps when someone calls just to say hey. So few times in life do people reach out just to reach out. More often then not, they’re reaching out because they want something.

If you have someone in your life who calls to just talk… remember that. Remember them. The good people in this world, they’re hard to find. If you’re lucky enough to find them, hold on for dear life! They’re worth it. I promise they’re worth it.

Some people, they just make your life better. They make you better. That’s what I want to be for someone. That’s who I strive to be.

36 thoughts on “The Good Folks

    1. Your best friend sounds like a really good soul ❤ And it sounds like you're a pretty good soul to your best friend. I think we should all have someone like that. Hopefully we all get so lucky.

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  1. This is so inspirational and I was able to follow your words and insert my people into the situations you were describing. Thank you for this reflection! Alyssa


  2. That’s how I feel about myself. But I don’t know if I’ve always watered the dead plants. Nevertheless, you still wish them the best and leave. I guess the world sees it as too much but I see them as standing all empty. I wish they understood. Or else I understand, that my work is just done.


    1. Oh, my dear, your work is never done. You can just always be that person to someone, you can always be better for someone, you can always be the bright spot in someone’s day. I wholeheartedly believe that and that’s what I aim to be.


  3. Dear V.

    Your beautiful words hit me straight in the heart. I know exactly what you mean. I´m married to one of those rare people, and I live next door to friends for life.

    You are as always spot on. People like that are extremely rare, and they have qualities worth striving for.

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    1. I bet you count your lucky stars then that you’re married to someone so wonderful. And that your neighbours are so near and dear to your heart. Sounds like you’ve got a wonderful surrounding of people in your life ❤

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      1. We are four grown ups and three wonderful children, three dogs, three cats and two rabbits.

        We have chosen to be come a family, because our biological family has chosen to exclude us from their life.

        I still have my father and two special friends that call to you to talk and help.

        I count my lucky stars, and I try to be like them.

        But I have also learned that when you meet such people, you stay with them.

        Because I also know another kind of people. Those who betray your trust.

        They are not special except in numbers.

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